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Why I Have Difficulty To Sell My Clothing Line In Asos

Where can i find my size of clothing?

I am a 14 year old girl that has trouble growing just because i have a fast metabolism. I try to look for clothing my size in teen clothing but im too small. The only clothing that fits is kids clothing but they are very "little kid" like most of the time. Where can i find clothing my size that are styles that teens like?

How do I start reselling expensive clothing online?

Step 1: Buy and start collecting clothing from consignment, thrift, yard, estate sales, etc that is well made, designer brand, trend, retro, period or vintage. All of that sells to the right buyer.Step 2: Set up seller profiles on EBay, Etsy, Shopify, Offer Up, Instagram, Facebook, Let Go, Material Wrld, PoshMark, Refashioner, The RealReal, Threadsy, thredUp, SnobSwap, Crossroads, ASOS Marketplace,, Craigslist, Mercari or just google for more of the latest Online methods.Take good photos. Front and back at the very minimum and details like a designer label, Use a good camera, a clean background, a dress form to model it, a person to model it or flat, as a last resort. The better you can display the garment the easier it will be to sell.Describe the garment using the correct and any applicable fashion terminology regarding the design, neckline, sleeve type, flair, waistline, length, period, style, cut, designer, trend, etc, colors, brands, label size and actually dimensions. The more information you provide in your description the more search hits you will get and the less questions you’ll have to answer later.

I want to create my own brand of clothes to sell online. How do I start?

Spend some time creating your game plan first before you even create your online site. Most first time sellers end up quitting after a few months because they don’t see the online sales come in after they build their online site.First of all, find out who you’re going to be up against as in your competitors. This will give you an idea on the amount of work and effort you’ll need to put in to sell your own branded online of clothing.The bulk of it would be on marketing and getting your brand out there via organic search and social media without spending on any ads until you’re making profit.You may only want to hold a certain number of stock for your clothing to test the market as compared to having a lot manufactured and then facing the dilemma that they’re unable to sell. Offer limited quantity first and if response is good, you can notify buyers of incoming stock later for them to purchase.List down all the categories and products that you plan on selling and have good product images with models. Clothing sells best when customers are able to see it being worn in real life by models.Determine who would be your target customers. Wholesalers? End users? Both?Work out your costing in terms of monthly subscription fee for ecommerce service provider. If you’re looking for one that does not charge extra for features that you’ll need, consider InstanteStore.Get a domain name that is short and easy to remember. Bear in mind a lot of shoppers these days prefer to browse, shop and and buy online.Make sure your online purchasing process is easy and straight forward.Pick a good payment gateway and check their transaction fees.Offer free shipping for customers who purchase above a certain amount and pick a sensible courier service.Ask for feedback from family and friends to test out your site before you launch it.Reward customers for giving you positive reviews and feedback.Selling online is a learning journey. Give yourself a year to work on it as there’s plenty to learn and tweak along the way.Hope this helps.