Why Do My Eyes Apparently Look High Sometimes

How to get red eyes, like if you're high?

I'm going to do this prank on april fools day to my friends that i'm high and idk how to get my eyes red, i tried applying chapstick close to my eye to make it watery but its not really working, any ideas?

How do i look high and make my eyes red without actually being high?

Snuff, or anything that makes you sneeze. Try to get some allergies.

Why do my eyes apparently look high sometimes?

I'm told sometimes by random people that I look high based on my eyes, some even insist that I must be, the thing is, I don't smoke. Is this a thing that happens to everybody, or what is possibly going on? I'm not certain. I think my eyes usually sting when this gets pointed out to me, but I'm not certain if I'm only noticing that because they pointed it out (like a nose itching when sombody tells you not to scratch your nose.) or if the two are connected.

I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm just not certain if I should be worried. Thank you in advance.

What do intelligent eyes look like?

Intelligent eyes seem to be for some reason more glossy and reflective than "average" eyes. While some people may look around by rotating their head, intelligent people tend to dart back and forth, as if they were looking between multiple objects. I can't necessarily explain why this occurs, but it is most likely linked to one's ability to visualize things in 3d space within their mind. Sometimes, in calculus, I will do integrals in my head. It's not necessarily that I'm smart enough to know the answer instantly, but I will visualize a chalkboard and work out the answer on it.  Look for alert, fast-moving eyes that seem to track some invisible object's movement.

Why does my teacher think I'm high when I'm depressed?

Hello Jessica,
Some of the outward characteristics of depression and even stress, ie. fatigue, lack of focus, loss of interest, and sometimes irritability may sometimes be mistaken for the symptoms of drug intoxication. This can be especially noticeable to over-zealous authority figures; also, their suspicions may be further confirmed (in their own minds at least) by a teenager's reaction to being falsely accused which is, generally, to become angry and confused.
It could also be that your eyes might be red (from crying, rubbing, dryness, etc.) and have given them the one clue that most people know to be a sign of marijuana use.

Hope this helps.

Why do people eyes look weird when they take off their glasses?

I get your point. And I do get that remark a lot.I wore my first glasses more than 10 years ago and only recently did I decide to buy lenses. People from my younger days didn’t recognize me when I wore my lenses (which is a great advantage if you’re an introvert like me and have the fortune to bump into these people).When I wear my glasses and take it off occasionally, my eyes look swollen as if I have little sleep and am just punched by someone. But, if I wear lenses for the day, my eyes look as normal as it has to be.I think the problems are in the eye muscle and the glasses’ nose pad. If we are the people who have to wear glasses in order to see clearly, our eye muscle has to be adjusted as well because seeing with and without glasses are two very strikingly different experiences. The longer we wear our glasses, the harder the eye muscle work.Nose pad, I think, also gives a little but significant influence in our eyes’ appearance. Nose pad’s job is to make sure that the glasses stay in a perfect place.Thus, it has an extra pushing quality in the area near our eyes, slowing the blood ciculation which the results in a seemingly swollen eyes.I’m not a professional in treating people’s eyes, but that is what I get from my 10+ years experience with glasses.

Why do some cats stare at the wall as if something has scared them, and then sprint away?

Years ago I had to go into the crawl space of my home to thaw out some frozen pipes. These things happen when you have a home over 100 years old.I had previously crawled in there to look at a bad section of floor when a ball of fur launched itself into the side of my face. Naturally I assumed some evil denizen of the dark was attempting to do me bodily harm so I dropped my flashlight and banged my head on the floor above.It was only my cat. I did not see her follow me in. She was having one of her rare friendly moments when she rubbed against my face.This time I was better prepared. I saw kitty follow me in. I laugh and tell her: “ I see you, and no you are not going to scare me this time.”I get busy setting up a heat lamp when all at once I notice there is something wrong with kitty. Kitty was an alert cat who in some ways was better than a watch dog. She seemed to know when things were about to happen.Kitty was staring at something near me. Her eyes dilated. Her back slowly comes up. Her hair slowly raises from head to tail. She was a longhaired cat so this makes her look like a porcupine.I was going to ignore her until I realized that whatever she was staring at was directly in my escape route. That caused me some concern. I grab my light and swing it around. There was nothing there. I look at kitty and tell her; “ You got me again!”I’ll never know what it was she actually saw.

Why does he stare at me if he has a girlfriend?

Because he also has a heartbeat.  High School is a little early for young men to grasp fully the notion of commitment. Actually it's a little early to make one.  At least an  impermeable one.  It's fine to have a steady, but it's inevitable that both parties will continue to look around.  As they should.  Your world in high school is such a small slice of your life.  He clearly finds you attractive and is conflicted.  And apparently is trying to do the right thing.  He's probably hoping you'll make a move so he can expand his girl relationships with - what do they call it? Plausible deniability.  At least he gets commitment.  A lot of guys never get it.  Here's your move.  Since you seem to like this guy, break off this silent seduction and friendzone him with a casual comment. Have you learned how to let a guy know you just like him without benefits.  Hangout without a hookup? (Did I get all those terms right? A14-year - old I was trying to help informed me I was clueless about his generation.  Assuming you are older and will see the wisdom of my advice.) But be careful. You want to respect his existing gf.  So many ways to insinuate yourself into his little world without trying to steal him away from his gf.  It will take a deft touch but that's part of what you are supposed to learn in high school.  The position you want is for you both to be able to enjoy other people without violating his commitment to this girl.  I'm assuming this is the U. S. and you are a principled,  All-American girl. It helps when members fill out enough of their profile so we don't have to guess at these things.