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Why Do I Feel Sad All The Time When I

Why do I feel sad all the time?

I didn't check you're other questions. But I can tell you that there was a point in my life where I also couldn't push away some sort of sadness that came over me. I think at the time, it was lack of confidence and I overreacted a lot when I had an argument with my parents. But then things happened that got me reunited with my catholic church. I knew always that God was with me, but to actually be with him in return (hug back) by staying close to the sacraments changed my whole life around. warning: it may be boring at first and you may not feel the difference right away. but He'll come through if you prove your patiance and willingness to get to know and love Him.

Why do I feel sad all the time?

Spirits are the reason for everything. Spirits possess people according to the mental state of the human beings. This is an all time phenomena occurring in all humans. Human beings are always under the influence of spirits. Often thinking, talking and listening negative subjects or negative imaginations even for fun can take serious turns on one who think, talk and listen.

All spirits (both good and bad) have the dominating character. Each human being have their own spirits and there will be always competition between spirits in dominating the person. Some times a spirit related to a feeling or emotion rise (dominates) higher and higher overthrowing all other feelings and emotions and dominates completely. If this feeling happens to be sadness then the person becomes inactive, loses all interest in everything, ignores the duty, hates the life and at last hates himself. Both good and bad spirits take people up to the level of suicide. A human being's life is in the possession of spirits. There is no one in this world without possession of spirits. People who are possessed by the spirit of sadness will be in the sad mood even without reason.

Take interest in happy things. You may feel unnatural at this situation but you must do this like a patient takes a sour medicine. You have to do this till you are possessed or replaced by the spirits of happiness. All you need is a little interest then it will find it's way itself to possess and dominate you completely. Then you will be alright. Nothing to worry.

Why do I feel sad all the time?

if you want to make happy yourself, then it's very easy. Self satisfaction is the best way and to enjoy the time with some works that you really like.

Why do I feel sad all the time?

While it is possible that your feelings of sadness are due to the emotional and hormonal changes that are experienced by many during adolescence, the fact that you are 18, and therefore generally past the age range of puberty leads me to believe that you might actually be suffering from depression.

Depression is a widely experienced and widely understood emotional disorder. Many who suffer from depression are told to "snap out of it" or "just be happier," which is difficult to impossible because depression is often caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. As the chemicals become imbalanced, a depression sufferer feels more sad, and the feelings of sadness can, themselves, lead to a larger depletion of brain chemicals, which makes it a self-perpetuating cycle. No matter how "privileged" your life is, if your brain chemicals are imbalanced, you will continue to experience the depression.

The good news is that in recent years, depression has become better understood, and the stigma associated with getting help for the disease, while still present, has become less prevalent. As a matter of fact, anxiety and depression are the most widely treated medical problem in the US at this time. I have listed three great sources for information about depression in the source box, each of which will provide links to depression screening tools, as well as information on how to seek help for the disease. Despite any stigma that may be associated with getting help, you should know that there is NOTHING wrong with seeking help for depression. It is a medical condition, and there is little difference between a depressed person seeking help for a chemical imbalance of the brain and a diabetic seeking help for a deficiency of insulin.

You are not alone, as I said, anxiety and depression are the two most commonly treated conditions in the US currently. In addition, I have been under treatment for depression since my early 20's (I'm 33 now), and the treatment has made a world of difference in how I feel and how able I am to cope with the world around me. The feelings of sadness can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially when everyone around you is pointing out how "good" your life is, and you know you have no real reason to feel sad. Don't give up hope, there are people out there that can help.

Hope this helps (and feel free to add me on Yahoo Messenger if you have additional questions)

Why do I feel so sad all the time?

I think she's constantly getting a boyfriend because she needs to rely on somebody, or to forget about her past. I think you're feeling sad because you lost what you've treasured most. A loving and caring family and that memory has now, been shattered. You've lost the attention from your parents and you're dad is probably angry because of that incident. Maybe give him some time to cool down. It's said that time may heal a wounded hurt.
Try to get out of the house more, hang out with your friends, go to church, just something that can help you forget this depressing moment. You'll soon realize that even though you're parents are divorce, they still love you.

Why do I feel so sad all the time?

Maybe it's your transition from being a Small Town Girl to being a Hamster that's got you down. That can't be an easy adjustment to make. I mean, losing 99% of your weight, breaking out in fur all over your body and growing four extra nipples can be tough on anyone, not to mention the loss of your opposable thumbs. Things will get better though. Hop on your spinning wheel; exercise releases endorphins that will make you feel better.

I feel sad all the time?

You sound depressed. You might talk with a therapist to figure out why and learn ways to handle it. The truth is like most people you are good enough, attractive enough, strong enough, smart enough, and artistic enough. The fact that you've identified those things tell a lot about what's important to you: goodness, appearance, strength, intelligence, and creativity. The fact that you've identified those things also suggests that you have those things, but that you want to better yourself. Each of those is a problem that can be tackled. You want to look better? Look online for people who look like you and get some tips on how to dress and keep your hair. You want to be a better person, volunteer. You want to be smarter, spend some of your time on the internet reading about things that you respect. You want to be stronger, exercise. You want to be more artistic. Do more art. Set a small, doable goal for yourself each day that addresses those things, and over the course of the year you'll make progress. But, the underlying sadness may take away your energy. If that's the case, you would benefit from seeing a therapist, and maybe at some point talking with your doctor about trying a mild anti-depressant.

I feel sad all the time?

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Why do i feel so empty and sad all the time..?

It's pretty simple - you feel empty because you never filled yourself up.
Life is not about what happens to you and how you react to it or how you behave, life is about what you DO with it.
But I suspect that you also feel empty because you have been growing and your body is depleted of energy and needed vitamins and minerals that you have not replenished. It's as simple as taking a daily multi-vitamin to start replenishing the nutrients you used up while doing all that growing. You also need to get some energy by going outside after that long winter and getting some sunshine and fresh air more often. The sun is the source of most of our physical energy so get outside and let the sun recharge your body. Good food like fruits and vegetables for snacks will also help replenish your body. Get some exercise going to recharge your muscles and blood circulation. Go back to the fun things you did as a kid - ride a bicycle or go on walks of exploration around your town, go to the pool and swim, go to the lake, the river, the pond, go fishing, go hiking and see what the world looks like again.
As for filling up your soul, you need to get outside of yourself and become interested in others. Instead of focusing on yourself and your own thoughts when you are around others, wake up and try and really listen to what the other person is saying. Try and pay attention to the idea that people have different points of view, and let it be okay. You also need to change the tune in your head from depressed to something else. It's time to try to get a sense of humor. You need to let go of the things that depress you and learn to laugh again. You need to forgive those who hurt you and you need to forgive yourself and you need to let the pain of the past go. You need to learn to laugh at your mistakes and accept that you are not perfect and let it be okay. Let go of the bads by trying to laugh at your bads. See yourself as a person who made mistakes and not as a failure and let it be okay that you made choices based on what you didn't know in the first place.
You need to get something to do that you liked when you were a kid. Go back to what interested you as a kid and focus on that again, and get back the interest you once had.
if you can do that, your life will change.

If you think your job is making you depressed then it probably is. You should definitely seek counseling if your job offers mental health coverage. A therapist can help you discover what is going on with you and also come up with a plan to deal with it. You may be able to find a way to do your job that makes you less depressed. You may also have to quit your job at some point but you should make a plan for what to do afterward, including savings and thoughts on what you can do next.If you can’t see a therapist there are other ways to deal with depression: journaling everyday is very helpful, as is aerobic exercise (running especially); spend time in nature; make sure you are eating well, vegetables and proteins, with enough whole grains and healthy fats.You may also find that the things you have seen in prison are too upsetting for you and you need to take up some kind of activism in order to feel better about what you’ve been through. We have our feelings for a reason, and it’s best to be responsive to them in a responsible way.