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Why Do People Hate Sarah Palin Give Info .

Why do many women hate Sarah Palin?

Because the media was very effective at portraying Palin as all of the negative stereotypes often facing women in positions of power: dumb/uneducated, leveraging her looks, overspending on clothes, unpolished, unprepared, etc. These are negative stereotypes facing all professional women. By erecting this strawman and equating it to Palin (via heavily edited interviews) they were able to show Palin as the antithesis of every professional women and therefore someone deserving their scorn and disdain. I saw this with my own sister, a professional, who bought into the entire narrative. Did she listen to Palin in Palin's own speeches? No, she watched her in interviews like Couric...that was all she needed to know that she was a dumb cutie, leveraging her looks but nothing behind the pretty face. I even had a woman (not very attractive) accuse me of having any appreciation of Palin's positions with a single line: "You just like her because she's pretty." And there you have it, catty women who fell for the strawman.

Why do Conservatives hate celebrities, but love Sarah Palin?

You forgot actor Ronny Reagan, former naked playboy Scott Brown, Miss California Carrie Prejean, and former pro sports players like Sen. Bunning of Kentucky. They are the PARTY of actors and of people whose opinions we normally wouldn't or shouldn't give a crap about if they weren't wearing a flag lapel pin, because they have no expertise or training or education.

Give a Republican an actor or pro sports player and a message they don't have to think too hard about, and they're happy.

Is Sarah Palin attractive?

Physically? Superficially? Sure. She fits well within the current societal definition of attractive. Obviously individual impressions will vary, as will reactions to all the accoutrements of her appearance: makeup, glasses, hair style and color, height and carriage, but she surely qualifies as generally, physically attractive. Is she attractive on a deeper level...of personality, ideals, empathy and goodwill? There really isn't a societal construct to form a basis for an answer to this aspect of perceived attractiveness, but for myself alone, I'd say on this level she is not in the least attractive.

Why do feminists hate Sarah Palin so much?

Because old school feminists (the ones that scream you down) are a one issue group.

Abortion. All abortion. Any old time you want it even if it is coming out of your body abortion.

Real world feminists are thinking women who do not fall in lockstep with these old paradigms. We think about whether it makes sense for us, whether it comports with reality and our ethics. We are not militant, one issue, zombies.

Sarah is the antithesis of these throw backs. If she wins, they lose. If she shows that a woman can succeed and still be merciful and not be all about her. they lose their impact.

She has come out and said point blank that her pro life stance is her personal decision and not something she would impose. Same thing with her religion. I feel the smear job old school feminists have done on this successful in her own right new feminist woman is beyond appalling.

It is hard for those older hypocritical women to give up their power. Hence proverbial fistacuffs.

Why has Sarah Palin's popularity in Alaska fallen so steeply since resigning her governorship?

I lived in Alaska from 2007-2010, so while I'm not truly Alaskan I was there for her steep decline. Alaskans don't care that Sarah Palin is or isn't a traditional Republican. They care that she turned her back on Alaska. Alaskans don't care about lower 48 definitions of the "Republican brand". They perceive themselves as apart from the lower 48, and they take specific pride in the identity of being Alaskan - I would say most value their Alaskan identity above their American identity. They vote for the politicians who can best meet Alaskans' needs, and both Alaskan "Democrats" and Alaskan "Republicans" are very different than the national party line. For example: Alaskan Senator Mark Begich (D) is anti-gun control and pro-drilling in ANWRAlaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski (R) voted against the party line on Don't Ask Don't Tell and is pro-choiceAlaskan Representative Don Young (R) is a big advocate of many union causes and the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which promotes fair pay for womenIn her "upswing", Sarah Palin was quintessentially Alaskan: she rebelled against the corrupt, old-school Republicans who had led the state for 50 years by refusing to make deals with them and proposing unconventional strategies for achieving Alaskans' highest priority: a natural gas pipeline connecting Alaska to the lower 48 (or other markets). When Sen. McCain nominated then-Gov. Palin for the ticket, Alaskans were tickled: Thrilled that she was bringing more attention to the state overall and demonstrating the Alaskan version of a "maverick" ethos at a national scale.Alaskans stopped approving of Palin's behavior once she ceased being Alaskan first and became a national politician first. This change had already started before she resigned, but her resignation after less than three years of her term was the tipping point where most Alaskans ceased seeing her as one of their own. In addition, Palin had positioned herself in the gubernatorial election (pre-VP nomination) as a tough, persistent maverick who would fight for Alaskans' best interests and flat-out said that she "wouldn't quit". The premature resignation made her look like a complete hypocrite in light of her campaign promises.

Why isn’t Sarah Palin in the news these days?

Because conservatives have realized that liberals aren’t scared of her.We’ve reached the age where conservatives can only judge how good something is in politics by how much pain it causes their political rivals - the dreaded “liberals.”Conservatives loved Sarah Palin for the same reason they love Donald Trump: Because she made liberal heads explode.When she was fresh on the scene liberals couldn’t stop staring at the walking train-wreck that was Sarah Palin. And, briefly, traumatized by the very real chance that this person would be sitting in the White House.Unthinkable.Conservatives loved her because she got under liberal skin so effectively.But, as time has passed, the danger that we would be living under a Palin Administration began to wain. And it because clearer to everyone what a joke she was / is.Eventually conservatives realized that liberals were no longer scared of Sarah Palin. They were simply laughing at her and, by extension, all conservatives as well.So, out with Sarah Palin. Getting laughed at was never the point.And besides, they have a new nightmare to keep liberals up at night. And this one is much, much better because this one actually made it into the Oval Office.This new one is impossible to simply laugh off.Today Sarah Palin is a mildly embarrassing memory to most conservatives and they’re happy to have her out of the public eye.For the next three years it all Donny all the time.