Why Are Women Banned In Some Muslim Countries From Playing Sports

I have previously answered a question in my answer Siddharth Bharadwaj's answer to Are there any countries where Islam is banned, or that might soon ban Islam?I will just copy and paste it below.Well in-fact there are many countries which have put restriction on Islam as a religion and its practices here is the listAsiaBhutanBhutan , also known as most peaceful country in Asia , officially does not recognise Islam as a religion. It only recognise Buddhism and Hinduism.MyanmarOfficially Myanmar allows to practice any religion , but it emphasise mainly on Theravada Buddhism. Islam face tough persecution from the Government.ChinaThe constitution of China protects what it calls "normal religious activity", defined in practice as activities that take place within government-sanctioned religious organisations and registered places of worship. Muslims in Xinjiang province are banned to keep long beard and covering face(for women) , Ramdan is a banned religious act and Muslims worshiping independently have been detained and charged with conducting "illegal religious activities".Recently China also banned certain Islamic name for the new born child. "Muhammad," ''Jihad" and "Islam" are among at least 29 names now banned in the heavily Muslim region of China.North KoreaNorth Korea does not recognise any religion. Muslims and Christians are persecuted for following religion or conducting religious activities.AfricaAngolaAngolan government does not legally recognize any Muslim organizations , as a result, mosques in the country have faced restrictions and many have been shut down by the government.EuropeSlovakiaSlovakia has recently passed a law which bans construction of mosque , in the country. For more information read Lara Novakov's answer to Are there any countries where Islam is banned, or that might soon ban Islam?.Pacific Islands Samoa also wants ban on Islam and Muslim. Poland also had seen several similar movements and protest to ban Islam. In addition to that Islamic veil also known as Burqa is banned in public in several countries in Europe and others.NetherlandsFranceBelgiumBulgariaEgyptSwitzerlandItalyChadSource: China bans list of Islamic names in Xinjiang regionWhere in the world are the burka and niqab banned?The Pacific islanders who want to ban IslamMajorities In These 8 European Countries Would Back A Muslim Ban Like Trump's

List of Countries Which Banned Hijab And Anti-Muslim Counrtries?

France banned full face covering veils, but not hijab.

Turkey banned all for a while, even just headscarves. Although headscarves are still technically banned under Turkey's constitution, the ban is no longer enforced most of the time.

Tunisia banned headscarves in 1981

Syria banned headscarves in universities this year.

The Dutch have introduced a ban on all face-covering clothing, but it hasn't been passed yet.

Tunisia, Syria and Turkey are all Muslim countries that have banned hijab....they cannot really be called anti-muslim. And I really don't think France or the Dutch can be called anti-muslim either, they are just against face-covering veils.

Do some Muslim Countries ban Women from Competing at the Olympic?

I think I remember seeing a female Algerian track runner compete. But she was wearing, I think, some track suit that covered the necessary parts. I 4got if she covered her hair or not. & I think there r also some Middle Eastern women who also compete in the swimming events now since they've made, like, a similar type of track suit 4 competitive swimming. I think I got that from a article in Time Magazine.

Why are women not allowed to drive in some Muslim countries?

hi Keith i'm interior the united kingdom and that i veil head to toe. My drivers license has a image of me unveiled (face). it truly is high-quality to cover the right in hijaab (headscarf) yet not the face on the license. in simple terms to communicate about. Our passports and any type of identity we've, it truly is permitted to unveil and take a image, if we we veiled how ought to they understand us...? they does not be able to :D about the Muslim international locations commonly conversing there is not one which abides by technique of the regulations that are completely from faith. it type of feels adult adult males have replaced factors through the years. Nowhere does it say we are able to notchronic, it really is only a excuse used so some adult adult males can administration women, at the same time as certainly it isn't element of religion (Islam). desire I helped.

Which muslim countries ban video games?

Ok i tell you troo story in 1967 gloriois Saudi Nashan I wear big niqab like sexay wooman and drive car with police chase like grand theft auto.

France has banned women from wearing the Muslim Burqa and 82% of the french people support the law?

I'd say France has a healthier sense of self preservation, except they have allowed themselves to become 20% muslim. And in French schools, the new generation is closer to 50%. France is well on the way to becoming muslim. As are the U.K., Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

If they want to assimilate, welcome.
If they want to impose their culture on the nations they immigrate to, better they stay in their home countries.

Well, there are a lot of generalizations that go on in the media.But it is somewhat true that in many Muslim-majority countries, women are stuck in far more rigid gender roles as compared to mainstream US culture. I used to live in both Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan - both Muslim majority. I’ve been to Egypt.I would indeed say that in some ways women’s freedoms are more limited in those places as compared to (mainstream) US culture. You say that 30% of drivers on the road are female? In the US there are many more female drivers on the road than a 30% presence. Female sports participation in the US is very high, for instance - I never came across a women’s sports team in Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan (I was not around in Egypt long enough to pay any attention to the existence of women’s sports teams). I know that female Kazakh and Kyrgyz athletes exist - they participate in the Olympics and other international events, but you don’t see them. I see little girls running around in soccer and baseball and basketball jerseys all the time in the US. I never saw that in Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan. Or Egypt.There also is a lot more focus on the importance of homemaking and traditional “women’s roles” in these countries. I used to teach English in Kazakhstan, and there was one lesson about a woman who couldn’t cook. Every time I did this lesson, there would inevitably be a conversation about the woman being a “bad woman” because she couldn’t cook. This stigma would be considerably less in the US. People also treated me like I was some kind of alien because I was 30 and not married and had no interest in being so. (In Egypt, everybody thought I was married to my dad.)So do I think that all Muslim-majority countries don’t allow women to drive? No. To my knowledge that’s only Saudi. But from my experience there is much less room to maneuver.

Why is Niqab or Hijab for Muslim women and girls is banned in some countries?

Mostly for security because you cannot tell who is under there, and some muslim men have used it for crimes and terrorism. Also it is a medieval piece of clothing that muslim men force their women to wear as part of their ownership.

Is there any country that has banned Islam?

Islam is Officially Banned in Angola, an African Country. All Mosques have been closed down there and the Majority of the Muslims there were disenfranchised and deported.

The Minority of Muslims who are allowed to stay there are now on Work Permits and are no longer Citizens there.

They are not permitted to gather together in public or hold any mass services.

This is only the beginning.

More Southern African Countries are in the process of Banning Islam.

As someone else has already said, there are Countries in Europe where Islam is not recognized as a Religion, though there have been no restrictions placed upon the Muslims there, yet. That would change dramatically if there are any untoward actions committed there by the Muslims who are only permitted Work Permits and not Citizenship there.

Incidentally, last year, the Chinese Government slaughtered the Uighur Muslims, who are the only Muslim Minority there when they had a clash with the local Han. They later shot a lot of Han, too, as a warning. Japan has a tiny Muslim Population that has been warned of being dealt with if they try anything like the Muslims did in Thailand. Thailand is on the verge of declaring Civil War and banning Islam there after they've dealt with Secessionists in South Thailand.

I'm surprised that the Muslims here didn't know that, especially since a lot of Muslim Countries are lobbying for pressure to be put on Angola and the many other Southern African Countries in the UN. Today, Islam is powerless ever since it lost it's main Supporter - USA. In Bosnia Herzegovina, it's likely that the Serbs will rise again since the Bosniak Muslims again began their reign of Terror there and, this time, USA is not interfering.