Why Did She Hate Me Not That I Care I

Why do some parents hate their children?

There are a number of reasons. Hate is a big word that encompasses a list of emotions. It could be envy, jealousy, distrust, dissatisfaction, personal discovery and shock, resentment and more. We could unpack these:Envy and jealousy - children  seem  to have more these days. Parents could remember their own youth and childhood and figure they did not have the same money, belongings, attention, schooling, freedom.Distrust - when parents suddenly find themselves caring for teens, they distrust them if they themselves lack the wherewithal to cope. Will the kids prove too much? Will they let them down, be troublesome? Will they be prevented from having a life of their own?Dissatisfaction - Sometimes children can negate everything parents hold to be true. Everything they've based their lives on. When personal tenets are negated, people can feel their whole life means nothing, after all that! So dissatisfaction moves in.Personal discovery and shock - it can be a shock to find out who you are through your children. They make angry statements (I hate you! You're cruel.); happy statements (Love this! Sick!) about stuff parents barely understand or approve of. Some parents believe their children, because they think they've brought them up to tell the truth. So this must be the truth about themselves: they are cruel. They don't understand. They have brought up their kids the wrong way. Ouch.Resentment - when parents have hardly had freedom, joy, love, positive discovery, adventure, happiness... but especially freedom, they resent their children's comparative liberty when it comes to relationships, schooling, belongings, friends, communication ... kids can seem so free, so flooded with stuff. Look at it all - it's possible for all these emotions, or a few of them, to turn into contempt for all the kids represent, rather than the kids themselves, who fade into a representation of what's true, and disappear as people. Parents are really just a package of "grown-up kid", with unresolved problems and issues. And kids make it all worse. Realisation of all this is difficult - and if parents fall in the trap of discussing things with like-minded resentful parents and friends, it's almost un-solvable. They need counselling, with someone who knows what they are talking about.

Why wife cannot forgive me for cheating?

I cheated on her repeatedly almost year and half ago. She find out I didnot lie and beg for forgiveness off course she didn't forgive me. she hate me but the only reason to stay married was children two of them.

After that she let me loose I can do what ever I want can even have sex with her but no love or affection. we are living like two stranger after that. I tried everything to seek forgiveness but failed.

Now 1week ago I had an accident not really bad but was on a bike. So a bad shoulder and arm. But 1st time did my wife act caring she actually cried (not in front of me) and even kiss me when she thought I was sleeping.

So do you think I can still seek forgiveness. Because last time I try to talk with her she made it clear we will get divorce when little one turn 18. 5 year still. She act normal infront of others but when alone she always tells me she hate me and wish me a painful death.

But when I now feel pain or hurt she still seems hurts but she always says if there is something she can do to make it worse.
I am really confused because of the way she act.
How can she says that and then cry after seeing me in pain

Why does my moms dog hate me?

Seems like your mom's dog is just over protective of your mom. My bulldog/corgi mix is like that too. Way too protective of me. Just try to keep your distance and try to seem passive when you're around your mom. When you walk out the bathroom, don't stand tall or look at the dog's face. Pretend like she's not there. Shoulders low, walk slowly and keep your head low.

Why did my mom give birth to me if she did not want me?

Wow! That's a really painful feeling you have, that you are not wanted. I am so sorry that this is what you are feeling. I do not know you, so I am asking not to question you but to know more. How do you know your mother doesn't want you? Did she tell you? Did she give you up for adoption? Has she given you to someone else to raise ( family, friends, human services)?If you live with your mother and she tells you this it is maybe the worst case scenario. Make sure she is saying it and meaning it- ask her. She might get angry or frustrated and lack the skills to express it correctly. So she lashes out at you!Or she may be serious, she does not want you. If this is the case I am so sorry. Being rejected by those who are meant to love and nurture us is the most painful hurt ever! I don't know how old you are- if you are at school go to the school counsellor and talk about how you feel, if you are an adult go to a counsellor and chat. Either way you need help and so does your mother.If you were given up for adoption - you scored! Instead of being raised by your birth parents who decided they either did not want you or were incapable mentally, emotionally, physically or financially of caring for you- someone who did want you has or will chose you!If you've been given to someone else to raise- again, you're lucky because at least your mom realised she stinks at being a mother and has given you a chance, maybe you were placed because your mom needs help and doesn't know how to care for you?No matter what is the case - being rejected is horrible!You do not deserve this! You are an amazing and wonderful person!It may seem hard or untrue but there are people who will care about and for you - you have to have courage and reach out! Don't give up, the world needs you and wants you! You really matter.Bless you.

Why does my ex hate me if we both moved on?

Don't know the whole story so here's only several guesses:You did something really mean so he hates you. People can hate others who hurt them even if they've already moved on and started a new life, easy to understand.He did something mean and dumped you, but he 'imagines' you being bad and hates you so he'd feel better about himself. His brain cheats itself to compensate for the guilty feelings. It's a theory I read somewhere online, don't know if it's scientifically correct.He still loves you but you don't want to be with him anymore, so hate out of love. But you said he's moved on already so this is not likely the situation.Here's my suggestion: since you've moved on already and it seems not likely you two would get back together, just forget about him and leave him be, hating you or not. Don't let him affect your life and don't care about what his doing, who he's dating or what he's thinking about you. The past is in the past anyway.

My mom just told me she hates me what do i do?

If she has never done or said that, you need to go have a serious talk with her when she cools down (if she is mad). She needs to know she cannot go flinging around that word and that she is supposed to be the secure adult in this relationship. You must also deal out a big apology if you have done anything horrible like said mean things or did something terrible. BUT What she did was wrong and she needs to right it. Give her the chance.

If you have a dad to talk to, please do. If you have an adult that is trustworthy (like a friend's parent) ask if you can talk to them. Lay out the entire situation and be honest OK?

It is hard to give great advice here because I am sure the situation is very complicated.

Hang in there kiddo.

Bipolar ex gf leaves me when manic, acts like she hates me, and gets with other guys, help!?

My ex girlfriend is bipolar and does not take meds. We were together for almost 3 years. We broke up a couple of times when she goes into a manic stage. She felt like she could do anything she wanted and i couldn't do anything about it. She talked to old boyfriends and lied to me about places she went and people she talked to. She would be very shady during these episodes. I couldn't stand it and we'd fight and eventually break up. She is very selfish during these times. When we break up she always finds another guy and starts dating and hooking up with them very soon after we break up and i don't know why. Is it because she needs someone around so she feels good about herself and doesn't go into the depressed stage? I know she still loves me and i don't get why she does that. When she goes into her depressed stage she wants me back. She always says she's ****** up in the head and hse needs me around to make feel sane. And she says sorry for all the stuff she did and she says she loves me.

We've been broken up for 2 months now. She goes out constatly and does things she normally wouldn't. She never talks to me unless its to yell at me for something i didn't do. She is very mean when she does talk to me and says some hurtful stuff. But i never did anything to hurt her.

Why does she always leave when she's manic? why does she act like shes totally fine after dating me for 3 years? feelings don't just go away. Why does she need a guy around so soon after we break up? She had sex with a guy a week after we broke up. I don't get this at all. also i think she has a new boyfriend. does she really like him? or is she just doing it to not be lonely and not have to think about our break up?

Any bipolar girls help me with this situation? any insight on why she always breaks up with me when she's manic? or why she needs a guy around all the time or why she acts like she's fine and that she hates me?

please help