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Why Do Republicans Think They Have The Only Claim To Christianity

Are most Christians in the United States Republicans?

It depends what you mean by Christian. The Bible zbelt is predominantly Republican. Catholics and several other Christian religions are mainly Democrats. Mormons tend to be Republicans. They call themselves Christian and think Jesus is a God, but don’t follow the Nicene Creed, which most Christians think is a determining factor. (Note, I don’t have a view on this).

How do Republicans, who claim to be originalists on our Constitution, justify an evangelical Christian takeover of our government in light of the third paragraph of Article VI of our Constitution?

Not all Republicans are in favor of a Christian takeover. But social conservatives in the USA have an extraordinary capacity to believe two mutually exclusive things at once. They do this by choosing the parts of the Bible, Constitution, etc. that they want to make a fuss about, and quietly ignoring the rest, while claiming to support the whole thing. So they say they believe every word of the Bible when excoriating gay people, but quietly ignore the sections about not mixing two kinds of thread in cloth, or avoiding shellfish.They're originalists about the parts of the Constitution that suit them, and they ignore the rest.

Christian Republicans vs. Christian Democrats?

How do Christian Democrats deal with issues like abortion and how much of it is garbadge ?
I am a Republican, but sometimes I wonder why ?
I just want really fair open views here.
I know Presedent Kennedy was Demorcrate, but he was also a full Catholic Christian, so abortion would have been out.
Or, would it have been ?
I am Born again, Holy Spirit filled Christian/ Roman Catholic,woman.
I have stayed a Republican, because I have been "told" that they are the most moral, morality believers, decent.
Is this true ?
Are Christian Democrats are trying to put more restrictions on abortions ? Are you in favor of Abortion?
Fighting / working to keep marriage pure,between a man and woman, working to keep same sex marriages illegal?
I just want to know.

Why do some Christians find Halloween satanic?

It's ignorance. I have yet to find anything remotely close to what they say about Halloween... not in modern or ancient times. They claim this is the time when Pagans sacrificed people, yet nothing in history shows that Except - The Roman Catholic Church... who said these things about ALL Heretics (this includes Everyone who is NOT a Roman Catholic - yep, that means they were saying these things about other Christians as well)
And yet, here they take it and use it against Pagans without realizing exactly where that "devilish" concept even came from and WHO it was towards.

If they give any kind of biblical reference for "not doing what the pagans do"... then all of their holidays are gone, wedding rings (which was a pagan concept - a religious one, brought down thru egypt)... birthday's, especially those b-day candles, where you make a wish... everything in modern life would have to change, days of the week, days of the month, planet names, product names (such as Nike and Midas and Mars bars *gasp* no more candy!).

It's really amazing that they claim the "Know" about this stuff... yet when I did an extensive study on things like this, While I was a Christian, I couldn't find anything of the sort. No proof of such demonic things, except within groups of teenagers who are merely doing the "satanic" thing to be rebelious, for shock value. And those were mainly rumors started by the teenagers themselves.

People LOVE to point out the bad in others... it's their only way of making themselves look good. (See? They are demonic... come to Christianity we aren't demonic). It's annoying to see people do this, because there really isn't anything one can say to them that's going to make them look into it in an honest way, rather than take the bad they can find on everyone else, so they can feel better about their personal religion.

Why are Republicans so judgemental?

I don't know. Why don't you ask my dad? He claims to be a christian Republican. Yet he has such a negative outlook on life and is constantly sighing and bitching about EVERYTHING! And even laughed while telling me about new bullets they started using Iraq that would "tear those mother f-ers apart"(even though my husband is in the army and might have to fight in the war??? How f*cked up and inconsiderate is that?! BTW, I don't even know if the whole bullet thing he was talking about is true, he's crazy anyway...). I can't tell you how many "Christian Republicans" I have come across that do not care how many feelings or people they have to trample all over just to get their f***ing opinion out there! A lot of them are so self-important, they don't care how they make anyone feel, just as long as they talk loud enough so everyone can hear. Sometimes I wonder what percentage of Republicans are narcissists.
*addition* wow, I got a lot of "thumbs down" things! I figured I would p*ss someone off. Is it the fact that my father and I have a bad relationship that I would talk so badly of him, or the fact that I have an opinion based on what I have encountered in my life? Bah, I don't even know why I bothered answering this anyway. I don't even care. Good night! I am going to bed!