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Why Do Governments Work So Hard To Disallow

Describe your ideal government??

A government that keeps people safe, that communication, transportation and education are easily accessed, that healthcare is available for those who need it and where accumulation of wealth is possible for the hard-working, ambitious honest person.

Why doesn't the American government just ban guns?

Hey there!I have done gun debates at school… And let me tell you this, right from the gecko. Don’t join the hate gun club. Here’s a general, brief statement of a ten page essay that I wrote. I will leave a link to the essay if you want to read it.1 - Funny you mention China because last I heard was numerous mass STABBINGS in China. Where men with knives would walk into a kindergarden classroom, stab the teachers, children, etc… Funny how the media doesn’t point that out. ESPECIALLY since it happened close to the date of the Sandy Hook shooting.2 - Taking away guns reduces our chance of fighting back against the government if it say, is deciding to turn into a dictatorship… *cough* *cough* China *cough* *cough* Don’t even get me started on the horrendous human rights violation in China and no one can do anything because guess what? They get sent to camps where they get harvested for organs… WITH GUNS THAT THE GOVERNMENT HAVE!3 - Researchers have shown that shootings happen not because guns are evil, but of mental health issues. Sandy Hook and numerous other shootings are by people who have grown from a horrendous childhood (Sandy Hook kid was bullied intensely by his peers) or an extremist (2016 shooting in a gay club by you know, straight guys). So ban guns and ignore the problem or should we say cut off part of a cancer and let it grow back?4 - Its way better to train people in gun usage, like a police course 101, but less intensive and more friendly. Research have shown that VIOLENT teens who have gone through martial arts programs are calmer and more productive members of society. Going back to number 3, what was it about mental health?5 - Guns are a great self defense tool. You might say, “Guns are evil.” But picture your sixteen year old beautiful daughter in the house when burglars invade. Would you rather come home and comfort your daughter for defending the house or would you rather come home, find her naked and gang raped? Your choice. (Yeah, I know, damsel in distress and all that, sorry feminists!)To me the hate gun club is just, horrendously… Wrong. If the people would just spend two seconds doing research, they would find a better long term solution. Pretending that gun don’t exist doesn’t make it disappear, it is there, and it can be used for good…Thanks with much respect,Kent ZhengGun, Harder or Easier to Get? - Kent Zheng

Is it illegal for a dentist to not allow parents into the room where their child is getting dental work?

To make a very very very long story as short as possible..My daughters dad took our daughter to the dentist where they told him she had 2 cavities and needed to get some dental work done. Basically he said the dentist told him he wasn't allowed in the room because he was going to make her nervous. He said he wasn't ok with it but went to the lobby anyways. After being in the lobby for 10 minutes he said he "needed" to use the restroom and instead of going to the restroom went to check up on her. He said the curtains were closed (they don't have doors) and that he slightly opened it and saw my daughter had tears, had her hands & legs restrained and that he heard the dental assistant (a guy) telling her you better stop moving or we're going to give you a bigger injection so you can fall asleep and when you wake up it's going to hurt even more. He said when the dentist saw him peeking that he got up and told him to wait in the lobby that he wasn't allowed and my daughters dad said he said no, I will not wait outside, untie her, finish doing what you're doing and I will never come back here and proceeded to tell the dental assistant who the hell he thought he was to scare her that way. So he said again the dentist insisted in him waiting outside, and my daughters dad told him I'll be damned to leave my daughter in a room with 2 men. Which I know was totally uncalled but then again the world is a crazy place. Anywho, he said there was a back and forth of words and that at the end the dentist said he wasn't going to work on her cativities, to take her somewhere else. Fortunately, he had just numbed her and hadn't drilled yet.

I called our insurance but it's already closed. I called the dental office but all the receptionist said was that we would be hearing from the dentists lawyer, that they were going to sue my daughters dad for defamation of character.

I completely understand where the dentist is coming from (I know my daughters dad can be pretty nasty) but then again isn't it illegal to keep a parent out of the room where their child is getting any kind of medical procedure done?

Why did Singapore gomen blocked all porn, but Malaysian gomen didn't?

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Tax under review and really hard to understand the adjustment that I have to sign and mail.Help !?

You have one or more dependents the IRS says is not really a dependent. All the tax credits and deductions related to that dependent(s) are being taken away. The refund is frozen so you do not get the money. The amount you said you paid in taxes already the IRS cannot verify. Either your employer has not reported it, you put it down wrong, or you paid estimates and they cannot match the numbers. You need to prove the info you put on your return. Who is your dependent? By signing it you are agreeing that the IRS is right. They could be giving you a fraud penalty also for lying on your return. You need to go see a local Enrolled Agent.