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Why Does My Brother Strangle Me

My brother strangled me. what do i do?

My brother is 13 years old, and I am a 16 year old girl. Now i won't get into details, but my brother and I had a fight. about 20 minutes ago. The fight just started by him screaming abuse at me over some game, and me asking him (politely at fist) to get out of my room. I won't say that it was all his fault, as eventually I also started yelling when he refused. The reason I didn't want him in my room is because I didn't want matters to get worse. I know that I may have made things worse, as I can be very loud and 'In your face' sometimes. Eventually he started to push me, and I pushed back etc. Finally he started to leave, but then as he was walking out, I went to shut my door, and he pushed me to the ground quite hard, and started strangling me. He kept strangling to the point that my vision went blurry. Then he just left, and ran upstairs to his room. It's quite late at night, and as soon as I got my vision back, I immediately ran upstairs to my parents room. I was petrified and hyperventilating. All my dad did was tell my brother to get to his room, and my mom just consoled me, then they told me to go to bed. What do I do? I don't want anything to do with my brother. At this point in time, I don't ever want to have anything to do with him. I knew he could be violent, but I never thought he would do this. Please help. I just need advice.

Thanks to anyone who answers.

Dream about my brother strangling me?

Last night I had a dream about my brother trying to kill me. I got away from him for a moment, ran to my dad and begged him to help and all he said was, "Bryan wouldn't try to kill you" and then my brother came up and started strangling me again. Then he stuffed a dirty t-shirt in my mouth and pinched my nose so that I couldn't breath. After that, I woke up. It was really scary. Why would I dream that my brother was killing me?

Is it weird that I want to strangle my brother?

Okay, I'm not a bad person, I'm not violent and I haven't been actually angry in months. But it takes five minutes with my brother to make me want to hurt him. My brother is two years younger than me.
First, I get agitated, then I have to force myself not to grab his neck and squeeze. I also get images of me strangling him, then I really want to do it for real. My hands start tingling and I really, really want to strangle him.
Is this normal, and if not, what should I do?

Why does my brother always hit me?

My brother always hits me. He'll punch, slap, shove, kick or strangle me. He'll hit me if I don't do what he wants me to, not play a game with him or get mad at him. Today I didn't want to get him a glass he grab the back of my shirt and pulled then he started strangling me. Another example is one time we were playing basketball and he kept throwing the ball at my face so I decide to go inside he went inside also ran downstairs and grabbed my ipod and stabbed a drumstick into the screen. Every time I tell my mom she doesn't do anything or if I've had enough of getting hit I'll hit him back and I get in trouble. Sometimes he threatens to kill me or drown me in the pool. I hate being around him because I'm afraid he will hit. I don't let him touch my stuff because I'm afraid he will brake it of he gets mad. Is this a mental problem or anger issues? Please help all helpful answers are appreciated thanks!

Why do I hate my brother so much?

I have the same problem. Its gotten to the point where he makes comments like, you will regret treating me like this for the rest of your life and its not fair that you treat me like this. The only thing I do is give one word answers and not really respond. My reasons for acting the way I do started in middle school. He would steal my mothers quarters and silver change to get sodas at school and blame me for the missing change, I had no proof that I could use to prove my innocence so I let it go……. this happened at least twice that I can remember. Literally 10 years later I learned that he was coming into my room at night and stealing my debit card. This freak would withdraw money from ATMs and put my debit card back in the morning. He stole at least 300 that I have found so far. Apparently he made a bad investment, he also sold the Wii among other things. When I try to talk to my mom about this she defends him. Now its 2 years later, he goes to work and comes home to smoke weed. He leaves his laundry on the floor in the bathroom instead of using the hamper which is right next to the washer, he does not do any chores, he thinks cleaning up the kitchen means putting everything in the sink and waiting for it to magically disappear. I can no longer talk to my mother about this problem because she will say he does what I tell him to (when pigs fly) and I don’t want to talk about this anymore. The frustration has built up inside me sing I was 12 (Im 26 now) Im not sure what do do about this now. All I can say is that I have no love for this pot head residing in the room next door. All the advice I can give to you is to:A. Talk to your parents in a very adult manner, give them a impression for concernB. Get therapy (Its all I got right now)

Diabetes in a family: How to not strangle your little brother?

I kind of bet he'd be this way even if he wasn't diabetic. Some kids are just like this and your parents have enabled him to play them--your parents probably feel guilty about "giving" him diabetes or something. There's really nothing much you can do. Your parents probably already realize he's spoiled and using them but they just feel too guilty to change now. You just focus on yourself and your studies, get good grades so you can go AWAY to college and develop a life of your own apart from whatever happens at home. If he goes into his song and dance with you when a parent is around, just coo at him about how unfortunate he is, how you'd do something if you can but you aren't God--you know, just give him lip service so your parents will believe your honest concern for him. If your parents are willing to pay him, it's not your issue so just stay out of it (eventually, he'll grow up and find the rest of the world isn't that way). Play the role of the concerned, empathetic older sib, saying the words that are going to make you look good but keep you out of trouble, and just bite your lip about spouting off to him or your parents. Family dynamics are seldom fair, seldom make sense, parents are just human like everyone else and will make mistakes and play favorites and feel guilty when one of their kids turns out to have some physical problem. In a few years you'll be old enough to get a life of your own and won't have to deal with this constantly anymore.

What does it mean when you strangle your children's dad and his girlfriend in your sleep?

do you mean in a Dream? If so you likely have a lot of built up anger and hatred that you hopefully wouldn’t act on in real life so it perhaps manifests in your dreams instead. You should still try to see a psychiatrist

My little brother strangled me? Is his behavior normal?

I'm 15 and my youngest brother is 5. My parents spoil him way too much since he is the youngest, he gets whatever he wants, and my dad is literally his 'dog'. My parents take him out everyday because he is a 'kid'. He gets away with anything. Just a few minutes ago he was having a fight with my 12 year old brother, I asked my 12 y/o brother why they were fighting and he said that my 5 y/o brother almost stabbed him with a knife, and yes he really did that.

Anyways, I carried my 5 y/o brother, told him to stop crying, asked him what happened and he told me to hit my brother, I said no so he strangled me. I put him down and scolded him for doing that then I told my mom, my older sister said that he did that to her too a few days ago. When I told my dad he got angry at ME. My 5 y/o brother also always says that he's "gonna kill us"/"burn us"/"cut our necks off etc. I've told my parents multiple times that what he's doing isn't 'normal' but they dont take him seriously because he's a kid.

Also, in school he doesnt really have friends and he always sits alone, the teachers tell him to play with the other kids but he says no, other kids also tell him to play with them but he doesnt. My parents say he's 'shy' but I don't think he is. He also really likes "killing sheep". He always pretends that his toys are sheep and takes a knife and pretends that he's killing a sheep, which really freaks me out?

Is he normal or is there something wrong with him? Please Answer!!!