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Why Do I Have To Look At The Pics And Ads You Put On My E-mail Page

Who do i look like? (pics)?

ok i'm asking this because lots of ppl been teling me that i reminded them of somebody famouse....ppl tell me diffrent things and saying that i look like the girl from "the mean girls",steph from big brother,sophie monk,britney spears, etc.....wich famouse actress/singer/model do u think i look like and y? if give me link 2 the pics..thanx and plz don't delete this question?

Why do pages in my email keep freezing up.?

You don't have to be 70 to have email problems. I'm much younger than you and sometimes I have email problems and I'm only 64. ha!

Here are my suggestions for fixing your email:

1. Sometimes it's the email provider's fault. Call them up and chew them out.

2. Sometimes you just shut down and restart the computer to fix a problem. You probably already know that.

3. Call up your cousin's 30 year old son for a nice chat and just happen to mention that you would send him a real funny joke by email if your email was working.

4. Go to a library where they have computers. Try to find one available where you would have several people using commuters nearby--people who look like computer nerds. Go to your email. Start punching keys, like you are trying this and that. Mumble unhappily and just loud enough so they can hear you. Make lots of noise "typing". Then say, "RATS!" Look at the nerds and apologize for disturbing them. Go back to mumbling, grumbling and making keyboard noise. Put your fists on the table on either side of the computer and growl. Look up at the nerds and say, "IT JUST WON'T WORK!!!" Grab the edges of the computer screen as if you are about to throw it across the room (but don't damage it!). Somebody will get tired of the commotion and help you.

5. Go to a restaurant that has wifi. (Do you have a laptop?) Sit where there's lots of student-type people, like a coffee shop where college kids hang out. Set up your laptop. Use the number 4 method (above).

6. Call your computer/email tech support.

Hope this helps.


I pay for AT&T Yahoo. Why do I have to see ads?

I'm also a paying AT&T Yahoo customer who is annoyed with all those ads! Here are my solutions!

Do those Yahoo ads annoy the hell out of you??
Then try these solutions! Stop the Yahoo ad onslaught!

I was so annoyed by Yahoo ads I spent three days trying to disable them. Nothing worked for Internet Explorer (IE) or the AT&T Yahoo browser whose functionality relies on IE., until I downloaded I.E. 7 Pro add-on, which blocked the ads for Internet Explorer. To select the Ad Blocker settings, click on the I.E. Pro icon, which appears on your I.E. Toolbar.

Finally, I switched to Modzilla Firefox and set my home page to which allowed me to acess my AT%T Yahoo mail. I tried the Modzilla add-on, AdBlockPlus, but it disabled some content on my home page, so I deleted it!

For ads I selected in Modzilla Firefox, I right-clicked on the ad and chose the block option, which whited out the ad. If I wanted to see it (although I can't imagine why!), I right-clicked again, chose 'select all' and
clicked on the blue box, which appeared in the upper-left corner. If it didn't take me to the web site, I chose 'open link in a new window'.

You can also disable 'external site images' and 'all images' in Firefox, depending on your preferences.

I'm still working on the AT&T Yahoo browser!


Do I really look too thin? (pics)?

ok so here is my God-elementary opinion: you're via no capacity unattractive physique-sensible. never. you have long legs, and you at the instant are not obese. the only issues i ask your self approximately it in case you should be worrying related to the shown fact that your collar bones and hip bones look so boney. Your won't be getting sufficient energy on your physique. everybody is diverse. I hate as quickly as we get put in "percentiles" lol. you would be positive. basically as long as you're ingesting and not purging or doing any undesirable behaviors you're stable. acceptable of success. playstation : have you ever tried viatmins? Prenatal (in spite of the fact that in case you at the instant are not attempting to have a toddler) supplements provide female great doses of greater, lots-mandatory B supplements and each form of issues. I take them and that i'm healthful as a horse. :D

Procedure in sharing the video to Facebook personal and business page is similar. However you can use this pics for getting what you requested me.Facebook Personal PageClick on the Photo/ Video option. Select the video file you want to upload. Then a window similar to below will be displayed.You can write a description and provide additional information such as Feeling,Tag etc. Finally click post to post the video.Facebook Business PageClick on the Share a photo or video option. Following window will display the option to select your video file.Click on the Upload Photos/ Video option and select the file.While uploading the next window will look similar to the above pic. Insert your description, And adjust other attributes. Finally click Publish.I hope it was helpful for you.

Why do some pictures have an x on them and you can't view them?

Yahoo is still having some problems at the moment. Suggested cures range from Update Adobe Flash Player and Javascript to clear IE7 cache, cookies, and browsing history. Different things seem to work for different people. It's causing attachments to not show, 999 errors where it won't let you do a particular action and some people cannot send recieve delete or move mail. It's not just Vista either it's happening to some of us on XP. I have been advised to use this site to view my mail, if all else fails go back to classic mail via this link. click yes when asked do you want to opt out. Hope this helps.

Apparently, just being good looking isn't enough. What goes around, comes around! To get likes, you have to give likes. Since you don't like other people's statuses/photos/comments or reply to any, your posts won't be on the top of their news feed. Facebook is so full of pages and groups on anything and everything and most of the time users follow more than one of these pages or groups with the same basic idea. Example : Some people (who like playing PC games) will like pages : Gaming, PC Gaming, Gamer4life and be part of groups Gaming is life, Assassin's Creed Gaming, Gamers Inc, Gaming, and so on. So everybody's news feed is already cluttered with all this stuff. You need to fight to be on top.Moreover, since you never like anybody's photos maybe people just don't bother liking yours. Or even seeing yours. If you don't chat much on Facebook your name won't even appear on the top of anybody's chat list.You fade into one of the 1000 friends everybody has these days on Facebook.You become "just another Facebook friend".

To correct your email address:Log in and tap Change Email Address at the bottom of your screen.Enter your correct email address and tap Change.We'll send a confirmation email to your new email address. Tap the confirmation link in that email to confirm your account.If you did enter wrong email address than error for confirm.

Why does my photobucket picture show up giant when i put it on my myspace?

Another nice program to use, is Infranview. It lets you resize, and add effects, mess around with the colors. Then you can choose the size and then upload to photobucket. I do that, and I'm also able to do some cool stuff to the pics with the program.

Hope the link helps... and using the sizing options in photobucket is faster, but infranview can help add stuff or change your pics, just thought I'd share.