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Why Did I Opted Rvce In Cet Horrible Teachers And Horrible Placements For Mech Anyone With Same

Which one is better for a job and salary prospect: BSc, MSc or B.Tech?

Honestly If I will say go for B.Tech over BCA & MCA.Why ?1) First of all it's course duration :B.Tech = 4 YrsBCA+MCA = 6Yrs(for Maximum colleges , if you are doing from IGNOU then it will finish in 5Yrs)so here you have to study 2 extra years and yes you won't get any benefit over of courses :currently in our society if you do then only you can called as engineer if it is BCA+MCA then also you are not going to be held as engineer title.3)Job aspects.Here also if you are doing B.Tech then you will always get preference over MCA students. I don't know why it is but all companies also will treat you less qualified than students if you are having MCA degree.I faced same situation in campus placement , IT companies came to recruit IT people and they are not allowing MCA candidates to attend drive and yes they allowed all B.Tech trades Students. Now think how any chemical engineering studends or civil eng. student is more qualified for a IT job than a MCA Students.So at every step B.Tech degree holders are getting some benefit. In Job also maximum company having the same package for both degrees only few might be giving some more to MCA's candidate that too few %ge extra only.But Yes if you have good knowledge then no one will stop you to rise in the field you will face problem only in starting after some experience it all depend on your knowledge. After such experience no one will ask also regarding your degrees.One more thing : If you are currently perusing BCA then please don't stop at BCA go for MCA ,you will have more chance to get job after MCA but very few after BCA and that too not at all good opportunity . Maximum you will get job after BCA for Data entry operator or tech support , BPO etc which is not going to help you any more in future.Hope it clears , and pardon for any grammatical error . :)All the Best!

Which college is better, New Horizon College of Engineering or Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology and Management (DSATM)?

I would say Dayananda Sagar institutions (DSATM is a part of DSI) is a better option.College life and Academics will be good at DSATM as per my experience Placements are very well provided by the college. If you maintain a good percentage and a strong knowledge in your stream, i would say you will land up in a good MNC(Accenture,Infosys,Cognizant,CTS- mainly these companies hire in large numbers from DSI every year) for sure.

Which is better: RVCE CSE or ISE?

Well, college is the only thing that matters. Once you get into RV, you yourself will find that CS and IS are akin to each other. Both branches go parallely. Let me make it very clear to you, CS is hyped because it is an older branch when compared to IS. Engineering college in India about 30-40 years ago used to have CS along with other electrical and mechanical branches. IS is a newer branch compared to CS. It has been existing only for a decade or two. This is the reason students prefer to go to CS because they have heard about it more from their parents or elders.Coming back to RVCE, being a final year student of ISE, I am fairly eligible to list out the similarities and differences between the two branches. Considering the two most important factor the Curriculum and the Placements:Curriculum : The two branches have 90% of their courses similar. Every semester from 3rd sem to 7th sem has 5 or 6 subjects (except two semesters where only IS has 7 subjects). Every semester apart from one subject, all other subjects are same for both branches. Sometimes for a same subject there might be few differences in the syllabus. Like, CS has Computer networks part 2 in 6th sem while IS has Computer networks and security. Coming back to the one subject that does not match every sem, it may be possible that the same subject is offered to both branches in different semesters or the other case is that a subject might be a mandatory subject in one branch while an elective in other. Like, UNIX is mandatory for IS and is an elective for CS. Summing it up, there might be maximum 1or 2 subjects overall in the 4 years course that was offered to one branch and wasn't offered to other. Placements : Leaving all the highest package offered stories aside, for 2016 batch, students from both the branches were equally eligible for all the companies but one which wanted only CS students. Now we are nearing the end of fourth year, 95% of the students of both the branches are successfully placed. Till now, almost 9 months after the beginning of placements in July, companies are still coming every other day.Hope it cleared all your doubt about the two branches.

Should I go for M.Tech in average college or repeat GATE and try for IITs?

I would not suggest doing an MTech now, there is very little value in MTech in India, other than from good colleges. Unless you are very specifically looking at Government JobsTeaching ProfessionI would NOT recommend going for MTech now. The most important thing you need to understand is that , there is an opportunity cost associated with MTech, the point is you are losing 2 years of your job, and 2 years of experience. If you cannot make up for what you lose in the knowledge you gain, and in being able to apply to more companies, you are losing A LOT. Firstly the only important difference you would find between BTech , and MTech is actually only the project/thesis you do. In average colleges, this is often a joke, and I have seen people get through with projects that would not even make the BTech Project cut at NITs, so considering your interest is to get into Core CS, it would not help you. If you look at placement statistics, the placement statistics of MTechs ain't much better (or in many cases are actually worse) than that of BTech of the same college. Look at the faculties in the colleges you are going to, do you really think they would be able to guide the MTech students ?So going for MTech now will NOT help you to Get more deep knowledge about core CS topics.Get a much better placement at a later timeIf you are confident that you can do better, I would definitely suggest aiming for IITs (even NITs have very little additional value when it comes to MTech) and I am sure you can make it.

How is Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology in Bangalore?

I am from Dr Ambedkar institute of technology,bangalore. A decade ago Dr AIT was considered as one of the best colleges in bangalore . when it was awarded with an automonous degree , it slowly came down the table from top rank college . when it comes to placements it is bad,only TCS recruit good amount of students and the companies visiting the college is less. Mech and civil are the worst branch in AIT , most of the students dont get placed. i recommend you to try some other college before DR AIT. however the college is trying to improve, the teachers are higly experienced and of good quality.Academics: 3.5/5Placements 2/5sports:1.5/5fest:4/5.students:most of the students are from north karnatakaOverall rating: 2.5/5.

Which is better, VIT or PESIT?

Both these colleges have three own pros and cons.VITPros1. Infrastructure , the gym, pool, sports facilities are too good.2.FFCS3. Campus Life4. Above average placements if you're good at academicsCons1. Mass placements, just too many mass placements.2. No matter how good the campus is, you're always in Vellore ..3. You'd want to get a Gender change if you're a girl.4. High fees, if you're not getting a seat in category 1.PES UNIVERSITYPros1 Excellent placements, if you're good, you've high chances of bagging 10+ lpa offer.(in CSE)2 Good faculty and students run clubs.3. Strict and disciplined environment.4.You’re a Bengalurean afterall. :-P5. Less fees if you’re getting in through K-CET.ConsSmall and overcrowded campus.(compared to vit)You need to work hard here.3.A school-like life.Having said this, in my personal view if you’re getting CSE in PES University, I’d say take it as the opportunities are a lot and its worth the money spent.(You’ll be happier if you are in through CET)VIT isn't a bad place to be either, but if you aren't getting your desired branch in category-1, I wouldn't recommend it.Placement wise both are very good, PES getting a slight edge as it is located in the IT Hub of Bengaluru.Campus wise, VIT is by far the best.Make a wise call as it is one of the most important decisions of your life.All the best.!!