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Why Doesnt My Android Phone Not Connect To The Camera

How can I check if the camera on my Android phone is being hacked?

Hacked is supposed to mean unauthorized access to devices and networks.Now, If someone has hacked your phone, then there can be three possible reasons behind it.He/She/Hacker wants your personal files (Personal photos, videos, documents etc).He/She/Hacker wants your passwords ( Banks, Profiles, Social, Websites etc).He just want to play with you.Now in all three reasons The Hackers need Internet Connection of your Smartphone.So if really, your phone is hacked, You can find out about it, with the tips given below.these tips are used for checking the data leakage problems of Smartphone but these tips also will be helpful in this problem.Check your internet connection signal.Close all running appSwitch on the data and leave your phone for few seconds ,now check the internet signal. There should be no incoming or outgoing signal visible in the network/internet status signals.Now if outgoing signal is visible,even after closing all apps, Your device is Leaking data.Check Data usage of the complete os. And compare with how much you used.Android and iOS users can use viaProtect. The app is free and can scan and reveal the data being sent out in the background without your knowledge. Now check for any strange activity.Another software is OS Monitor, it is for Android only. This app provides you with details of which app is connecting to which server and what are the IP addresses of the servers.If your device has any of the following.Strange app installedAutomatic app opened and closedMessages to/from any/unknown numbers.Strange pop ups.Strange Behaviour of hardware .(typing, touches, volume, vibrate)Now these are the some tips or tricks by checking these things/points you can check thatis your phone is Leaking data or personal details?Is your phone is sending or receiving data from /to any one?These strange behaviour of OS, Softwares, & hardware are symptoms of Hacking but It could be also a result of malware attack.or there is any harmful blotware in your Smartphone.Not guaranteed,but you can give these tips a try to find out is your phone is hacked or not?Thankyou.SKYuvrajAndro Root

Camera wont work on android phone?

Go to the home screen and hit the settings button then go to applications then hit manage applications look for the camera under all and then hit force close, turn off phone then turn back on and start the camera app. Should work! If thats not there just turn the phone off take the sim card out, put it back in and turn the phone on
Good Luck!

Phone keeps saying "can not connect to camera"?

I bought a at&t z998 phone (mustang) bout 2 months ago and never had a problem with it up until now. 3 days now I try to click on my camera and it keeps popping up that my phone can't connect and then closes app I didn't drop it or anything I've reset the phone how can I fix it?

How do I connect a CCTV camera to a mobile phone?

Its quite easy to handle just connect your smart phone to wifi and go to playstore and download whatever app your company (CCTV camera manufacturer) offer and change the following settings.change network to WifiIP & Port: some addressID: your idPassword: ******and click on enter to login and we are good to go.Also i would suggest that all these problems are result of acquiring services from non reputable companies. Recently i installed CCTV cameras for my Home safety and they gave me satisfactory services. Not only they integrated my CCTV cameras in my phone for screening but also they gave me a good presentation about how to operate. For further details about CCTV cameras visit the link below:Security Cameras | home security camera systems

Your connection is not private - Android?

Recently iv been getting this message when attempting to visit this safe site (specifically the log in page) -


I got this message while both using mobile data and my home wifi, i dont recall getting this message on any other site.

I scanned my one plus one (phone) with both AVG and kaspersky free version apps with nothing malicious turning up.

I checked the time and date, cleared the history, and also removed the anti viruses to see if it would go away, still no luck.

The weird thing is that i would get the message when attempting to visit one day, and wouldnt get it another day

Should i be worried, or does this sound like a common problem with a fix

My Nexus 5 camera gives "cannot connect to camera" each time I try to open. I have done rebooting it, uninstalling third-party apps and other recoveries. Still the problem exists. What can I do?

Are you running on Android 5.0.1?Do a quick fix below:Go to----Settings-> Apps->ALL->Camera-> clear cache, clear data. If this doesn't work, go to same place, force stop, uninstall update and reboot phone.

"Cannot connect to camera error" on Instagram!?

I just updated my Instagram app, and I wanted to post a video (since video is now on Android.) I didn't know how I was going to do it without a front camera but then I saw a "switch to front camera" icon. Being the curious person I am, I tapped it even though I already know I don't have a front camera. Now it says, "Cannot connect to camera" every time I try to post something and I can't even switch back. :( The only thing clickable is the OK button which just brings me back to where I was before I felt like posting something. What should I do? :(