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Why Do I Delete Things Only To Have Them Come Right Back This Is Getting Very Anoying

What is something you find VERY annoying in hoi4?

Peace ConferencesI swear to god this is broken. Alright. I played a game where I was France. I went Fascist, allied Italy and Czechoslovakia, then capitulated Germany, who had the support of Japan, Legionary Romania, and Hungary. So Germany lost the war by 1941 because of me, but the Allies were fighting Germany too. The Brits kept the Germans from annexing Belgium and the Netherlands immediately. They started folding and I didn't want to give the Germans an inch so I went to their aid and pushed the Germans back. In the 1941 conference, the Allies immediately liberated Poland. I annexed almost all of Germany and kept the eastern bit as a buffer state between me and the poles, who were becoming Soviet because the Allies declared war on Yugoslavia when they were in the Axis, then they joined the comintern so now the Allies and Comintern are at war. But the Soviets are refusing to push into Poland. But I digress. I brought Germany down, I should get dibs. but no. Factions who were in a separate war get to decide my victory for me.I declared war on the Allies in 1942. I didn't realize America had completed waking the giant. I goofed hard. But I invaded Great Britain and beat them in 2 months.It was a bad idea. The Americans immediately dropped 32 divisions in Poland and the Brits had 57 hiding out in Yugoslavia.Unconditional SurrenderIt exists. I promise you, but not in HoI4. It's so annoying. Let's say you're Argentina. You declare war on the UK for the Falklands and South Georgia. You take the islands. But now you have to take London to just get the two islands you have claims on. It's shit.ParatroopersAny Isorrowproductions fan knows the hidden power of paratroopers. I once almost beat France as the Netherlands because of Paratroopers.(I was 3 small towns short of French Capitulation. That's OP.All I have time for today. Some other minor problems, like production and air battles but they're minor.Bonan Tagon!

Why does my yahoo inbox keep spontaneously deleting itslef?

This is the most annoying thing because now I've lost all of my messages and some of them were from my school and were really important. Guess I should be keeping backup copies, but who would have thought that they would disappear. This is the third time that it's happened, and I really want it to stop. (Oh I haven't exceeded my limit on the e-mail either)

Is it annoying?

When I first got my cat she was just a young kitten. We have a feral colony living out back and for protection and just so I can hear her, we got her a collar with a bell. I think it's great because I know where she's at all the time and know when she is coming. Lately though, I started wondering if maybe she finds this annoying.

I guess, if I were a cat, I would hate to have a collar with a bell. I mean, eventually, I would get used to it but having that thing chime at every step would get infuriating. She doesn't seem to mind it, but then maybe she has gotten used to it. This may seem so silly, but I don't want to break her spirit and let her think I don't care about her feelings. I love her a lot. So I was thinking of whether I should take it off, just her bell not her collar. She's older now and able to protect herself. She stays inside mostly. Any advice?

I rejected and ignored him. Now he has deleted my number and doesn't try to contact me anymore. What should I do?

What you did is something you see in MOVIES, TV SHOWS, and BOOKS not real life. Welcome to the world, love, no man is going to go out of their way around you rejecting and ignoring him. That is called being creepy or perhaps annoying and you doing this likely hurt him on a WHOLE OTHER LEVELLet me tell you what you did: Have you ever tried to make a joke and then have someone brush you off? Feels terrible, yeah? Now, have you ever tried to talk to someone and then them make fun of you in an absolutly hurtful way, and then proceed to make you feel like an absolute idiot for even attempting to talk to them, perhaps even making you want to cry on the spot?Well, my friend, take that feeling of being rejected in a conversation and imagine, then that the person you attempted to talk to was a person you felt you were friends with, close enough that you felt confident to soon ask her out…then…what? Wha- hang on…you're blocked…? But I- I thought…"I thought we were friends…"That is what you did to him. No matter your intentions, you likely caused him unlimited pain and regret. After this whole situation he likely let his worries out through tears in privacy.I would have.What can you do? Stay away from him. You've done enough.You intervening will only make him feel worse.Also, you should feel like a monster. What you did is a terrible thing, and I wish I was there to aid him in accepting what you did.

Why does my internet keep on disconnecting?

A possible problem may be your Router, gateway, or modem. Some routers or gateways may be pretty bad and disconnect you and reconnect you back... If you have a router, take it out and use it without the router, and see if you have internet problems, if it consists, borrow a modem from a friend/buy a new one and try.
Also, sometimes my old router and now my new gateway heats up pretty high, so I put it upside down, so the heat can escape and prevent overheating. After 20 minutes it's all fine. My gateway is always on its side to prevent being too hot.

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How do I delete someone off Facebook Messenger?

You don’t need to unfriend your friend if you don’t want him to message you in Facebook Messenger.To do so:Open Messenger AppSelect the conversation that you have with that friend.Click on the gear at the right of the conversation.Click on “Block Messages”.You can then only block your friend from Messenger only or to unfriend him from there.Important to keep it mind:If you block the messages from your friend, you’ll still be friends but he won’t be able to message you anymore.If you completely Unfriend your friend, he won’t be your friend on Facebook anymore but maybe in real life neither ;-)