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Why Does Being Nice Wind People Up

Why do people treat me like crap even though I'm so nice to them?

This is because they are not afraid of you. The truth of life and the truth of our real world lies in the fact that people will treat you well only if they are slightly afraid of you and they understand that if they behave disrespectfully to you, the consequences will follow immediately.If you are weak and nice, they will humiliate you. If you are strong and not-nice, they will be afraid of you. If you are strong and nice - they will like you. If you are strong and nice, but at any moment you can become very not-nice - they will respect you. =)People are animals. It is a fact. So people value you as a person and as an animal at same time. And if you are not strong enough physically, then you are not good as “an animal’, and you will have very big problems in real world. So only sport can help you. Weightlifting. Wrestling. Boxing. MMA. All this things.p.s.No, this problem cant be solved with the help of any psychological methods. Only sport can help you. =)

How to handle people who wind you up?!?

This is not an uncommon type of person to meet in work these days unfortunately. The symptoms are all to recognizable - treats people he considers beneath him like dirt and crawls to those above who think his is wonderful.

I think you would be unwise to start some type of war with him by winding him up, particularly as he is wellin with the top bosses. People of this type tend to be good at what is essentially a nasty type of office politics and you might well lose. In some ways this is a type of bullying although without specific incidents its difficult to say. Does he behave this way with everyone or is he particularly bad with you? The advice is to log all incidents in a book ( know this is a pain ) along with dates. This gives you an ongoing record of bullying/racism and wheras one incident can sound petty an ongoing record shows a pattern. Try and always be professional with him - if you aren't you can bet your bottom dollar a single incident out of step from you will be used against you. Try and always deal with him where witnesses are present and try and find out if he is like this to more than one person.

In the meantime look at coping mechanisms as this type of thing creates stress in the long term. Imagine him dressed in ridiculous clothes for example when he is being obnoxious and remind yourself that you are being adult and he is being unprofessional and childish. If things get worse then I would suggest you look to consulting a union who are very helpful about bullying and bullying can sometimes lead to your needing to defend yourself at an industrial tribunal. Hopefully it wont' come to this and good luck!

Why do some people wind up alone?

Well, the reasons for this are complex. They deal with circumstance and personality traits, mainly. A shy, reclusive, insular person may have trouble connecting with others, and though it may bother them, it is easier to just hole up inside the house and not try. Combine this with dead or distant family members and you have a person who winds up alone, in many cases.

Why do nice people end up alone?

Why do nice people end up alone? I feel like it might sound naraccistic to say Im a nice person, but I genuinely always try to be a kind-hearted and caring person to people around me. Personally, if you are my friend, a loved one, or my family, I will go run 1000 miles for you, without thinking twice about it. But sometimes, I feel that my kindness can be taken for my weakness, and some people end up taking advantage of me….and honestly, it hurts. When people began to realize that you will never say no, or that you will do anything for them, they end up using you. At that time, I began to distance myself away from people. Those times, although they seem negative, can be taken as learning lessons…and you end up become stronger after taking sometime to yourself.I feel that if anyone does anything for you out of love and respect, please don't take their kindness as their weakness. Instead, appreciate it, and follow their lead in helping out another individual.

Why do people have to have an attitude?

I understand your point... but it's all in how you react. People with an attitude don't phase me one bit. I never get riled up. If someone is being rude, I just say, "Excuse me, but please choose a different tone to take with me. You're current tone is hostile." If it doesn't work, I either ignore it or walk away.

In high school, I got up and walked out of class. A teacher was getting riled up, so I said to him, "Excuse me, but your attitude is becoming abusive." This made him more angry, so I got up and walked to the principals office and said, "Good afternoon, I'm pretty sure I will have detention, so I thought I'd come in and tell you about it and sign up for it now so I don't miss any of my next class." I did not get detention.

There are people like me who like to wind people up. I am always polite. I am always truthful. I am never rude and abrasive. I just have absolutely no problem calling peopel on their attitude. Sometimes they get embarrassed, angry, shy, sad, laugh, etc. It's always entertaining to watch. Thankfully, my husband has learned when I am just trying to wind him up.

What does it mean when someone says that you wind me up?

one of my friend bf said to her that you wind me up by being all shy and stuff. and i want to know what that mean is it a good thing or a bad thing?
thank you

How are people in the UK...nicer than Americans, meaner?

There are nice and mean in both countries. Basically, no matter where you go, if you are polite and friendly, that is what you get in return. Some answers have cited the east coast of the USA as an American example of not being as friendly. I am a Midwestern American gal, and I have also lived in New England. They are actually very nice in New England once you get to know them. Sure, they tend to be more reserved, not as huggy or smiley or in your face as some are when you move further west. Still, I had wonderful neighbors and friends in New England who were very helpful. Same idea for the UK. Whenever I visited the UK, I was in or near larger cities, including London. Some people say that Londoners, for example, are not as friendly, but in my experience, that is far from the truth. Londoners, and almost everyone else I encountered in the UK, were all polite and friendly to me. They were curious about me and interested in talking with me when they were introduced or heard my accent. Another answer mentions that it is a British pastime to "wind people up." That does not make them mean; it simply means that the sense of humor is a little different. There were some British people who teased me about being American when I visited the UK. It was simply joking, nothing harmful, and it was done by people who were mutual friends, never strangers. I joked right back with them, which caused an interesting and candid discussion about the two countries, and I think all parties walked away being more well-informed than before. :)

Why are there circumstances where people with more intelligence wind up being told what to do by people with less intelligence?

Depends on what aspect in life you refer such example could be - Democracy.the majority elects a person to lead them, that person wont necessarily be a smart person, but he was elected, and he is in a position to “tell you what to do”, at least more than you can tell him what to do.There are many examples, intelligence alone does not make for very good leaders, it makes for very intelligent people.In most cases where people will be in a position they can tell you what to do is because they were put in a leading position of some sorts, which good looks, good charisma (and yes, also being smart [but not necessarily smarter than you]) will earn them a place as leaders more than someone who is “just” intelligent.its how human nature works.imagine that someone is very charismatic - he is trying to convince a group of average joes of something, he will have more success doing it by being very charismatic than you by being intelligent and talking about facts and data to them while sounding all whimper and weak or lacking in confidence…why do football players make more money than a scientist researching a cure for cancer? same concept, different form.