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Why Did The Ps4 Launch Have Problems I Thought Private Industry Never Has Problems

Why doesn't Nintendo ever release a console that is on par with Sony and Microsoft?

Because Nintendo prefers to forge its own path. They are basically purposefully blind to reigning trends because they don’t want to be indistinguishable from the competition.Nintendo Entertainment System: Restarted the gaming boom, purposefully put restrictions in place that prevented shovelware from being shoved constantly onto the console by forcing exclusivity with titles and restricting the number of titles a company could publish per year.Super NES: Found its primary competition in the Sega Genesis (which was designed to compete with the NES). Even though the Genesis was developed first, its processor remained less than it, even though all other stats were better. Why did it succeed? Games. The SNES had a wider variety of quality titles, and that exclusivity was still in place, so quality titles for the SNES did not appear on the Genesis and vice-versa. If they did, they were basically different games, even if they had the same title.N64: They optimized for load-times and hardware strength rather than capacity. The N64 was the MORE POWERFUL console for the time. But the PlayStation beat them in raw CAPACITY with its CD-based drive. Developers flocked to the PS1 for this reason.GameCube: Technically more powerful than the PS2, but their disks (chosen both for piracy purposes and to enforce in-engine cutscenes rather than pre-rendered cutscenes to avoid mistaken quality in their games) again caused a capacity crunch. Developers didn’t want the restriction.Example: When Resident Evil 4 was ported from the GameCube to PS2, the PS2 used the pre-recorded in-engine cutscenes from the GameCube version.Wii: After two generations of technically more capable devices than the competition, they decided to go for novelty and innovation rather than raw power. And they tapped into a previously untapped market by doing so.Wii U: Failed to recapture the Wii’s lightning in a bottle by essentially trying to both be a tablet and a console. But due to the tablet’s requirement of being within 30 feet of the console, poor marketing, poor 3rd party support, and the Wii’s market not wanting to move on from that console, it floppedSwitch: No, its not as powerful as the PS4 or XBox One, but they’re specifically not trying to be. They’re trying to be the ‘good enough’ device that can also be played on-the-go, which is a HIGHLY undermarketted feature. I play my Switch more on-the-go than connected to the TV!

PS4 problems?

So I recently got a PS4 and I tried to log in with my PSN account from my old PS3, but it keeps saying my password or username is incorrect, and why I log into my PS3 everything is the same, even the password? How can I fix this

Why is PC online or multiplayer gaming is free unlike the PS4 or Xbox One, where you have to pay fees to enjoy online gaming? Are consoles service providers making us fools?

Yes. Yes they are.I used to be a loyal sony fan until I got a ps4, then it just went downhill.My ip was constantly getting banned and unbanned, I would always have dns issues and the like, and nat type problems were a daily occurrence. Network speeds are also bottlenecked to all hell so downloads took ages.When I finally got fed up with all the bullshit, I got a gaming laptop (it was actually a used zbook 15 with a quadro k2100m, performed well enough), installed steam and bought gta v, took me 2 days to download all ~65gb at the time (compared to 3–5 days for a 5gb update on my ps4) and lag wasn’t nearly as bad as it was on my ps4 (in terms of both fps (frequent fps drops on ps4) and network lag (teleporting and the like), and I’ve barely had any issues with other “network stuff” (dns issues could be fixed in half a minute if they popped up, and nat type issues disappeared altogether). You think your money is going into better servers or some shit? It isn’t. If FREE services like steam (which has more features, more customization and is so easy to use that a toddler could play easily) offer much more and are more reliable, why would you bother buying ps+? (Can’t comment on xbox live as I’ve briefly used it over the years at various friend’s houses.)You’re getting scammed, and it’s not expensive as most would think to get into pc gaming. You may have a decent enough desktop lying around (you can find dell optiplex prebuilts and the like used for around $100–200) you could just buy a 1050 ti or something along those lines and plop it in, giving you a great gaming machine for gaming at 1080p/1440p (you COULD play at 4k, but minimum settings doesn’t look too great).Hope this helps. If I made any mistakes -and you can prove it- please do tell me (either through an edit or commenting).

How to hide online status on runescape?

I'm assuming you want to know how to hide the fact that you are online?

To appear offline, simply turn "Private off" there is an icon with the word Private at the bottom of your screen, right click this and your done!