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Who Will Be The Next President Of The Usa

Who will be the next black USA president?

I can’t predict the future but the most qualified is congresswoman Mia Love from Utah. Even though she ran on the Republican ticket, she is neither liberal nor conservative. She strives only to do the right thing at all times.There are others more popular, but none would do as good of a job uniting this country again.

Will Tulsi Gabbard be the next President of the USA?

As a Conservative, let me say that she is one of the, if not the only, progressive I would vote for. And if the Democratic party were smart, (and as of late, when it comes to the executive office, they’ve been avoiding smart) they would have her front and center. She is more than qualified, and she has all the qualities that you want in a president.She’s got some time in politics under her belt, but not too much. Being from Hawaii, she has a bit of an outsider quality that is what Americans are into right now, particularly in the red wing of the nation. She has leadership skills in quantifiable numbers. She was both enlisted and commissioned in the US Army, and has deployed. Not only is that proven leadership, but it gives her clout with the Veterans. She was the only Democrat to call BS on the DNC and stuck with Bernie. That gives her credibility with the progressives. She was the only Democrat to actually say she wanted to work with Trump, and took him seriously as the POTUS. That gives her some pull with the people that jumped ship for Trump in all those blue strong holds. Her progressive politics can win back the unions. She’s multicultural, with a Hindu mother and white Catholic father. She’s a tad hawkish when it comes to radical Islam. She actually went out to that pipeline in the middle of winter and hangout in protest, thus showing off her greener qualities. She’s pretty, well spoken and young. Put an old white dude as her running mate (think Biden and Obama) and you have a perfect candidate.Again, I’m pretty damn Conservative, but I want leadership before ideology. She has that. If the Dems want to run a woman, she’s the one. Otherwise, Trump will win.

Who should be the new president of the USA and why?

The perfect answer to this question would transcend the mundane alternatives presented to us by current politics to describe the abstract ideal of a chief executive. Then we can resign ourselves to the best of the imperfect mortals at out disposal, relative to this ideal.The Platonic president should:Be charismatic, even populist, so as to win elections both for themselves and their party, as well as to sell their agenda to the public.Be shrewd in dealing with Congress, so as to subvert partisan obstruction to pass their agenda.Have a broad education, not necessarily formal, in the sciences (all of them), economics (game theory as well as business and finance), information (computers and internet stuff), and history (foreign and domestic), so as to intelligently formulate policies, incentives, negotiations, etc., or at least to know a good one when they see it.Know the value of delegating responsibility.Be ideologically consistent but pragmatic rather than dogmatic.Know how to use the states to get nationwide programs done, appeasing both liberals and conservatives.Be able to sincerely profess respect for pretty much every religion without threatening any of them.Have a long-term vision for the US economy with more ambition than “service jobs”.Have a long-term vision for defense beyond expanding the military.That sounds like a center-liberal wishlist, but I do think a conservative could fit it, though these days… probably not a Republican.

Who do you want to be the next president of the USA? Obama or McCain?

wake up and vote for real change rather than the same 2 party corruption.
vote Barr08

Is Arnold Shwazzeneger(don't know how to write it)gonna be the next USA president?

No, because he is not native-born, which is a requirement to run for president. However, there was some talk awhile back about trying to pass a Constitutional amendment to change that. I don't think it would ever pass, because people would be too paranoid.

I live in California, and it is true that Arnie's approval rating is down. When he first ran for governor, I thought he should "come out of the closet" as a Libertarian. But lately he's been more of a Republican, and even making noises like a Democrat, especially in regard to public schools. I am disappointed in him.

Will you move out of the U.S.A if________becomes president?

IF Obama becomes president will you move out of the U.S.A?

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Who will be the next president of the USA in twenty nine million years?

Uh … that would be me.Or, it will be, as soon as I figure out how to make this damn cryogenic freezer work right. It should be ready a whole lot faster now that I've completely given up on that ridiculous time machine thingy.HG Wells was an idiot. His time machine blueprints don't make anything that works like a time machine at all. Oh, well. Maybe I should just watch the movie. That's how I made my cryo-freezer.I took notes while I watched “Forever Young.” You know … the one with Mel Gibson and that girl from “Pure Country.” I know, it sucked. I was only watching for scientific research purposes, not entertainment.