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Why Are People On Craigslist So Lazy And Annoying

Why do people still use Craigslist to find roommates? Why has no other service for matching roommates failed to seriously catch fire in SF?

Great question, Annie!People still use Craigslist to find roommates because they know other people still use Craigslist. The problem with a new, hot roommate service sticking has been fourfold. 1) Lack of stickiness (how often do people need to find a new roommate, three times a year, max?)2) Cyclical (a lot more people search during off-campus housing season)3) Generating scale (expensive, must be ridiculously creative to get it into the hands of people)4) Generating $ (people will use Craigslist cause it's free and has more people. Huge chicken and the egg problem.)In spite of all that, we're out here trying to catch supa hot fire. service Rent Hoop has an awesome chance of succeeding for a couple of reasons. 1) It's free!2) We've made it fun. Search for roommates by locations, vet them faster because they've already connected with their Facebook, and swipe right on people who might be a good fit for your roommate situation. Then message them and see if ya'll both want the same thing. Way easier than Craigslist and all from your Apple or Android device.3) I don't want to divulge all of our secrets, but we have a lot of cool things coming from a product and marketing perspective.

Why do people on Craigslist waste your time and ask such stupid questions?

because they're trolls with no intention of actually buying your product and are trying to waste your time. best just to respond to buyers, your meeting place, and to messae you when they get there and you'll bring the item. Do not answer questions already posted in the Add, do not negotiate. negotiation is just giving in to the buyer's demands when you're already giving them a deal. I tell all my buyers "Take it or leave it, because if you don't get it, the next guy will." also, you're selling merchandise. Meet where is comfortable TO YOU. the buyer could be planning to rob you. Public places are not as secure as some people think. plenty of people are robbed in public. I prefer my driveway. And when people insinuate that is not a safe place, I find that to be ridiculous. I live in a nice community not the hood, and they oft times want me to meet them in a "Public" place, in the middle of the damn ghetto. Just remember, meet where you feel safest, don't answer questions you've already answered, and do not negotiate. All of these things are a waste of time. Also, if a buyer asks questions not concerning the add, like if you have other items, respond with. "Are you buying the listed item?" and only speak of said item. if you wanted to sell the other item they are inquiring about, you'd have an Add up for it. People are stupid and trolls are worse.

How to deal with Craigslist annoying buyers?

I completed what I thought was a successful CL's transaction this afternoon; a large ticket electronic in fantastic condition. My ad was detailed, truthful and thorough. I provided pictures of the item from every conceivable angle. I priced it competitively, but fairly. He claims I didn't. Nevertheless he agreed with the price.

Now the seller has called saying I misrepresented the item, even though my ad stated exactly what the item was and he had plenty of time to check out the item, do market research and all of that.

What is his recourse? I'm afraid he will continue to harrass me because of his failure to do adequate research. My ad clearly stated once the buyer took possession of the property it was no longer my responsibility. I feel badly that he is unsatisfied with the item, but I do not think that is my problem.

What are the expections of seller once the buyer had left the premises with the property?

Why do people post their cars on Craigslist for $1 when they know that's not the true asking price?

It’s irritating but is a surefire way of getting views on the ad.It keeps the car in your search results when you filter for cheaper prices and pushes the result to the top when you search by cheapest first.It will also generate more views as you’ll need to click through to the full post to get the actual price.Annoying but effective.As to whether it’s false advertising? Yes, but sites like craigslist have never been too hot on that.

Why doesn't people remove their ads from Craigslist after the item is sold?

Once they sell their item, they could not care less about their ads. OR Like the user above said, they are lazy.

I hate when I call in to find out that the item has been sold 2 MONTHS AGO!

Why is Craigslist so disgusting?

I've looked on craigslist on casual encounters just out of curiosity and I see these sick people posting ads " Come over here I would like to swallow your ***" and all these vulgar ads. That is sooooo disgusting and dangerous, why would someone would want to swallow a random person's ***. I'm just amazed on how people can be this sick. What is with these sicko's.

Why don't people on craigslist respond to their own posts?

It's so annoying. I am on craigslist looking for cheap or free cats/kittens. and when I write or call the people they never pick up or get back to me. and it even happens a few minutes after they post. then they never remove the posts, and then thse same people post their post again when I am trying to give them what they want. and the only time people ever resond to me is if they are too far away in the too for me to meet them.
It's driving me nuts

Why do I always feel people around me are annoying?

There could be a number of reasons for this. Anything from just you're circumstances to a psychological problem like depression. However in all cases it comes back to you. It's either something about you that puts you in such situations or it’s a deeper issue causing you to see the world this way.I recommend a change of scenery. Go on a vacation somewhere, take a class, or go shopping. If you are still annoyed by everyone then it's you. If you are not then you have to ask why those particular people that annoy you are annoying.Annoyance and irritation can be a sign of depression. If no matter where you go you meet annoying people this might be the issue at which point seek counseling. Ask yourself if it's just people or everything that is annoying and there is just this pervasive background irritation in your life. In which case it's definitely depression.If you go to another environment and meet people that don't annoy you, it may be the particular circumstance you are in. It could be the people you work with or your school. Look to see how you got into this situation. People who grew up in abusive relationships gravitate towards abusive people. It's just what they know. It may be the same with annoying people.Karma is a real thing. If you treat someone poorly they are most likely to treat you poorly. Check your behavior. Are you being annoying? Are you extending the same courtesy you expect from others? In my experience when someone thinks that everyone is an asshole it's because they are assholes themselves.

Why are Most Millennials so Annoying?

Actually, I think it is YOU. We see what we dislike about ourselves in others.

I am a baby boomer and I don't agree with your Millennial's assessment at all. They are no different than any other generation in that they are just young people trying to figure out what life is all about.

Perhaps you resent the fact that we did not have the technology they have available to us? IDK, but I do know that when you find an entire generation to be faulted that there is something wrong with your objectivity, your perspective, or you.

Why do I get slightly annoyed about depressed people?

Agree with Fayanora’s answer.Only thing I might add is that depression is very much a spectrum.Before I got depressed I assumed that some people were just being kind of whiny/dramatic, and depression looked kind of like this - complaining/whininess - and that if they just worked at it by seeing a therapist or diving into their faith or studying the human mind their problems would be fixed.Perhaps these types of things fit on the depression spectrum, but my experience with depression was radically different. I was horrified by how bad depression was, how hard it was to get effective treatment, and how poor the common sense understanding of how the human brain works is. It was much worse than I ever heard these people talk about, some of these people were hiding this and what I saw was just the cracks in their disguise. Years of feeling intense emotional pain and wishing you could die multiple times a day more days than not. Loss of the things that make you you. Not having any direct control over your dramatic changes in personality, awfully glum mood, extreme fatigue. Not being able to hold a job/work, keep up at schoolwork (something that’s always been very easy for me, graduated in top of class and went from a full scholarship to forced to drop out of college from not being able to concentrate or even go to my classes).Maybe sharing that will add a little perspective. To say I was annoyed by my depression is an incredible understatement. I was enormously frustrated and despairing of being in this situation. But I knew it wasn’t my fault, it was the disease.Finding depression annoying is understandable because it is a very annoying disease, but I’d encourage you to separate the disease from the patient.(I find people with Alzheimer’s so annoying, can’t they just remember what I tell them?)(I find people with PTSD so annoying, can’t they just get over it?)(People with late-stage congestive heart failure are so lazy, can’t they just get off the couch?)And so on…This is what is meant by stigma, by the way.