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Why Does My Mom Hate Me So Much

WHY does my mom hate me so much?

*Virtual HUG*

This made me upset reading this and I can relate so much. There's not much I can say but just keep hanging in there, and you will grow into tough skin and come out stronger. Just know that it really isn't your fault and I've learned to use my friends as my family so it would be good to open up to your friends about this. Your step dad has NO right to hit you and its good that you reported him!


Why does my mom hate me so much?

I wanted to go to my friend's house tonight, and my dad said he could pick me up, but my mom was still like who's gonna pick you up even though my dad had already said he would take me. Then she started saying she doesn't like her parents. But I honestly think she just doesn't want me going because she knows I'm a lesbian and I'm super close to the girl. She probably thinks we're more than friends and doesn't want me hanging out with her.
Then a while ago, I was getting her food with my dad. She had sent me a text of what she wanted, and expected me to order it for her. I have extremely bad social anxiety so even putting in just my order is hard for me. I was going down the line and ordering it for her, and the text she sent me was out of the order the line went, and I started panicking. So I just tried my best and I ended up only missing one thing on it. Yet when I got home, she inspected it, and got super angry at me, just because I forgot the beans. She was yelling at me and saying "it's not that hard!" and "Can't you read?!" and "It doesn't matter what order I put the text in" and then she went into her room, slammed the door, and didn't talk to me the rest of the night.
These are only a few of the times she's gotten angry with me. She calls me pathetic a lot too cause I cry about it.
It's frustrating because I want to be normal and not deal with anxiety because it always gets me in trouble. And she never acts like this towards my sisters so I know I'm the problem.

Why does my mom hate me so much?

My mom and I haven't been close for years now. She got remarried last summer and my step dad has pulled us even more apart. The only times she talks to me is to yell at me or to tell me to clean my room. My brothers are skinny and my mom loves them. For a long time me and my mom were close but then i got fat and she started hating me. I have lost so much weight because I thought my mom would love me again. I am only a 14 year old girl and I am a freshman in High School. It doesn't help that I am that kid in school that everyone messes with and asks weird questions because I am the new kid. At my old school I got picked on really bad. When I told the counselor she said I needed proof or to have them admit they were picking on me for anything to be done. All I wanted was to switch schools. This new school is much better but I leave school a but frustrated and come home sit in my room bored. To get my moms attention I have to wait about 10 minutes after i ask her what ever it is i wanted to ask her. I just keep crying. My mom still doesn't love me even after I lost weight so she would. All I want is to get away from her bull ****. When ever she sees my cry she says that I am probably about to get my period. She has been saying this for the last 10 months. I have issues where I dont always get my period and I didnt get it for 8 months and durring those 8 months she always said that. I know shes wrong and I cant stand this crap anymore. I go to my grandmas every weekend because of her, my step dad, and my brothers and step brothers. I feel like I am going to get sick all the time and I hate going to my grandmas because she makes me go to church. I am 100% atheist. My family is all Christians so I have to pretend i slightly believe in god. I really just want to get the hell out of this town.. This state.. This country. I want to travel.. The world. I hate new york (where i live) and I told my mom i want to move out when I am 16. She said she doesnt give a **** and she will sign any papers as long as she doesnt have to pay for me leaveing. I also was thinking of dropping out of highschool and getting a GED and going to a community college in Canada or some where far away.

Why does my mom hate me?

My mom bought me a cheap a** 1999 Saab car. We both realized that I needed a car to get back and forth to work as public transit is so s**** in our neighborhood. I asked her if she could help me finance a more modern, attractive looking car and she said “No”. Why does she hate me?

Why do I feel my mom hates me?

I used to feel this way. But over time I came to realize that my mom had very low self-esteem. I believe it was the result of having received very negative messages from her own mom who had a very mean streak. I think that in many ways, as a child, teen and young woman I reminded my mother of herself, and she felt a terrible self-loathing. I think the message I was receiving was the message she was feeling toward her own memories. I was a good kid, never gave her any trouble, yet I always felt she was disgusted with me. If you can find any wisdom in this, perhaps you can see that your mom isn’t really feeling that way about you. It’s hard and it’s painful, but try to realize that people are fallible and that the way they act towards you may not have anytning to do with you at all. This insight may make it possible for you to get through these tough years with your own self-esteem intact.

Why does my mom hate me but love my sister?

Anna, I feel for you!!Your’s is such a tough situation to be in!Is your mom cruel to you? Does she hit you and make your cry? Does she really hate you, or does she simply favor your sister?Maybe she shows you love in a certain way, like arrange art lessons for you? Does she provide a warm and safe home, with a clean home and food. Are you safe?My mom favored my sister. But I realize she also loved me, as she provided many good things for me. But things did not turn out well for my sister —My sister did really, really bad things. She messed up her life and the lives of our family members. My mom tried to show her love after that, but mom hurt sooo much on the inside, my sister caused her so much grief and heartache. Our whole family was blown apart — all of us scattered all over the country and barely speak to each other —So, if you are safe at home, and can stay out of harm’s way with your mom, do your very best in school so that you can get a good job and provide a living for yourself. Keep your focus on helping yourself get educated and ready to create the life you want when you are grown (be realistic, and keep it simple, not grandiose, okay?).Good luck!!

My Mom hates me so much?

So she will literally go crazy over the smallest things. I am a sophomore in HS now and I get basically straight As and Bs except in Math I'm getting a D (atm) and she always shouts at me for that. If I come downstairs like 2 minutes late she will SCREAM at me the whole way to school and call me fat, **** ugly, stupid, worthless piece of **** and she will say 'Why do you even bother. Everyone hates you- your dad hates you, your grandma hates you, everyone at school hates you.' And then she'll say 'why don't you just kill yourself, no one cares you wh0re, or just check yourself into a mental hospital because you have problems.' Also she will NEVER shout at my sisters or brother. And she'll be like 'I hate you, hate you SOOO much. I wish I never had you- your worthless and only care about your ugly face. Dont you realize nobody cares. I have no sympathy.'
Then when I cry when she says it she will call me 'manipulative' and a 'liar'.
Ok so first of all she literally makes me SO depressed and by the time I get to school my eyes look terrible and puffy and I have a headache and I have to put concealer under my eyes. Second I am not that fat, I am like 135 and 5'5....I know thats chubby but she acts like I'm huge just b/c she's thin. Also she calls me ugly just because I'm not blonde and pale like her (i'm brunette with brown eyes) and she ruins my life b/c she makes me feel so ugly. Guys do talk to me and ask me out so I know I can't be that bad but I literally cant look any of them in the eye or think they;re joking because I feel disgusting because of her. Also I havent done anything but kiss a guy so idk why she calls me 'wh0re' all the time. She also tells me how much she hates me daily and tells me to die and how I'm her least favorite. I am never ever rude to her or talk back so idk what I do. :/
I walked into the room yesterday and she started going on and on about how bad my skin looked (i literally had like 1 zit) and how gross by hair was getting and how I needed a haircut. She literally never has anything positive to say about me. I hate her SO much and she makes me depressed. What can I do. Because obviously ignoring her isn't working- I still let her comments get to me :(
It's ruining my life. When I'm upset I cant bring myself to concentrate or do work or go to parties because I feel embarrassed.

My mom hates me so much?

basically she talks really loud basically screaming so every ******* person can listen to what she's saying then I tell her and she gets mad at me for telling the truth i camly tell her to quite down and she either yells at me or rolls her eyes