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Why Do So Many People Suggest That Those Who Think Or Do Perfectly Legal Things Be Forced To Do One

Why would it be illegal to sell something, when it's perfectly legal to give the same thing away for free?

I think the reason is to keep the cash flow to the people in power or to avoid a social trend considered unfavorable to society.Organ donation legal, selling the same illegal. WORST CASE SCENARIO: That healthy poor people would routinely hurt themselves giving up section of their livers, single corneas and single kidneys to save the dying and medical professionals would pursue an unethical cash trail.Having sex legal, selling the same illegal. WORST CASE SCENARIO: The fear is this town here would become an international sex tourism destination, more foreigners than anyone can imagine arriving to the airport, all middle aged men from first world nations seeking paid pussy, every barely legal woman recruited from desperately impoverished nations hoping to turn herself out. Girls wont need to be educated because there is more short term profit in peddling their pussies than can be made in phlebotomy, cake decoration or floral arrangement anyhow.Adoption legal, baby market illegal. WORST CASE SCENARIO: That the poorest people would actually produce unwanted babies for sale to the highest bidder whomever that may be or for whatever nefarious reasons.Marriage legal, selling women to forced marriage illegal. WORST CASE SCENARIO: That domestic violence would skyrocket and half of all children would be born to mothers victimized by marital rape.Employment placement and headhunters legal, slave auction illegal. WORST CASE SCENARIO: Return to conditions of the Barbary slave trade.Prescription medication legal, resale of the same in a parking lot illegal. WORST CASE SCENARIO: Every person plus Rush Limbaugh and even his grandmother are all addicted to oxycontin.Finding an artifact and keeping it legal, illegal export of antiquities illegal. WORST CASE SCENARIO: Third world nations are completely stripped of their heritage so wealthy socialites abroad can own artifacts to gawk at.Buying cigarettes on a first nation peoples’ reservation is legal, exporting them with no duty illegal. WORST CASE SCENARIO: Government won't make a buck.

Can a person legally be forced to use a certain pharmacy?

I went to refill a prescription for a drug I have taken every day since I was young and I went to my preferred pharmacy to have it filled with a standard 90 day supply.

My preferred pharmacy was unable to refill it this time because under my employer's new health insurance policy that took effect this month, only medications of 30 days or less can be filled at any pharmacy. All medications filled over 30 days must be filled at CVS or through mail order via Caremark in order to be covered.

Well, what if I don't like CVS? What if I don't trust my life to the accuracy of the United States Postal Service getting me my medicine before time runs out?

I am on a high deductible health plan, so I must pay 100% out of pocket until reaching the deductible. A CVS 90 day supply is twice as expensive as my preferred pharmacy. ($7 vs $14) I certainly can go to my preferred pharmacy, but if I do, the amount spent won't apply to my deductible.

This doesn't seem lawful to me that a person must choose to use a certain pharmacy. Wouldn't that violate some sort of antitrust laws, or monopoly laws?

What are some examples of things that are morally wrong, but not illegal?

There many things that could be argued are morally wrong but legally. The first that comes to mind in the production of animals for slaughter, it is estimated that 59 billion animals are killed each year world wide for food. The treatment of these anaimals is a horror and it I perfectly legal. Another is pornography, the sexual use and exploitation for entertainment of millions mainly women, could be argued as immoral and is legal. it very much depends on the moral framework being used.

Is there something that's surprisingly legal?

Being a prostitute in Canada. Selling your body for sex is perfectly legal in Canada, but buying sex from a prostitute is illegal, so beware. The law is in the process of changing because of court challenges, but in general, prostitutes are doing nothing illegal under Canadian law.I used to work for an American company and sometimes had discussions with American employees about this because they used to come in from the US, and hookers would approach them in front of their hotel and ask them if they wanted a “date” or “a good time”. The police showed little or no interest in it. They used to just move them along if they were annoying people.One guy I remember from Oklahoma had a long discussion with a hooker in front of the hotel about her life. After he turned her down, she just kept talking to him about herself. I guess she was bored and just wanted to talk to someone. He was completely taken back by it, but I had to explain she was doing nothing illegal.More innovative men would say, “No, I would never pay for sex, but how about a freebee?” Sometimes this worked. If he was good looking, the girl would look him up and down, look around at the other men, and say, “Sure, why not?”In Calgary, where I worked, the police were particularly relaxed because even back in the days when prostitution was illegal, they never really enforced the laws. It was kind of the Wild West mentality. If no one was killed, and no horses were stolen, it must be okay. Due to a shortage of women, a lot of the early prostitutes found a lonely client they liked who had money, married him, and settled down to become respected wives and mothers.

Why do so many mexicans enter the united states illegally ?

Why don’t get illegal immigrants get in line and come to the U.S. legally?

In order to get an immigrant visa to the U.S., the foreigner needs to be the "immediate relative" (child/parent/spouse) of a U.S. citizen, a multi-millionaire investor, or a top-notch professional with a doctorate degree and international recognition.
Only such people can immigrate to the U.S. Period!

In order to get a work visa (which is a non-immigrant visa), the foreigner needs to have at least some academic degree and needs to be petitioned by a U.S. company. This company has to prove that nobody among the 312,800,000+ people in the U.S. can do what Jose from Mexico can do. It involves labor certification and high costs for the company.
Jose, who picks strawberries, doesn't have a chance.

In order to get a visitor's visa, (which also is a non-immigrant visa), the foreigner needs to prove that he will return to his home country once the vacation is over. What they want to see is real estate, a government job, plenty of money in the bank, family ties.
Jose doesn't stand a chance to get one.

As you can see, there is no line for people who want to come to the U.S. An architect or attorney or doctor from Finland, England, Italy or France doesn't have a chance immigrating to the U.S., not even with several hundred thousand dollars of savings.

There is no line a Mexican could get into. That's something people do not understand. If there was such a line, it would be thousands of miles long , going all the way from Tijuana to San Paolo, Brazil.