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Why Do Some People Attract Only Bad News People

Why do i attract bad guys?

Ahahah this is the female side of the age old argument. Good guys are always pissed off because they are helping the girls thru their problems with the Jerks. Now what we have here is the girl wondering why she keeps going out with the jerks. Here is the real Question. After the break-up is there a guy you talk to who helps you through it. If so, he is your man. He is not a jerk and will basically worship you for the rest of your life. If not you got to understand that nice guys are so tired of getting rejected we either A, stop being nice and become the ******** or we just become way to shy. If you want a nice guy, your going to have to go to him first. Trust me i basically joined the army because of a girl who only went after the jerk, then cried on my shoulder.

Why is good news not more attractive than bad news?

People are naturally nosey. If there is an explosion at the local post office, people rush to the scene to see for themselves what happened. They look to the media to tell them the details. Bad news sells newspapers and dominates newscasts. Psychologists have done studies about this and despite the fact that people say they like good news better than bad news, the studies show the opposite.

Why do I keep attracting losers/negative people/energy in my life?

As a very wise person said, "If you have one person you can call a true friend, then you're the luckiest man on earth." There are so many people in this world that are just plain bad news, so you're bound to attract a few. Obviously you have a bad way of giving hints that you are not interested. Maybe you're too nice. When they ask you out for drinks or whatever, do you say, "No, I really don't enjoy your company," or do you say, "No, thanks. I've got alot of work to do tonight." How you say things means alot. The first response is almost impossible to misunderstand while the second one is too subtle for most persistent losers to understand, even when said numerous times.
You may also just have a very friendly personality and admirable traits that others want to be around. There's nothing wrong with that, but it does give people the invitation to mess with you. Either put up a hard outer shell and possibly alienate not only the losers but the winners too or deal with it and learn how to tell them off quickly. Not much else you can do. You can't change the world.

Why are bees attracted to some people more than others?

I'm in my (choke gasp) 50s and in my entire life I was only stung by one bee and that one was a dead one I walked on barefoot when I was in my early 20s. This summer, I have been stung by 4 bees! Is it something to do with old age? Medications? Bad luck?

Why are people attracted towards negative things rather than positive things?

Survival Instincts!Let me illustrate.Imagine that you are a caveman who has found a new cave to rest in after a tiring day. The floor and the atmosphere are comfortable enough for you to sleep but you are afraid of the predators in your proximity(there's no proof but it's an imagination). You might find it hard to go to sleep and may stay up till the time your body refuses to accept the waking state anymore.Do you find any similarity with yourself now?Even if we are sleeping in the same building/apartment with our parents/friends and if we have watched a horror movie or read a horror story, it becomes difficult for most of us to go to sleep until we doze off. Though it feels stupid in the morning.We are wired like our ancestors. It helped them to stay alive. It was better to stay awake and be at your guard than to doze off in the comfort of the cave. But for us, this instinct is actually killing us. It serves no purpose to stay awake at night and increase our B.P. at the threat of something imaginary.This same instinct drives us to focus on the negatives so that we can stay away from something which MAY cause harm and jeopardize our survival. According to survival instincts, we are wired to focus on the negatives till we eliminate all real or imaginary possibilities of threat.

Why do i attract stalkers and people who like to dominate me?

Lately this year, i have had two major stalkers. Now please dont think im self-centered or anything like that because i am not. Im just worried about why i keep attracting these type of people. Okay both of them are arrogant, clingy, low-self esteem, and force their will. One guy told me he loved me and hates my bestfriend who is a guy and was trying to get rid of him :( and he started being really creepy and it scares the **** out of me! The second guy keeps following me and told me he's not going to giveup and i feel like BOTH of them are forcing their will on me =| i heard that you attract guys who are the same as you? If this is true then dang ima needa sort out a couple of things lol. And if any1 has been here before, advice please? ;) a note about myself is i have never been in a relationship and i guess i dont think myself good enough for the men that i really like :\

I am only attracted to people of the white ethnic background, I realise this is racist, does this have anything to do with a mental dissorder?

It's racist and you being young and probably very shortsighted.Why?"White ethnic" covers everything from people from the Nordic regions to the darker peoples of the Balkans, Asia Minor, the Trans Caucasus and most SW Asia. If you do indeed only like "White ethnics" are you proclaim, then you really have to like the range, don't you, not just a small slice.You may not appeal to very many people yourself - Here's the bad news: Most women are not going to have any interest in you. If you voluntarily and arbitrarily shrink that pool down, you'll quickly find that you have to compete with better looking, wealthier, smarter, funnier and less socially awkward individuals than yourself. That means you'll likely also start complaining that you can't get a date because your decision to limit your candidates. That's where the youth and shortsightedness come in.Nobody asked you - I could care less if you only like to date "White ethnic" women. And I have to imagine that almost no one this site is concerned, either, When you announce preferences based on race unbidden, then there's a strong likelihood that you are a racist.  Hearing your other social and political views would probably confirm this.What is the purpose in telling others this? - Personally, if I was on the dating scene again I would be glad to know that you are self-limiting as that leaves more available options for ME (I'm not foolish enough to perceive that skin color or ethnicity have any meaning in the romantic world). Do you want validation? Are you uncertain that you are making the right choice? Are you simply trying troll and see who takes the bait? Unless you are a racist or just socially inept, why would it occur to you to even ask such a question?Sorry...but when I read  a question like this I visualize two types of people:Young, immature people who are shortsighted as well.Internet TrollsWhich are you?