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Why Do Republicans Say No One Should Get Special Privileges

Why do many Republicans believe racism is no longer a serious problem or issue in American?

First the term “Racism” is misunderstood and overused as a crutch and an excuse in America. Is Racism a problem? Of Course, but not everything that is called racism “is,” and many things that are blatant racism are allowed to pass freely.Blacks can freely use words that whites will immediately lose their jobs for saying. It’s OK for them, but not for you. They can call each other the “N” word, sing it in their music, and scream it from the rooftops. You try it & see what happens.A group of black students at Harvard University last Spring, demanded separate graduating proceedings for back students…with No White Students allowed to attend. They also demanded separate water fountains, rooms, and dining facilities. …Nope, Not Racist. Cultural provision.Last year there were numerous lawsuits and people up-in-arms ( so to speak ) over what was perceived as “Cultural Appropriation.” It’s true! People were upset at others for having “Luau” parties, “Mexican Fiesta Night” at the club, even dressing their children as characters for Halloween. “RACIST!”You picked a “Golden Retriever” puppy over a “Black Lab” …Racist!You don’t want Hondurans, Guatemalans, Columbians, and Mexicans sneaking into your country and bringing drugs? RACIST!You sided with a Cop who shot a black “Gang-Banger”? …RACIST!The word is overused in our society. It is used because people are scared to be called that horrible name! There is no further discussion, no necessity to explain, no way an individual can justify or exonerate himself.It’s a Fact, he’s a Racist! …that’s all it takes to ruin a man’s good reputation.Thinking people know that it takes proof to make an allegation TRUE.Not everything you hear about an individual is true, “Particularly” in this day of name-calling and political assassination. Yes, I am a Conservative, and No, I will not take you at your word that somebody is a “Racist” a “Bigot” or any other of your favorite adjectives just because he happens to disagree with you. Name-calling has lost it’s shock factor to me. Now, I look differently at YOU instead, and wonder “Why” you decided to say such a thing about him.True Racism still exists, and racism is still a problem. I will always step up and confront it head on. What I won’t do, is blindly accept another person’s angry words, or “what he has heard about” another human being. Save your breath.

Why do minorities get special privileges?

If you mean special privileges as in harsher sentencing for the same offenses as whites, extreme disproportion in police brutality, stop and frisk, and racial profiling, being half as likely to be interviewed for a job with equal or higher credentials based on an ethnic sounding name on a resume, always being assumed that you automatically benefit from affirmative action by virtue of being a minority while conveniently forgetting white women are its largest beneficiaries, being followed in a store under assumption of shoplifting while an unassuming white person is slipping a pair of earrings into their purse one aisle over, having landlords tell you rental properties are no longer available and your white husband being shown the house hours later, difficulty catching cabs at night, being denied loans or financing with better or equal credit as a white person...then your guess is as good as mine. To even ask this question shows your knowledge of racial disparities is very limited.

Why do Republicans want to repeal the 14th Amendment?


It revolves around "anchor babies", which some people here on Y!A have describe as "illegal", but which would be more accurately described as a loophole if someone needs to be uncharitable about it. I'd describe it as the way the system works, personally.

The rule is that anyone born in the US is a US citizen, so immigrants, who may or may not be here legally, might have children in the US. The baby is a US Citizen by virtue of being born here -- ignoring Mrs. Taitz's arguments -- and the parents are also entitled to stay by virtue of the infant's citizenship status.

I like you additional quote. One has to wonder why not all the states have incorporated even the Bill of Rights in their state constitutions yet.

Why do some whites think that minorities have special privileges?

We don't have special privileges, we have privileges that you have and are ROUTINELY denied to us. Whites have white-only scholarship. The Whites Only Scholarship was founded by Jason Mattera, a Roger Williams University student and member of the school Republican Party. A similar scholarship was offered at BU, known as the Caucasian Achievement and Recognition Scholarship, although the CARS scholarship requires 25% Caucasian heritage.
Another question, some of you complain about minorities having "special privileges", What about your WHITE PRIVILEGES?
Whites can wish, arrange to be in the company of people of their race most of the time. Whites can turn on the television or open to the front page of the paper and see their race widely represented. They can easily buy posters, postcards, picture books, greeting cards, dolls, toys, and children's magazines featuring people of my race.
whites can go shopping alone most of the time, and assured that they will not be followed.

Do the majority of Republicans believe that access to health care is a privilege and not a right?

First, I would not dare to speak for or make assumptions about what a majority of Republicans believe. But beyond that, I believe your question sets up a false dichotomy. I personally don’t see healthcare as either a right or a privilege. It is a service that should be made available to anyone in need. To position healthcare as either a right or a privilege misses the point entirely.The reason I believe the U.S. should make healthcare state funded has nothing whatsoever to do with rights. It has to do with pragmatism. First, I see no reason for employers to be involved in the provision of or payment for healthcare services. The big tax break Republicans just handed businesses is, arguably, something that is warranted to help U.S. businesses compete in a global economy. But what would have helped them even more is for the U.S. to take employers out of the business of providing healthcare to their workers.Another issue with the current U.S. healthcare debacle is the use of hospital emergency rooms in place of a primary care physician. When people lack the means to see a primary care physician they often ignore minor healthcare issues until they become major. Then they use the nearest hospital emergency room as the source of first treatment. So, a problem that might have been resolved with a simple office visit at relatively little cost becomes an issue requiring the services of large hospital staff at a much, much higher cost.Finally, not guaranteeing access to healthcare sometimes puts people in the position of either losing time at work, and the pay that lost work entails, or risking exposing others to contagions. Guess which choice will be made most often by those with limited means.I will not purport to know what a majority of Republicans believe about healthcare. I will tell you that couching healthcare in terms of either a right or a privilege misses the point entirely. Healthcare is a service; one critical to the smooth functioning and efficient growth of a society. As such, it is the rightful role and duty of a central government to fund healthcare for all citizens.

Why do liberals think illegal immigrants should have special rights?

A better way to question this topic is, exactly how many illegal foreign invaders should we allow to come in? 1million? 10million? 100million? The whole planet?

Since liberals want the foreign invaders to be allowed to come here with no penalty, how many foreign invaders will a single liberal household allow into their house to use their facilities and eat their food? How long will the foreign invaders be allowed to stay at said residence? Why dont liberals just marry the foreign invaders so they can gain citizenship if they want foreign invaders to have equal rights?