Why Are My Hands So Ugly

I'm 14- I have ugly hands! Why is this?

omg thats exactly like mee!! only my eczema is gone and i dont have hairy hands. i have fat hands and short fingers! and my palms have got loads of lines on them and the other side looks old. i also cant let my fingernails grow without them getting dirty and i also play piano so i have to keep them short!! wow thats wierd lol
but i also put vasaline on my hands morning and night that helps it look better but as for my nails i just keep them short or put on fake nails that are a bit longer but still look natural. i aksed my mum why my hands are so ugly but she said they look beautiful lol, mums. but she said that i have loads of lines on my palms cos im really fussy, the fussier the more lines and i actually believe her because ive tried calming myself more and trying not to care about stuff that i shouldnt care about like i have to sit on that chair at the dining table and the sofa and i have to have that mug and no one else can drink from it. my hands look better! lol
hope this helps :)

I have really ugly hands!!?


I am 13 and a girl and I am about to cry cause of my ugly hands! They look worse than my dads! I think they look worse than my grandmas! Well, maybe not quite that bad but, I need help!
How do I make my hands look more feminine and not as ugly as they are now?

My hands are big, and pale, and fat, and pretty much everything about them is ugly.
And I got my nails painted like a candy apple red today and I am not too sure about it, I think it made them worse! They look even more ugly now! :( cry!

Why is my handwriting so ugly?

Handwriting takes years to perfect.Some will come with age, some with come with change, some will come through your own “internal artistry.”Mine started out messy and as I grew up, it changed but because of the way I was creating the letters, people were mispronouncing my name because that’s how they were “reading” what was written.I had a few friends with wonderful handwriting and I started copying theirs, although mine never looked the same. Over the years, my handwriting has become one of the things I am most complimented for.I always laugh, because with all my life history, experience, jobs, friends, etc., what I hear often is, “I love your handwriting!”Personally, I think I created something which is just “fancy printing,” but it’s easy to read even if it’s small, and I usually use a colored pen which gives it a bit of flourish.

Why are hands so hard to draw?

Two reasons:Complexity…The hand is an absurdly complicated mechanism and can vary so drastically from person to person that it can be shocking. While most of the body is a system of comparatively rigid parts, the hand is a system of moving parts even more complex than our shoulders and faces. Not only does a hand drawing have to account for the joints and segments of the individual digits, and one of those not fitting in with the others for shape or angle, but you also have the pads and flexible portions of the palm, and the connection at the wrist.Understanding the internal anatomy of a hand helps immensely; especially the bones. While most of the body is fat and organs with a few boney spots sticking out, the hand is almost all about the bones (though fat does build up there). They’re not intuitive bones, either; take a look at a skeletal hand sometime and LOOK at that mess going on in there!Familiarity…We “know” our hands. Much like the way facial recognition over-simplifies faces because we are so used to seeing and processing them, we know our hands even BETTER. Not only do we notice other people’s paws, but we see our OWN hands all the time! That makes it even hard to see past our brains’ filtering systems to spot our mistakes.

Why are my hands so wrinkly looking?

Ermmm why are they dry and wrinkly. Do you use too much soap? Or do you just have naturally dry hands. There isn't really a quick fix for dry/wrinkly hands. It will go better on its own within time. It could take days or even weeks. Depending how long it takes to shed the skin and for new skin to come through. The only thing that you could use to help is lotions and creams. Any mositurizer or E45 cream will help store moisture back quicker and make you hands feel more soft and smoother. Also don't use too much soap. That will just dry it out more and may even cause your skin to break and itch. So use small amount of soap for washing hands and lots of cream and within no time they be all soft again.

What is the best thing I could do for my ugly hands?

Do this in the following order:Get a professional manicure (only because at this stage you have convinced yourself that you need to do something - even though like others have said, your hands are fine!)Get someone that you respect to comment / compliment you on the difference between how your hands will look after the manicure and the picture that you have posted (this will increase your confidence through external validation (again you shouldn’t have to do this - but it will help in your case)Listen to some “self-love” affirmations on YouTube. This will help to solve your real issue which is lack of self love and insecurity. Here is a good one that I used to listen to: Youtube — Positive AffirmationsLook at your hands after one month, reread this post and feel great about how far you have come :)Sarah xx

Why do my hands look like this?

So I'm tired of hearing people make comments about my hands. I'm actually tired of them too. For one, they are wrinkly. I don't know why they just are. Then they are rough. And they stay ashy even when i put lotion on. They're not like pretty girl hands. I've tried many many different lotions, and none seem to work. 5 minutes after i put on lotion, they're back rough again. The only thing that works is Satin Hands by Mary Kay, but it's for night and morning time and It lasts for a short period of time, plus I can't take it everywhere with me. Oh, also another that works is if right after i rub the lotion in, I put my hands under my thighs. When I take them out they soft for like 2 minutes, but that's it. And I just really hate it when people say you got man hands. Them n**** hands. Why yo hands so rough. Don't get me wrong, I already noticed this before people started to say stuff. It makes me self conscious about my hands, it makes me not want to hold a guy's hand, or touch anybody. I try to keep them to myself. And when people make comments all I can do is not respond , smile, or say idk. But it really bothers me and I want to know can you guys help. I will try and add a picture.

Why is my sister so ugly?

Look nobody is ugly...... You need to stop being such a bully and stop bringing her down like that because a girls heart is sensitive.... You never know if she one day wil take it serious and do something stupid the. Who is going to feel ugly. You need to stop and think before you talk.. And it will be great if you apologize

Why are my nails so ugly? How to fix?

dont worry!! the main thing about ur nail"s is that they are of mix type.. means they cant be cateogridge into any certain type like squre type, oval type etc..

dont bite ur nails please..

wait them for getting bit longer..then use nail filer to give them desired shape..File your nails. Use a fine grit nail file for your natural nails. The grit is usually written on the file either in words or number. 100 = coarse (best for acrylic or gel nails), 180 = medium (best for toe nails), 240+ = fine (best for natural nails). Using a file that is too coarse can cause splitting and weakening of the nail, especially along the tip. I know it is best to file in one direction rather than the sawing back and forth, but let me be honest with you. I usually do a bit of both, just because its faster! lol. Also, I always file before soaking my nails. After soaking the nail is weaker, so filing may cause splitting, peeling or breaking. I prefer a soft square tip, often called squoval (unless one has broken in a weird way forcing me to change the shape), but round, square, oval and the new trendy stiletto (pointed) shape tips are other options.

but if u are unable to do so.. use artificial nails.. they might help ur nails to look better. they came in diffrent shape and sizes.. use which suit"s u better..

Do manicure of ur nails and fingers..
Once a month I either do an oil manicure or paraffin treatment to keep my hands and cuticles soft.

Why is my face darker than my hands?

That happens to my face also. I figure it's because my face is exposed to the sun at all times of the year, especially since I run outside. If you wear a moisturizer with SPF in it, you skin will not become as dark. In the winter sunlight reflects off of the snow and actually tans you just as much as in the summer, the only thing is your body is not exposed to the sun in the winter, just your face.