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Why Does Everyone Seem To Forget .

Why does everyone seem to forget that BTS isn't the only band with a sad history/before and after debut story?

Simply put…because BTS has a ton of fangirls/fans who are young/new to K-pop and know little of the groups that paved the K-pop sensation.Solar, of Mamamoo, was initially told she should get cosmetic surgery to ever become a idol (which she did)-now she’s in one of the most popular girl groups…known for their talent.Dasom and Soyou were accused of bullying…when it were others with similar names..

Why does it seem like everyone forgets about Thanksgiving?

There ought to be a law against advertising for Christmas before Thanksgiving is over!
I sometimes think, that if I owned my own home I would put up elaborate Thanksgiving decorations (lights and a giant Turkey and posters on the windows saying "Happy Thanksgiving" and everything) about a couple weeks before Halloween and then leave the Thanksgiving decorations up till about mid-December, before putting up Christmas decorations...
(also please don't X Christ out of Christmas! ) :)

Why does everyone seem to forget the Dossier was originally commissioned by the GOP before Trump won the nomination and was handed off to the Dem's when the GOP realized they were stuck w/ him?

Why does everyone seem to forget the Dossier was originally commissioned by the GOP before Trump won the nomination and was handed off to the Dem's when the GOP realized they were stuck w/ him?According to the WP, Clinton and the DNC funded the Steele Dossier in April of 2016. A month before Papadopoulos make his drunken bar speech, which was the alleged basis of the whole investigation. Someone explain that to me?Despite all the “fake news” (you know, that stuff that doesn’t exist) about some Republicans starting the research, it was Clinton all along. That fake news being splattered all over the place at that time was an attempt to divert the true source. It went like this:Clinton to Fusion GPS: Did any conservative sources hire Fusion GPS to research Trump before I did? I need some plausible deniability.What’s more, Clinton was in total control of DNC funding at that time, and used money from the DNC via her attorney to hire Fusion GPS to collect her “Russian dirt.” Another weak attempt to cover her tracks and skirt accountability.Although, this question demonstrates that the false narrative is still being pushed (and possibly believed), the answer is: The Free Beacon was not the initial party that hired Fusion GPS to create the dossier. Two separate events entirely:The Free Beacon denies funding research that contributed to the Russia dossier and said it told Fusion GPS to stop researching Trump when he clinched the Republican nomination in May 2016. Source: Who is Paul Singer, the GOP donor who hired the firm behind the Trump-Russia dossier?

Pokemon Why does everyone make Red seem evil?

Red is based of the character that YOU play in the Pokemon games (Red/Blue/Yellow/Leaf Green/Fire Red).

The reason why he doesn't speak is because you don't speak in the games, correct? Hence he stays quite.

Not regarding the manga (Pokemon: Adventures, because Red here is very talkative and assertive) and the anime, fans make Red look evil because he is very quiet, serious and is kind of an introvert. His goal of defeating Green (Gary) is very strong just like Ash in the series (Ash is based of Red and is the more extrovert version of Red in the games).

His gaming figure is also very mysterious and this is quite evident when you play the Gen II games (Gold/Silver/Crystal/Heart Gold/Soul Silver) when you verse him in Mt Silver at the end.

You could say, Poke fans like to make Red look evil because Green himself looks evil when a few Poke fans draw him. Depending on the art style and scenery Red is drawn, you could feel the epicness of the battle that would come between the fight of Red and Green. Red is also very serious so that also explains why most fans like to draw him looking "evil."

Well, this is just MY conclusion from him :)

[EDIT] I think the reason why Red is based on Mt. Silver is because Mt. Silver is the CENTER of both the Kanto and Johto Region. And because of this, Red is also on the very one could assume this symbolizes that Red HAS indeed made it to the top for BOTH regions...i guess it is also the reason why he only appears in just the Gen I and II games is because these two regions are linked together.

From the 3rd region onwards (Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova) you either play as Brandon or May, Lucas or Dawn, Black or White. Hence I think that is the sole purpose why Red is placed on Mt Silver... If that makes any sense lol He is also the MAIN character so i guess he SHOULD be #1.

Oh and DEFINITELY. I would be the most happiest girl alive if that day DOES happen. I would really do feel complete in loving Pokemon, if that ending does come true XDD I WANT TO SEE A FINAL RED vs GREEN (Ash vs Gary) FOR THE LAST BATTLE. Ever :D

What are some childhood fads that everyone seemed to forget?

The ones I recall will be ancient history to many. Where I grew up, Southern California, we went through so many fads; some have even recirculated, so to speak.As kids, my friends and I would attach playing cards to the frames of our bikes so that the cards would be in contact with the wheels' spokes; as kids we thought that sounded close enough to a motorcycle engine to be cool.My older brother's generation had some pretty weird haircuts, including d.a.’s, or “duck asses” in the back, for which they had to use pomade, or butch wax; substances akin to hair gel nowadays, only petroleum based I think it was, because it stayed greasy and didn't really firm up.Some of our favorite items to wear, and these were really popular among those of us who surfed, were Madras shirts whose colors bled, and Jack Purcell “smiley” tennis shoes, which we wore when we weren't wearing our Huarache sandals.As younger kids, to entertain ourselves, since we had not yet gotten so mesmerized by television as the following generation, we would play cowboys and Indians with our quasi-replica six-shooters and Winchester rifles, toys that had none of the stigma or connotations of replica firearms of today.We also would make our own skateboards. At first, these were like the old scooters of the previous generation to ours; they were made from pieces of 2X4 lumber, usually about 18″ to 2 ft long, and using steel skate wheels on the bottom, typically attached with screws. The difference was there was no upright handle to hold onto. Eventually, as we aged and went into higher grades, we would make the boards out of 1 X stock and shape them like surfboards. By that time, rubber skate wheels had been invented and the whole thing eventually evolved into the expensive high tech boards you see today.I'm sure there are many things I could recall, if I thought a lot more about it; but now you have a small window into the world of my generation, when and where I lived, some 50-60 years ago.

Why does it seem like everyone has terrible spelling?

Sometimes it's just laziness plus the world has become rather lax on the issue.

Why does it seem like people forget humans are animals?

I am not sure this is a matter of forgetting as much as it is a desire to be special or an act of willful denial. Even anthropologists tend to believe that there is some value to ennumerating characteristics which separate us from other animals, though they are careful to avoid saying we are not animals (usually).

Also, in common parlance, the term 'animal' does not have the same meaning that it has in scientific discourse. Even though I have never seen a dictionary whih included this definition, many people if not most commonly mean something other than human when they say "animal". I am not defending this practice - merely pointing it out.