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Why Did People Dress And Groom More Polished In The 1960s

Mother of the groom dress?

What a beautiful dress! You have excellent taste!
Money cannot buy good taste. I do have one suggestion though, wear it with pride. Wear it with your shoulders back and your head up. Wear it with a smile upon your lips and stars in your eyes for your daughter's happiness.
Wear it with style and dignity and walk right up the the groom's mother and say,' Dear you look lovely, what a pretty dress,' and mean it. The greatest beauty any of us can ever cloak ourselves in, is a loving heart, for it transforms even the plainest into something that takes the breath away in admiration. By the way, you will notice that, not that it is very relevent, that people that are struggling to appear rich, go over the top, while people that are rich, dress with simple elegance and simplicity. This is a fact. :) Have a great time at the wedding and remember love, no worries. They make frown lines and THOSE are not attractive!!

What color nail polish should I wear with a purple mother of the groom dress?

Since the dress is such a deep color, I would stick with just natural nails, with a clear top coat. Or a french manicure, both would look very pretty and classy. As for jewelry, once again I would stick with simple. Maybe some small diamond or pearl earrings. I would let the dress be the main focal point, a bunch of jewelery and flashy nails would take that away. Congrats on your son getting married! Have fun!

British people dress more stylish and clothes fit properly. Even if they are poor they have a stigma against scruffiness. Their Asda (Walmart) sells way more stylish George clothes so even less affluent people dress better. I remember being home and the quality in the US for Walmart George products were bad, oversized, unflattering, somewhat gaudy, and forget anything dressy especially for kids. I still wore it because thats all I could afford. Their George is on par and some cases better than JC Penney and Sears. So in a sense cheap stylish clothes is more accessible to them especially in places like Primark.In the US trainers/ tennis shoes, hoodie is a way of life unless you have to get dressed up.The clothes I felt comfortable walking around in, in the US I did not feel comfortable wearing in UK. Simply because I stuck out like a sore thumb.They dress in a more stylish casual way, unless they are teens wearing hoodies and sweats and even they looked properly fitted, and clean, well groomed, nice hair etc. People are well groomed in general of course there are a few who don't but the majority look nice.At night women and men dress well when they head out on the town. I wouldn't be caught dead in a pub wearing a hoodie, and sweats in a pub in UK out in the evening. In America that would be everyone including myself.I could go any place looking like crap to some degree, messy bun, t-shirt, sweat pants in the US and no one really noticed.I have a funny observation.In the US we had TJ Max, this is where my husband would send me to to buy some Polo shirts and we could always find loads for cheap and bring them over to him in England.In the UK they have TK Max (same place) and I've seen one Polo shirt, they are gone off the shelf in seconds.This is because they are more conscientious of name brands. I had no idea what Pandora charms were until I came here. I had little exposure to Lacoste, and other brands I may have heard of but had no idea how popular they are here …Even someone in a council flat still has a Pandora Charm Bracelet.

What did people wear in the 1960s?

it even has some websites on there

For the Charitable Bride: Pay It ForwardNow that you're married to the man of your dreams, why not donate your dream dress to a charity? There are now so many wonderful ones that accept donated wedding gowns (gently worn and in great condition), which they can then resell and use the money to grant wishes to women with cancer.For the Broke Bride: Sell ItWhether you and your partner paid for the wedding alone or you're trying to save up for a down payment on your first home, consider selling your wedding dress to earn some extra cash back. That is, if you aren't the sentimental type. Sites like Once Wed, Preowned Wedding Dresses, Nearly Newlywed and Tradesy (along with many others), make the process so easy it's like free money in your pocket. While some charge a small listing fee, others simply take a commission of the sale.For the Traditional Bride: Keep ItYour mother held onto her wedding dress all these years and you'd like to do the same, which is perfectly fine, "You can keep it to pass it on in the future, or you can just keep it as a memento hanging in your closet so that every day you're reminded of that special day." If you do want to get more use out of your dress, however, Ravanbach recommends taking it to a tailor to have it shortened or dyed so that you may wear it for other special occasions.For the DIY Bride: Recycle ItIf you simply can't imagine parting with your dress but your closet's already bursting at the seams, think about using it to create special mementos for future occasions . "Take some of the lace or silk and design a christening gown for your children or a handkerchief that your daughter can carry on her wedding day. Have a long train? Use the lace to create a fashionable wrap or even a precious pillow for your baby's crib."For the Kind Bride: Lend It OutHave a friend or family member who can't afford to buy the wedding dress of her dreams? If you know she was absolutely head over heels for your gown and you're similar in size, offer to let her borrow it for her big day. You'll feel great that the dress is actually getting some use again, plus we bet she'll be more than grateful for the opportunity to rock it. Another fun idea for married moms or aunts is to let your daughter/niece play dress up in your gown.

What color should the mother of the bride and groom wear if the bridesmaids are wearing tiffany blue and brown?

You don't want them to look like your bridesmaids. You could do a complimentary color, like a darker/lighter brown or blue. Or they could were a patterned dress that includes both colors. I understand that you want your pictures to look perfect, but think about their wants as well, especially if they are paying for their dresses. Maybe one mom wants to wear tan and one wants to wear cerulean. I'm sure you can work out something. Congratulations!

How do you feel about the groom in a white tux/suit?

I do not hate white tuxes. Some have their place. Like themed or destination weddings.

However, the reason I do not like them is because
1) The bride should stand out and wear white
2) It feels out of style like 80's reminiscent to the blue tuxes in the 70's
3) They seem kinda feminine or too fantasy like (especially if they wear tails and a top hat)

But your man loves the white suite I totally support that. Guys want to look awesome on their wedding days too. We plan and pick out most of the stuff. Let him have what he wants! Plus it's your wedding. Who cares what we think. ;)