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Why Did Seattle Change Columbus Day To Indigenous Peoples Day

Seattle is changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day. Has the World gone mad?

Christopher Columbus didn't discover America, the Vikings discovered the American continent 500 years before Columbus. Remains of a Viking village were found in Newfoundland.

Why did Seattle change Columbus day to Indigenous peoples day?

White guilt. What's to celebrate about the indigenous? They were scarcely beyond the hunter/gatherer stage throughout the Americas. The few proto civilizations that existed were far to the south and haven't exactly impacted the modern world in any meaningful way.

Sure, why not?I never understood why we have a national holiday for a man that never stepped foot inside what is the United States of America and basically has NO connection with this nation, whatsoever.However, you could replace it was a holiday that might have wider public support too. Say, American Heritage or Family Day. Something along those lines.This could be a day where the focus is on the American family and how one’s ancestors came to become AMERICANS, or in some cases, how immigrants came to this country. It would be a fascinating holiday, and could bring people together. The focus could be that this is a shared identity, although there is a lot of variety. Various groups that want to be heard or celebrate their own unique backgrounds would have a platform like anyone else.Personally, I love Highland Games, German or Scandinavian festivals, St. Paddy’s day parades, etc. I love anything that might be described as an ethnic celebration or festival, and learning about different people. I also love projects like Dr. Henry Louis Gates that does family research (genealogy) and contextualized history. I find it to be a healing process, and a positive thing. Even if we uncover darker truths. It’s good to face them squarely, and honestly. And then form a greater understanding, which might lead to building closer relationships.As the holiday stands now, it is somewhat associated with Italian American heritage, although it seems to be at the expense of Native American history. We are glorifying a man that was basically an evil tyrant. That he was from Genoa or had some proto-Italian affiliation is beside the point.Yeah, time to change this holiday, one way or another.

Los Angeles votes to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s day: too late to help the Indian Tribes ?

If there are any indigenous tribes left, then it is not too late.

ever since i learned the truth about Columbus, i wondered why we celebrate his 'day'
the man was a vile person, even by the standards of his time

but we have this rose-tinted view of his accomplishments and we just ignore/dont teach the paedophilia, murder, slavery and genocide because it upsets people.

Because for a few hundred years there was an effort, and entrenched cultural norms, to honor European colonialism, White supremacy, the Discovery Doctrine, and notions of Manifest Destiny.So, Columbus was a perfect symbol for early White-dominated (and White supremacist) society. He was really just a part of this pantheon of Euro-centric myth building.But, demographics shift, and socio-political forces evolve over time.And at this point, enough people say, “Wait, uhhhhh. Why is there even a Columbus Day? WTF?”First of all, he wasn’t American, nor did he ever step foot in mainland North America. He basically had nothing to do with the North American Anglo-colonial endeavor here.On top of that, he really was brutal. And this isn’t just a matter of being harsh and judging him according to the social mores or norms of the modern era. No, he was brutal for HIS own time period too. That’s why he was sent to jail for a while. Spaniards under his rule complained he was too brutal.Of course, he was even worse to Natives.He personally oversaw genocidal policies. I mean, he enforced them, directly. He wasn’t just indirectly associated with atrocities that went on collectively under some nebulous and ill-defined Spanish colonial system. No, he bears direct culpability and he organized these atrocities and established a certain precedent for them.He was a very bad dude. And nowadays people are tired of this white washed history.I’d recommend replacing this day with either Indigenous Peoples Day, or American Heritage Day. This latter one might be good for people to celebrate their notion of what being American means, or honoring the various tapestries of people that make up our modern nation. It would be a much more inclusive and appropriate way to honor heritage. And it wouldn’t leave out the minority of Italians that complain about Columbus Day being replaced, as an attack on their heritage. It’s a win-win.American Heritage Day! Pass it on!!

Why do liberals wish to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day? Wouldn't it make more sense just to ask for an Indigenous Peoples Day?

Does anybody realize that all those missions on the Camino Real trail in California were built by Spanish missionaries - - using slave Indian labor? We have to rename most of California. San Francisco, San Jose, San Luis Obisbo, Santa Barbara, Santa Ana, San Juan Capistrano, etc. All honor the Spanish slave owners.

Will you celebrate Christopher Columbus day or Day of Indigenous Resistance?

You asked why we've Columbus Day. First enable me say that my answer would not have something to do with any judgment with regard to the impression of the colonization of the Americas, with the aid of fact i do no longer perceive that grow to be your question. the respond is easy - to rejoice Columbus' discovery of the Americas. earlier people bounce throughout me, I understand that Columbus did no longer "detect" usa, yet his "discovery" had the excellent impression (for extra acceptable or worse) from a eu (and American) attitude. the U. S. has typical many national holiday journeys to rejoice significant historic activities and individuals. for this reason at the back of Columbus Day. President's Day was once separate Washington's ("father of our usa") and Lincoln's (freed the slaves, preserved the Union) birthdays, Martin Luther King Day, Veteran's Day (was once called "Armistice Day" to rejoice the tip of WW1 - nevertheless a great deal in great Britain who misplaced a great form of in WW1), Memorial Day, July 4 etc. Columbus Day is likewise celebrated by Italian individuals as an afternoon of Italian satisfaction - (Columbus grow to be Italian).

Nope. It shouldn’t be. He caused more harm than good. We can replace it with Indigenous Day though!“In elementary school, most of us learned that Columbus, the renowned Italian explorer, discovered America. I remember listening in awe as my teacher explained the trials and adventures of Columbus. I also remember empathizing with him when he couldn’t find people to sponsor his trip to India before Ferdinand II and Isabella I of Spain finally agreed. Sadly, my image of him as a hero changed when I learned the story behind the myth. He was brutal to the native people in the Americas, enslaving them to search for gold. The rest is history.Recently, a movement to make Columbus Day into Indigenous People’s Day has begun. States like Vermont and cities like Denver and Phoenix have instituted this change, though South Dakota has been celebrating Indigenous People’s Day since 1990. According to Dr. Leo Killsback of the Northern Cheyenne Nation and an assistant professor of American Indian Studies at Arizona State University, “Indigenous Peoples Day represents a shift in consciousness…It acknowledges that indigenous peoples and their voices are important in today’s conversations.”The thinking behind this change is as follows: Columbus was not actually the first to “discover” America. He didn’t even land here, and he abused the locals tremendously. He and his men raped and murdered native people, along with enslaving them and enforcing Christianity upon them. Yet, many people (still) seem to have a misperception of Columbus (such as the members of the government of Oklahoma who recently overturned the request to make the holiday into Indigenous Peoples Day).”Read more in this article: Columbus, the First to Discover America?