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Why All Of A Sudden Is The Us Allies With Al Qaeda

Why did the Taliban protect Al Qaeda after 911?

No one protected anyone, the whole affair was so mangled and blown out of proportion that only 16 years of following military action could make up for.From the beginning:Twin towers fall.US implicates Bin ladenBin Laden last known location was tribal region of Afghanistan.US makes a formal request to Taliban to hand over uncle Ben.Taliban refuses, US flys off the handle.First wave of elite units gets deployed to hunt him down.Lack of success in his capture by special opertion command is attributed to lack of boots on the ground.Contingent of US troops goes up to 30000, but while Iraq war takes front stage Afghanistan remains a second priority until 2009.With Obama taking ownership of the war a surge of troops is applied but as later reported in half hearted manner of raising the numbers of “boots” to 100000 for next 5 years. Which according to critics was almost but not quite enough to achieve “mystery objective”Uncle Ben is killed in a neighboring country. However this no longer has bearing on situation in Afghanistan and the horseless carriage keeps rolling along down hill…Now, it is of some note that having full control of Afghanistan ISAF could not locate, free anyone held hostage or do much of anything in Afghanistan after being there for a decade and having over 100,000 troops on the ground.Taliban never had that sort of presence, nor did it have technological capability of ISAF. So how is it exactly this barely functional government/band of thugs was suppose to find, capture and hand Osama over to US?At which point original objective of hunting down Bin Laden got seemingly forgotten while the ideas of first removing Taliban, then state building, later substituted by winning hearts and minds, to later empowered local governance. To then all of a sudden “hey we got bin Laden” a decade later….and how does it make any logilac senseWho exactly handled that negotiation? It was so brief and so futile that US media barely had any time at all to produce material depicting just how evil taliban is before we had troops there.

What exactly did Gaddafi do that he is considered so evil by Obama government?

I don't follow much news in detail. However, what exactly did Gaddafi do, that he was ruthlessly targeted by Obama? For 42 years he was in power and never before was he targeted. Then what did he do suddenly, that NATO and Obama were after his blood? I remember several years back ex-President Bush praised Gaddafi for surrendering all WMD. Since it was confirmed back during the days of Bush presidency that Gaddafi is now "confirmed harmless", then why was he still targeted by Obama regime? Bush clearly said that Gaddafi is no longer any threat to US and he is removed from the hit list since he surrendered the WMD. But then Obama took complete reversal and went after unarmed Gaddafi so ruthlessly? Doesn't make sense at all. Is Obama also now trying to do the same thing --- spreading democracy in middle east, liberation and nation building? Those are the exact things liberals criticized Bush for. Now Obama is doing it even worse than Bush did ---- while being financially broke. All I hear liberals say is, "Gaddafi was scumbag and he should have been killed right away". These are the same people who protested Iraq war for its violence and bloodshed. Funny how suddenly they change their roles and positions

Why did the US support Albania in the war in Kosovo?

Logan V:
This Albanian, Ervin Dervishi, died for the United States:

Gentjan Marku died for the United States:

Another one here:

BTW Albania is part of coalition with USA against afghanistan or iraq or whatever

Learn that Kosovo is the only and I mean the ONLY place in the world where Muslims and Catholics celebrate Christmas TOGETHER:

Read about catholic Albanians in Kosovo too:

Why Donald Trump's decision to withdraw all US troops from Syria has been met with heavy criticism?

Some of it is politics. He criticized Obama. He gets criticized for doing the same things Obama did.A little of it is guilting. He has left the Kurds spinning in the wind. Maybe that’s permanent.Most of it is squawking by people who wanted a war with Iran.Internationally, there’s a general dismay over a US willingness to pee in the pool and get out. There’s also the hypocrisy of refusing to accept refugees here, while demanding that Libya/Syria/Venezuela accept them.There’s also the overt lack of leadership. Not that it’s unique. We have known about the problem with Lake Chad, as well as, the land use/water problems in Iraq/Syria/Turkey since the 1920s.It would have been vastly cheaper to deal with the underlying problems decades ago. It takes leadership and vision to face future problems. The US manages brush fires at two speeds, diplomacy and bomb-the-shit-out-of-them, but it’s still brush fire management.Rule of thumb, the last time to deal with significant problems was always 30 years ago. The current problems are on Reagan and every “leader” before him back to the time we first recognized the problem(s). In this case, that’s 1920, or so. Soon, they’ll be on Bush I and back.The way things are going now, they’re eventually going to be on Trump and back because he has no vision and he won’t/can’t lead.

Did Democratic Congressman Charlie Wilson create Osama Bin Laden?

A lot of countries like Britain, Egypt, China, Saudi Arabia, US and Pakistan supported the Mujadiheen they could just so they hurt the Russians as part of the Geopolitics in the Cold War days.

NOTE: Most of the Mujadiheen did not turn into the Taliban or Al-Qaeda.

The Mujadiheen turned into the Northern alliance, the same people who helped us drive the taliban out of power in 2001.

The Taliban did not exist before 1993-1994.

In fact most of the Taliban were/are simply too young to have participated in the Soviet/Afghan war anyway.

Some soldiers of the Mujadiheen went into Al-Qaeda but most of them went into the Northern Alliance.

Many people forget that the other nations contributed to the support for the Mujadiheen, not just the USA.

The CIA in fact provided the funding and specialised weaponry (Stinger, as well as the materials for in depth courses in explosives construction, etc). The British SAS were actually the ones on the ground who provided the training to the Mujahideen.

Not sure about others nations that contribute the support for the Mujahideen but that's all in my head.

Actually Charlie Wilson support the reconstruction of the Afghan people after the Soviets fall, but the US abandoned them completely and left Afghanistan in ruins.

So it got turned into the Civil War between the Mujahideen and the Taliban.