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Why Are White People The Creators Of The Modern World The Only Group Not Allowed To Preserve

Should we preserve the white race?

Yes, all peoples have a right to self preservation. Africa and East Asia are homogeneous continents and these liberals have no problem with that, their hypocritical problem is with White majority nations remaining White majority.

Europe has to let go of this cancerous individualistic/materialistic modern ethos weve developed. The funding of non-White population growth, i.e. the welfare state, has to go. Dysgenic unskilled immigration has to go.

Why do white supremacists want to preserve the "white race"?

Ok, first of all, you do not have to be a racist or a supremacist to want to preserve your heritage and your people. Every ethnicity has at least some people who want to do the same. Imagine what it would be like, if you were one of the last people like you, to be left on the planet.I don't think any ethnicity has anything to worry about anytime soon, there will be diversity for quite a while. It is not ignorant to want to continue your peoples progression into the future, its nature to want to spread your genetic traits as much as possible. The problem is people want to have social “RACE WARS”.Race, the word is the very definition of competition in the mind of the modern human. The word race was hammered into the minds of people to create competition based on traits that no one can control. Its all about a fear, a fear of not having a group like you in the future. If you are a green man and you marry a green woman, would it not at least surprise you if she gave birth to a pink child.

Why do eurasian people pretty much always marry white people?

haha yeah i've seen this alot even in places like hawaii where well i would think it'd be the opposite.. i really don't know i'm eurasian hispasian whatever you wanna call it haha.. but i don't date white guys so.. you know what i think it is.. eurasians get praised because they're somewhere between asian and white and they think white is better so they'll marry with white also it's associated with money right /status.. that said eurasians in asia tend to marry asians as far as i've seen

How did white people become rich though they are the minority in the world?

After centuries of being a relative backwater of civilisation compared to the great empires of the time: Chinese, Indian, Ottoman and following the Crusades and the Spanish Reconquista Europe received a trove of ancient Greek knowledge that had been preserved by the Muslims as well as some of the progress the latter had achieved themselves like algebra and modern numbers.This led to a cultural revolution. Inspired by this new knowledge intellectual life flourished and for the first time since the fall of Rome was not dominated by the Church. The period known as the Renaissance.And this brought renewed interest in science. But unlike Greek science which was mostly a philosophical pursuit the scientists took a more hands on approach, one that relied more on real experiments than on thought experiments.About the same time a fellow in Germany invented movable type printing making book making a lot cheaper and allowing the new ideas to circulate much faster.And also at about the same time Europeans developed ocean going vessels and the navigation techniques to use them. This allowed Europe to conquer the weaker nations of the Americas and colonise those territories thus gaining great wealth. And also to commerce directly with the Far Eastern countries, bypassing the Arabs and the Ottomans who had controlled that trade.But at that time Europe was becoming strong enough to contain the Ottoman empire but not to conquer the empires of Asia.That had to wait for the industrial revolution that started in Great Britain and allowed European countries to dominate the world for two centuries. That’s when white people really became wealthier than the other countries.

Why does the modern KKK claim to be a hate free organisation when they clearly hate other races?

Probably because they’ve shifted from “kill/enslave or segregate from the blacks” to “we just want an all white country”. I’d agree, the premise of wanting an all white country is based on racial hatred but they don’t see it that way and frankly they’re not so stupid that they’re unaware of the fact that saying “we’re a hateful organisation” only hurts them. If you’ve ever seen a David Duke interview…I mean this is not a stupid man. The leaders and organisers of the klan are often university educated, such as David Duke and Don Black. The idea that being well educated is somehow a barrier to being racist has no basis in fact. Being uneducated isn’t the same as being ignorant. I’d bet that a majority of anti racist people don’t have advanced degrees.The KKK is also obviously aware of how the rest of us perceive it. They know people think of them as a hateful racist organisation and they’re hardly going to say “yep, you got us. We hate the blacks”…especially since there are black klansmen.

What is the tallest human race in the world?

In some Sudanese tribes, males can have an average height of 1.9 m (6 ft, 4 in), while women of 1.8 m (6 ft).

The most famous group and more racially preserved of the Sudanese race are the Nilotic tribes (they all originated on the Upper Nile area). The most famous are Maasai, Turkana, Samburu and Dinka.

Ancient (and modern) Nubians, the Black Pharaohs, were also of Sudanese race. When the French met this race of giants (in Chad tribes), they called them "the beautiful race".