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Why Do People Seek Experiences Instead Of Waiting For Them To Happen

Why do people equate time with age and rush things instead of letting them happen naturally?

This is a difficult question to answer…. the problem is as human beings, we’re living in an age of instant gratification, and it’s only gotten worse with the advent of technology, so we don’t know how to wait for things nor do we know how to slow ourselves down. Then when it comes to relationships, our inclination is we want answers and we want the gratification of a relationship’s many things NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW! It’s really almost like dealing with a spoiled, angry child - and the process is getting worse daily, imho.I don’t really think people equate time with age, they equate experience with age. By the time you’re 35, for example, people expect you’ve been through college, had to go through the troubles of buying a car on your own, had sex, or had children. Worse, we assume these things because we are always (and I mean ALWAYS) mentally comparing others to ourselves. Wait, but what if they have low self-image or self esteem? Same concept, believe it or not. We have this really bad “us vs. them” mentality and our minds are constantly seeking to find ourselvevs superior in some way. An example of this would be hearing someone say, “Yeah, we’re both poor, but at least I don’t blow my money on beer and cigarettes.” The idea in that statement is that we’re superior because that OTHER person apparently doesn’t know how to properly budget their money - but the insinuation is that WE do, even if it’s not the truth.I’ve met 40 year olds who were some of the most childish, spoiled rotten little kids in their personalities ever, and then I’ve met some people who were in their early 20’s who were more mature than most 30 year olds. Age really is just a number. It’s the same reason relationships with different ages can work - for example, I’m 8 years older than my fianceé, but he’s more mature than my ex-husband, who is six years my senior. It really is all about experience. It’s also about the way someone thinks, too. My fianceé isn’t worldly experienced by too much more than me, for example, but the way he thinks and processes information denotes a much more mature mindset. Don’t let anyone fool you - age is truly just a number.Hope this helps! It’s only from my personal viewpoint, but it’s the best I can give for now.May you have peace and joy in your life!

How can I stop waiting for 'profound experiences that reveal the meaning of my life' to happen and just live in the moment and keep moving on in life?

I feel you for I have been where you are.  I have for many years wanted to change some things about myself drastically and irrespective of my seeming desire was always waiting for some experience to lend me the motivation to pull myself to where I want to be.  Admittedly I even did have some such experiences, but the problem is in the solution, that they "lend" motivation, and thus it does not last.Yes we wish we also had overnight transforming experiences like Echarte Tolle but that only happens when you have gone through enough "pain/experience" and are ripe for change.So you may not like my answer which is that you won't stop waiting until it hurts more.  And the more it hurts, the more you will wish for some such experience deepening the cycle.The only way out is to embrace pain.  Embrace the fact that you don't know what is the very best course of life for you yet, but that you are willing to try and make mistakes as that is the only way to grow.Embrace the pain that these mistakes seem like wastage, for they are not, they are the building blocks for a better you tomorrow.Embrace the fact that you are not or may never be enlightened in the way you truly want, but keep trying for it anyway (face the pain).Embrace the pain that god or circumstances does not yet find you ready to accept the mighty responsability of your life and is thus not revealing it to you .  Make yourself work harder so that you do become ready.  You do these, you will have started living in the moment, for pain only exists in the present, (the past memories or future fears may trigger it but it lives only in the present).Embrace the pain of confusion but still keep moving forward my friend and you will find what you are looking for.

Advice while waiting for love?

so it really sucks right now cuz like ALL my friends are "falling in love" and dating someone...
I'm desperately trying not too let it get too me but i feel SOOO alone.
I don't know what too do.
any advice??

songs about waiting for love would help also!!
please no rude comments/
thanks :)

What is the difference between ' waiting upon the Lord" and ' passively waiting upon the Lord'?

Christians need to be "busy waiting upon the Lord" as Christian author Charles Strohmer put it!

That means doing one's duties, continuing to worship the Lord, and maintaining faith that the matter we're waiting on the Lord for will be resolved, or made clear to us, in His perfect timing.

Jesus told us to persist in believing prayer, especially as we await His return. In Luke 18 he told the parable of the persistent widow. She refused to give up in her quest for justice, and got it, even from an unjust judge! Jesus explained, "And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night?... However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?"

I'd often quoted that last verse but only recently realised the context Jesus was setting that faith into - persistent, believing prayer! When Jesus returns, He will be looking for the identifying mark of faithful praying amongst His followers. A passive attitude is the opposite - it indicates that the matter has been put on the back burner and the Christian isn't doing anything more. Jesus tells us to persist in believing praying while we await any outcome from God. And, along with praying, we act - doing all the things Christians have a duty to do. I hope Luke 18 blesses you as much as it did me in recent days!

Would you prefer searching for love or waiting for love?

“Love! It comes unseen, we only see it go.” How true is this! You find love when you are least expecting it.You need not search for love, nor do you have to wait for it. Let love come to you. Because, love comes to you when you least expect it, in the most unexpected way. But then, you should not have a shield against your heart where you don’t let love in. Never stop looking for love. But then again, don’t run around frantically waving your hands and yelling “I want to find love!” Love, just like everything else has to be sought out.Love has got to do with destiny, fate, and what's written in the stars. Stop looking for your soul mate and find the missing parts of you. Engage with life; accept the gifts that life offers to you. So, I would not search for love. I will let love find me.And, no matter what happens in your pursuit of love, stay positive. You never know who’s looking at you from far away, slowly falling in love with you every day. As long as you make new friends, meet new people and stay positive, love will come knocking on your door sooner than you think.So what are you waiting for? Get out there and experience life. Find out who and what you are. Live life by yourself. Be happy by yourself. It’s your life; make it what you want. Don’t look for someone else to do it for you, because they can’t. Only you can know who you really are.:)

Why and how do normal people turn to crack cocaine and other addictive drugs?

put yourself in their shoes. if crack is all around you, you will be more apt to give it a go, so to speak. and nobody starts with crack.
you start with drugs like weed, then maybe take pills like lortab. then harder pills like adderall, and then one day you might try cocaine at a party and you like it.
you keep doing it on the weekends and have fun with it. then you start doing it more often. during the week at home, then you might start going to work or school high. then you've got yourself a habit that costs too much and you cant afford. your buddy tells you about crack. he says it gets you even higher and its much cheaper. you think "thats exactly what i need".
then you're a crackhead.