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Why Do Americans Struggle So Much With The Concept Of Socialism/communism

Why are Americans so scared of socialism and communism?

Because American culture is:Heavily individualistic with a focus on individual capital accumulationHomestead Act, the push for small businesses in tax planningHeavily patriotic/nationalisticThe desire to ban flag burningFocus on the flag as a unifier and the subsequent hatred towards anyone who doesn’t stand 100% at attention while the anthem is played. In some states it’s played every day so kids ‘understand it’.Still reminiscent of days of white supremacy and overt racism, meaning that the culture is primarily built for white folksWhich by no one’s estimation has gone away culturallySee: literally any news piece which talks about raceAlso see the police situation in America (when police shoot unarmed civilians, it’s treated as an attack on all officer’s personal conduct instead of a systematic abuse of power)All of these make any kind of socialist vision nearly impossible to achieve. Think of the most famous socialists in the country and how they’ve had to struggle to even get their voices heard in the political framework - much less certified.The primary obstacle is that people wanted that individualistic homestead as part of the National Myth - the Wild West, taming the frontier - but as the west died, Americans still tended to oppose socialism because “fighting those better off in society to benefit those worse off” has a lot of undertones about fighting racism which hasn’t been popular for very long.Any American socialist will tell you that they oppose the system of white men in power, which allows other white men to intuitively create a system of ‘racial nepotism’ that benefits themselves. Most famous socialists have been anti-apartheid, anti-segregation, or themselves black. That’s because socialism is revolutionary and fights for the worse off.In America, as opposed to countries like France or Britain, that invariably leads to the legacy of slavery. Interracial marriage only registered a >50% approval rating in the 1990s.In short: socialism has always had the ability to be characterized and exaggerated as threat to the livelihoods of middle-class suburbanites, but the racial tension in America associated with socialism made it especially distrusted.

Why do some Americans hate socialism so much?

They seem to think 'socialism' = 'communism'. Many will say that socialist countries always fail. Yet, why do so many still hanker for it? Because rampant capitalism leaves so many in destitution too. There's nothing adherently wrong with capitalism, the want to better oneself, make more money, market forces, etc. Yet to often, the system is administered completely unfairly with an elite few having such a large slice of a countries fortune while millions are struggling. No ideology is perfect. Sweden, indeed is often held up as a country that got it as right as could be hoped. High taxation for big earners but a highly educated population, excellent healthcare and relatively low unemployment. The country had a history of staying non-aligned, even during the Cold War. Socialist? Businesses were allowed to flourish, the standard of living exceptionally high and despite some of sensationalist reporting of immigration, that country still features highly on the annual 'quality of life, happy planet' type surveys amongst the world's countries. It has a large welfare system and the rail network is largely government owned. Communist countries would say it's 'capitalist', fervent capitalist countries would say it's 'socialist'. In truth, it operates the best of both. A free market economy but with a social conscience and responsibility to all its citizens. And that's all any decent country should strive for. To make the lives of as many as possible within its borders as comfortable as possible. It's not perfect by any means but I do admire their stance.

Why do Americans hate socialism?

Why do Americans hate Socialism so much? I had friends from Norway before which is very socialized and they said they love it, no worries if you need to go the hospital, the tax is high but its not a big issue, its just a whole different mindset, its more focused on spending plenty of time with the family and enjoying things rather than worrying about possessions. What are the reasons America hates socialism so much? PLEASE try to keep bias to a minimum. Thank you!

Socialism and Communism?

Why do they fear communism and socialism? Because they were taught that communism is evil. And those who taught them, they were really good at this. The epitome of the American Dream is make money, and you may as well step on dead bodies to do that. And ofcourse, this is freedom. For the USA, freedom has nothing to do about being able to do what makes you a better person. Freedom means merely the freedom to make money. Because money is all that counts. It is money that define you as a healthy person, as a successful person, as a lusted partner for the opposite sex. And since money is the ultimate power in that kind of system, no one has the right to deprive you from the right to have as many, and make them regardless the way. And communism, it says power is not in the money. It may say no one has power on an other human being, even if he is a millionaire or a king. Yet, this is despicable. PLEASE DONT TAKE MY MONEY, everybody yells and grasps onto them as if they have no other dreams. If a have the dream to be a singer, it is because i like arts, not because i want to make money out of it. If i have the dream to be a doctor, it is because i want to help other people, not because i want to make money out of it. But if you are being brainwashed from the time you were born, it could be very difficult to understand this. So, question the authorities and think for yourself. Question me, that i am telling you this. But, for your sake, think.

Why do Americans generally hate Communists?

Rich, industry giants waged a campaign to discredit and even threaten any movement that they regarded as a thing that might destroy their supremacy. Communism was far more prevalent in the early part of the 20th Century and there was even a Communist Party USA, formed in 1919, as well as several Socialist ones led by various social reformers.During the Depression, Americans became much more receptive to President Roosevelt’s basically Socialist plans to revitalize the economy and provide jobs for all. For a very brief period, people could see that this was the main goal of Communism and Socialism, not same evil plan to take over the country.But the rich soon used events in Russia (the Bolshevik revolution and post WWII takeovers of countries in Eastern Europe) to scare the public into believing that all “Reds” were anti-American plotters and nothing infuriates Americans more than anti-Americanism, even when it isn’t real.Unlike most countries that have been around for centuries, the U.S. is very young and often acts like a child would: defensive, uneducated about certain things, angry and afraid of being told what to do and easily conned by its elders.