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Why Am I So Addicted To This Scorpio Guy

Why would a scorpio guy act this way?

there are a number of different explanations for his behavior
water signs have volatile emotions - they often act inexplicably and choose to release their anger upon innocent people, simply because they are there.
that's a likely cause - he has any number of emotional issues (ex. issues at home, personal insecurity), and he takes his unrelated anger and stress out on you because he believes you're an easy target.
he could possibly have "feelings" for you, but because of personal insecurity, he represses these feelings because he thinks he's not "good enough" for you. he thus resents you because he believes you would not like him
or he envies you

it all boils down insecurity and emotional issues. water signs are so difficult to decipher and, especially if they're a scorpio, they'll rarely spit out their true emotions.
confront him. simply say, "what's your problem? you are pathetic." and ignore him if he continues~
good luck!

How do you make a Scorpio man addicted to you.?

If he is already clinging onto you like a magnet it means he is hooked on you ! As a Scorpion man believe me when I tell you, when a Scorpion is interested he has a real hard time letting go! I would be very careful not to do anything that might jeopardize his trust in you.

As with any guy a physical attraction is a strong motivation at first. However for me what I really need in a women is a feeling of trust and security with them. Scorpios need to feel their partners are extremely loyal to them. If that need is not met the jealously and suspicion of cheating can become insane. If you want to hook him, give up somethings for him to prove to him how loyal you are to him. I made my ex-girlfriend do that for me.

Why am i so addicted to Porn!!?

Actually, you're not addicted to porn and quite honestly it's GOOD that you prefer porn. You have a strong sex drive, all young males have it. It's not just you friend, trust me on that. It's preferable that you use porn as an outlet for your frustrations rather than your girlfriend. Porn can't get pregnant.

That being said, I think your real issue is whether or not Porn is sinful and are you being "bad" by using it. I'm no pastor, but allow me to help you make peace.

The real "sin" of porn in many peoples eyes is that it is degrading to women. Now any adult woman I know would still agree it's better to get your frustrations out via porn rather than via your girlfriend, so what you should do is try to make it up to women.

Basicly on any given day that you use porn to take care of stuff, make a point the following day to do something nice or respectful for a woman. It might be simple like opening a door, or even telling a girl she looks nice.

The point being it's alright to get out your frustrations, but make extra effort to still be respectful to women.

You get addicted when you recognize yourself in a song.That self is in the lyrics, and the music.It reminds you of feelings you have had, and may not have expressed to anyone. It may remind you of a time when you had it all, and want to feel that way again.If you are interested, there is a way to have those feelings whenever you choose, whether the song is there, or not.Appreciate everything you have right now. It is the starting point for the rest of your life.If you want to make real, surprisingly great, progress, use the greatest secret human power. It is the ability to use widely dispersed knowledge in its essential form in order to free the mind-heart from delusions, and develop the real person’s ability to optimize hiser life.Become the you you can be, without the imposed fears, fables, fallacies, agendas.Who controls you?

How can i attract a scorpio guy ?

Be deep and(somewhat) mysterious, but also deeply emotional, nurturing, empathetic, and girly/feminine...that's why Scorpios (like myself) love Pisces' and Cancers. they make us feel like men, and make us want to sweep you off your feet =)

also, you can follow these tips as well:

How to Attract Scorpio: Never be fake with a Scorpio, they can see it a mile away. Be genuine with your comments and listen to them attentively, (they always have something interesting to say so this is never a problem!) Do not try to hide things from them or tease them, they always have to know what is going on. Remember, they are the only ones that are allowed to tease and present the mystery and intrigue! They like frankness and honesty, speak your mind they will respect that. Scorpios are interested in almost all activities, so finding something to do should never be a problem. They are unpredictable and could change course of the date mid-way though so take these last minute changes with a smile and try something different. They like people who are not afraid to ditch a plan and try another. In conversation, do not tell them that their opinions are wrong or shoot them down, they are too proud for this and even if it is a joke, they might not take it with the humor that you meant. Never try to control them but do not be the damsel in distress either, they like strong, real people with driving ambitious personality like theirs

Because you got nothing better to do. Try and fill your time with something more creative (drawing, try learning programming, taking photos… any hobby that fits you the best). Once you found it, it will be very easy to fill your time and will lose the addiction. It is not actualy an addiction.

Addicted is a pretty strong word to use. When you say addicted- do you feel withdrawal symptoms when you aren’t cuddling? Do you think about cuddling all the time? Would you do pretty much anything to be able to cuddle? Does cuddling or lack there of interfere with your daily life?My thoughts are, you must really like to cuddle. You like being close to someone else. You enjoy the feeling of having someone hold you and for you to be able to hold them. It releases Oxytocin, lowers blood pressure and anxiety, and it just makes you feel good!Some people are just more affectionate by nature. They like being touched or held all the time. It makes them feel less insecure. Some people find it to be overstimulating to constantly be held or touched. They may feel trapped or claustrophobic. I’m pretty much in the middle of the two. If I’m upset, yea cuddling is great. If I’m tired, get the hell off me. I think you just really enjoy the feeling, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

I am assuming you are a guy. Or, a girl who is addicted to someone else wearing them. But I don't know if you want to wear them, or are very into the other person wearing them. You see the subtleties.I don't know - texture. A covering that's not quite a covering, like regular latex or tight leather. See through, but not quite touch-through. Cold, yet warm. On yourself they can feel kinda comforting, or restricting, or just kinda kinky if you're a guy. Arousing because your brain says "not men's clothing".It's fetishism, I guess, but pantyhose are up close and personal, so it's not like... I don't know, I make myself laugh because everything has erotic possibilities. Maybe you ought to look at it like that - everything does, so you shouldn't worry. If your interest in pantyhose keeps you from mutually-satisfying encounters of the carnal variety with other humans, maybe it's an issue. But other than that, who cares.

Why are scorpios so angry all the time?

Scorpio personalities are often instense, so if they get angry they have the ability to be really angry, if they are offended they have the potential to be intensely any emotion. the same is true when a scorpio personality makes progress in life, and learns to beat anger, then it is almost impossible to get them angry since they so perfectly get to understand the source of their anger and the solution to it, so that when they do apply the solution to their life they benefit from it.

Sincerity is important. just because one says sorry, it does not make it true. scorpios like sincerity, and so words alone does not mean much. if a person is sorry it is good to make up in such a way to prove the sincerity of the person. scopio and pisces are water signs, however pisces is fiery on their outward beavior, so this comes out as passion, quite naturallly many scorpios would be attracted to that, but not a lasting attraction, since scorpios are have the potential to be in-depth people, ad passion alone is too superficial for those intelligent scorpios.

I used to be sexually addicted and I read this book and applied the solutions to my life and I have broken free from the illusions of lust thanks to the author who is a scorpio.

You’re not addicted to white girls. You only think you are because they are shoved down your throat everywhere you look. It’s like a best-selling book in the store. It gets put on the top shelf and promoted more heavily than all the others which increases the amount of people who buy it, and who rave it about. It’s not necessarily better than any other books, but because it gets OVER EXPOSED and over-advertised and it gets more attention. It actually might not even be as good as other, more-deserving books, but because it’s the flavor of the month its the one people gravitate to.I challenge you to NOT follow the herd, and to allow yourself to acknowledge and appreciate the beauty that is found in women of color. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that there is just as much beauty, if not more, with women of color.Every guy seems to notice even the most bland white girls. You’re not doing anything special by noticing them. Notice a woman who’s not white. Then you’ll get cool points from me.