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Why Do I Want To Just Give Everything Up. Today I Learned There Is More To Life That Knowledge

Knowledge is power. Money is power. In today's world?

I would not want to have money (I mean lots of money) without knowledge. However, I think today's world has proven that money outweighs knowledge when it comes to power. Very sad.

"All knowledge is learned ignorance,"...a quote from Ramana Maharshi?

...MAYA VEERAM - The Forces of Illusion...

"As one slowly becomes awakened (no longer dreaming), the more one will realize that everything that one has previously learned is a lie."
Until such time arises, knowledge is all that one can rely upon.
Until one realizes the futility found within ones accumulated knowledge, one will continue to be immersed in the ocean of ignorance.
Ones own ingrained ignorance can ultimately be observed and confirmed, when one makes the necessary decision to relinquish ones grasp on ones accepted knowledge and embark upon the path of Wisdom (gnanam).

"One must never give up learning, one must ultimately give up ignorance."
It is Wisdom that dispels the darkness of ignorance and illusion.

Peace be always with you.
in sha'Allah
al-hamdu lillah

Why do we learn so many useless things in school?

I don't know why I have to know so many unimportant things.

For instance, when, in my average and everyday life, will I ever EVER need to know what the cell theory is? Or what chromatin is?

Don't you think they should maybe have a class that might be a little more useful? Maybe something like general house repairs or something. Wouldn't that be more useful that what is usually being taught?

I know this doesn't apply to all classes, but I think most Science and math is unneeded. Why do I need to know Pythagorean's theorem? I realize math and science need to be learned, but I think schools of today go farther in teaching them than necessary.

Idk, this is kind of a rant, but what is your opinion?

What are the most important life lessons you've learned so far?

Hi, I'm an 18 year old and although I have never been in a sexual relationship, travelled, had a job, I have had friendships, met a lot of people, and been though my share of difficulties, and I feel I've learned some really important things from them
These are
1. When it comes down to it, even your closest friends will act in their own best interests rather than yours
2. Be open to getting to meeting new friends, but keep certain parts of yourself hidden from them until they become good friends
3. Dedication to an altruistic, beneficial cause does not make someone decent or pleasant on a personal level
4. Most people who are brilliant at something were good at it when they started and just practiced a lot
5. It is very easy to do the right thing the wrong way
6. People who you think are your best friends can completely forget about you, and if they do, all you can do is give them a reminder that you’re still there and care, and if that doesn’t work, then you must accept this and, no matter how much it may hurt, give yourself what you deserve and forget about them.
7. One of the biggest mistakes we all make is the equating of age to maturity and wisdom

I feel that all the time I grow in knowledge and gain wisdom through self reflection, observation and experience
Yeah, what are the most important lessons you have learned?

I am 23. I recently discovered I don’t know anything at all. How can I improve myself, and learn more about how to do things?

I am 26 and here is what I was 3 years back from now.I was in my 4th year of Engineering and knew nothing about coding.I was riding bikes and was going haywire with the machine.Never read a single motivational book or any book which was not in my syllabus.My classmates told me that, I am never going to get hired by any company because my marks were not that good.Everyday I had a same schedule of waking up and wasting the day.I had zero skill with anything.And now,Running 2 Media companies of my own.Read more than 150 books.Went on the Product launch of Microsoft Azure and Amazon cloud.Got Invitation from Singapore to join business conference in 2017.Managed to buy Home of my own Earning.Drastic change right ??How did I done all this ??My one word simple answer will be Start Taking ACTIONS.Yes, this sounds pretty simple but trust me this can change your life. Most of us keep thinking about doing XYZ in our life but in the end we don’t just take action and stuck on thinking the bad result which we will get after the the failure of the action.After my college, I joined a company called but after working there for couple of months I decided to ask my Seniors of that company to join me on my startup, Sounds Crazy right ?Yeah, somehow I manged to pull them up and boost their confidence that yes we can do this together. As, we started we were facing a ton of issues but the best part we were always eager to learn new thing and keep updating ourselves.As they say:: The More You Learn, The More You Earn.After that my mental status started changing and I became more serious about life and someone gave me “The Alchemist” to read.Wowwww…!!That book just changed my entire thinking process about how our true desires can take us to make our dreams into reality.From then I have read around 150 + book and I keep reading them and I learn more and more about my Industry.After that I jumped into Blogging.I started my blog site called Eatmyhead - Explore Posibilities and I receive a notification from feedspot that I have been into world’s top 100 tech blog writers. Damm..!!!I was blown away.Now, my company New Castle Media is doing great in the world of Email Marketing and we are growing day by day.All of this happened because I was able to take action and follow them.So, my only suggestion to all of the people who are reading this is start taking Action and you will be awarded.Peace.