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Why Do Certain People In Politics Block You Then Lead The Pack In Blocking Others

Why do some people who are anti-feminist (and have me blocked) not understand this?

You're literally the most butthurt and angry person I've ever seen on GS. Just being honest here... Almost all of your answers have a holier than thou attitude. I've seen you criticizing macko and some other trolls for stereotyping women, but they irony is you (and some other feminists here) do the exact the same thing, stereotype all MRAs, anti-feminsts, MGTOWs, bash people who don't share your views and make baseless assumptions about them to boost your insecure egos. Like CS said, it's like the boy who cried wolf scenario. Once people see that you're bashing anti-feminists, they're going to assume you're a misandrist. Not saying this is right, but that's how it is.

Maybe you should take an anger management class. You appear very hot headed.

"You appear to have feminists mixed up with those man-hating shrews who would oppress men but claim they are feminists. They are not feminists. "
- Most of them claim to be feminists. Only a few of them admit to being feminazis.

And I don't have you blocked.

Why do some people block other participants and then whine when they are blocked?

It's confounding that one would complain for being blocked . If someone blocks you , then that means they don't want to hear from you anymore . But whiney libs think freedom of speech also includes the demand to be heard.. . ... and it doesn't .

I block anyone who attacks Christianity and anyone who gives non-answers on a consistent basis . Oh, and the vile and vulgar types too .

Why do I feel bad about blocking two people ...?

Gunther once asked a very similar question. I think some of us view Yahoo Answers as a social community. You're feeling guilt at treating others in a manner unlike you'd want to be treated. It's a violation of the golden rule. That being said, I wondered also if regret is focused on the loss of an audience.

Okay, so I’ve read some of your answers to questions, so I’m going to try to answer this as politely as possible.Some people just don’t want to be proselytized to. This is a website for asking questions and receiving answers, not for religious conversions, even if the questions are about religious topics.Now, there are no Quora rules against religious proselytization. But people are allowed to block other members for whatever reason they want. Blocking is allowed, of anyone, for any reason.If you are unhappy about this, you may have to change your writing if you want to be unblocked. If you don’t care, then go right on ahead writing. Your faith in your God does not mean people are not allowed to block you. Other people believe in other gods, and so may block you or whole topics because they don’t want to see questions or answers about said topics.So, in short, people are allowed to block you, you either have to change or get over it.Hope this cleared things up.

Why do all anti-illegal immigration supporters block their YA account?

my account isnt blocked. i return all emails. I have yet to hear from a single amnesty supporter that makes any sense.

the majority of the people i hear from support keeping jobs in america, protecting workers, and keeping the middle class alive, however, they dont use enough logic to understand that a mass amnesty program would completely obliterate these things.

With an unemployment level at relatively low 4.3% what would happen to pay and benefits if that 4.3% doubled?
Think about it. Why would my employer offer me good pay and benefits, if there are 10 people behind me wanting my job? the employers wont offer these things to keep employees, because they can easily be replaced.
with a 4.3% unemployment, theres not many people behind me in line wanting this low skilled job.... thus, giving me more money, and the ability to pay for my own health care.

so right there, the lower class in this country would suffer a depression in wages and benefits, causing the cost of health care to balloon, forcing more people on government funded care, causing the taxes to explode to pay for it, or a government that is forced to cut the health care for the poorest, children, and elderly.
Which is an insane thing to do, when the cost of a single doctor visit is over $150!

We cannot benefit from mass amnesty. there is a reason we only bring in a certain amount of immigrants a year, if we started bringing in millions more, our growth would not be able to stay caught up with employment....

we cannot have this country turn into the country from which these illegals came from.

and if you believe you have a good argument for amnesty, please, tell me, but dont just try to reach for the sky.. give me something with substance.

Why do you block people whose opinions differ from your own?

How can you tell why someone is blocked? I don't think difference of opinion is necessarily the reason. People get attacked by people for no reason... often that's why people block others, not because of a difference of opinion. To answer your question, I have NEVER blocked anyone because their opinions differed from my own. I welcome someone having a difference of opinion.

If what it's about is freedom of speech, then isn't giving a thumbs down part of that freedom? I have absolutely NO problem if someone disagrees with my opinion or my answers. Why shouldn't someone be allowed to disagree? I will never understand why that bothers people. Isn't the right to agree or disagree a big part of what freedom of speech is about? We can't discuss our reason, but disagreeing should be okay here and in life. I can't imagine what this world would be like if we all thought exactly alike. That's why I think a thumbs down should have one of those little arrows next to it that drops down with choices as to why you are giving it. Some suggestions would be:

1-I disagree but respect your opinion/answer
2-The answer is rude or disrespectful
3-Your answer isn't an answer to the question

We still can't do anything about people who get their kicks out of giving them for no reason at all, but at least choices for giving them gives us an idea what some people are thinking.

Many of us feel we don't have as many freedoms to say what we'd like on Yahoo! Answers. But, and I'm sure many would disagree, I don't think they should change the rules. People get so riled up about the rules and the lack of freedom of expression. This format just isn't set up for that, and wasn't meant to be. There are, however, many sites that allows us to more freely express those controversial topics. It's not that they're doing it wrong here, it just happens to have it's purpose set up the way it is. Maybe, since so many people have suggested a means of discussion, instead of allowing it here, there should be a link by each question leading us to a question discussion site that's separate from this.

Some people do respect others’ opinions and views but the majority of people do not because they feel like there can only be one ‘correct’ opinion and that the so-called correct opinion is undoubtedly theirs because they must be right. For example, if Ken agrees with opinion X but opinion Y and Z exist as well, Ken may think that since only one opinion can be correct, it has to be the one that he believes in.Most people tend to think in a relatively narrow and single-minded fashion which prevents them from thinking of other perspectives on their own. When you think of something, you are most likely very clear on why your perspective is justified because you came to your conclusion and opinion based on a set of reasons which is logical and makes perfect sense to you. This is why your opinion is ‘correct’ and ‘right’, to you at least.And this happens for every single person. They know why their opinion is logical and expect everyone else to come to the same conclusion as them because they neglect the fact that not everyone thinks in the same way as them and will make the same links and connections as them to arrive at the same conclusion as a similar event So since a person is not able to think in the same way as a person with a differing opinion, the differing opinion will seem to lack logic and reasoning while their own opinion has both of them and is correct. Thus, a lack of understanding of the differing opinion could lead to someone’s lack of respect for a differing opinion or viewpoint.Another reason that some people may be unable to respect differing viewpoints is that a bias against a particular viewpoint has been ingrained in them. For example, if as a child, Joe has been told that opinion or viewpoint A is wrong, this bias against opinion A could become deeply ingrained enough in Joe that when he grows up, he won’t even question why opinion A is ‘wrong’. This would lead him to be unable to understand opinion A and thus, be unable to respect it.In conclusion, people may not respect others’ opinions because they believe that only one opinion can be the ‘correct’ opinion, they lack understanding of the differing opinion or they have biases against certain opinions.Hope this helps!

Why do certain libs want to censor me?

I don't know if anyone is blocking your answers or not, but speaking from the other side of the coin, it seems that neocon are of the opinion that their opinion is the only one that matters! I get so sick and tired of constantly being put down because I am a liberal, and only want what is best for my country, and that is moving forward, not staying in the same place, and doing nothing! What is so wrong about that?
PS That is what the thumbs down is for, and I use that one all the time, but I 'show 'mine! So there!