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Why Are People So Violent

Why are people so violent?

human nature. we are all evil creatures, some hide it better then others.

Why are black people so violent?

I was just thinking the same! I live in South Central Los Angeles. I have lived here my entire life. I take the train to school and they are always the most rude, loud, and ready to fight out of all minorities. Don't get me wrong I have witnessed Latinos treat others bad but I see it more often with black people than with anyone else. I am not sure this is some biological or evolutionary factor it's more of morals, social behavior, and hostility from their bad life style. I have 1 black friend and she's from Nigeria and she also thinks the same. She doesn't associate herself with black people because she says they are loud, rude, and violent.

Why are white people so violent?

So as you may know, over the weekend there was a country music concert in Las Vegas where over 60 people were killed and over 500 were injured! Just WOW! That's like a freaking war zone. Absolute savages! Why are these country music festivals always so ridiculously violent? Always killing each other. And these white folks have the nerve to call black people violent smh..

Why are people from Boston so violent?

Compared to who else? This is an absurd question. The population of Boston is not a monolithic entity, and in fact a significant portion of Boston's population is comprised of people from all parts of the world: students from other countries and from other parts of the US, working professionals, etc. I'm sure other cities around the world have their fair share of violent people.

Why are poor people so violent and angry?

I am a painter and drywall guy. Today I got an accepted bid to repair walls, doors , windows in a really neglected, but also squalid and every single door (those very thin hollow 1960's style) punched through multiple times. Landlord unwilling to rellace, I will repaint them brown, the holes will be covered with heavy duty packing tape before painting. It is a technique I use that costs only pennirs, but looks pretty good. There are 10 holes in walls, skme gypsum ome old fashioned beaverboard. I fix them with mesh repair tape and a little bit of joint compound. Again pennies per repair is how I get these jobs.
I get 2-3 per month. This one was held by the same tenant since 1997. White trash, Section 8. In 20 years they never vacuumed. We also do carpet cleaning. Two small bedrooms, large hall and half the living room carpeted. With a commercial vacuum I removed literally 8 lbs of dirt (I weighed it). Just to get the dust under control before we start.
They are all bad, but this one is one of the worst. Not in an urban gang area, about 3-4 miles from the gang area, no sign of drug us, we often get "weed houses". Why does it look like such a disturbed person lived there?

Why are people that do PE in England so violent?

As inventors of the game there has always been a very physical element to football; seen as a part of being manly from its origin. It was, along with the study of Latin and Greek, the foundation of a public School education. In fact there is a famous quote attributed to Lord Kinnaird, who, besides appearing in 7 FA Cup finals, was known as one of the toughest tacklers of his day. During the match the captain of the Old Harrovians, perturbed at the physical approach from the captain of the old Etonians, asked if they were going to play football or have hacking, Kinnaird responded “Oh, let us have hacking.” Which isn’t to say that rough, physical play is the exclusive domain of the UK, as Spanish players, not too long ago were known for the extreme physicality of their play. Perhaps it is the weather, and condition of the pitches that encourage physical assertion?

Why are people in the middle east so violent?

What are we children???

The media is just making it's money while people like you and the girl above me arguing like children.. they are brainwashing us.. Why would you believe it.. and start assuming? You need to find your facts before coming on here offending people.. looks are deceiving. Muslims haven't done nothing.. Every country has a story and crime.

Why are people so uncaring and violent now?

They’re not.It only seems like that because the news media has a vested interest in portraying incredibly rare violence as an everyday thing. How else will they get you to watch their boner pills commercials?Read this: Ahmad Nisar's answer to What are some atrocities in world history that have been largely forgotten? The neolithic period was horrific. Wheat and barley weren’t quite domesticated yet, and their early versions were pretty crappy for nutrition. Everyone was desperately starving and ready to take their neighbor’s grain or cattle to survive.Infant mortality rate was 1 in 5. If you made it past the age of 14, you’d live to be around 50 or 60 years old. No AC, poor water, no TV, no books, no police…Today?Count your blessings, man. You’ve got a LOT.

What makes people violent?

There are multiple causes and factors. Most of what are “causes” are correlations (statistical tendencies).Here are some I have noticed:Has bad coping skills for dealing with anger.Temperament/personalityLow self-esteem.Overly high-self esteem/EntitlementOversensitivity to criticism triggers their bad behaviorLearned it from seeing/ suffering abuse in younger years.Admiration/affiliation from/to peers that are violent.Lack of caring discipline from a parent (parents let the child do mean things and the child ends up with no consequences that teach “respect and caring for others.)Drugs or alcohol inhibiting “barriers” that inhibit people from hurting others.Brain Damage/Severe mental disability that affects impulse control.Some mental illnesses or compliance with medication results in episodes of paranoia, rage in a person with violent tendencies, (most people with a mental illness are at risk of harm from violence than others.The person lives in a culture of violence.Self-defense as a survival instinct.