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Why Is Fdr Considered Heroic But Bush Is Considered A War Criminal By Many People

What was the American reaction to Hitler and the Nazi regime in Germany?

American reaction to Nazi Germany was mixed. There were some Americans who supported the Nazis, including the American Bund Organization of German Americans. Others rightly feared the emergence of Nazi Germany, especially those who had recently escaped from Germany in the 1930s.

A majority of Americans preferred not to think much about Nazi Germany. The United States was extremely isolationist at the time (Ron Paul's dream world) and did not want a repeat of the American involvement in the First World War.

Before the Second World War broke, not much was known about the Nazi concentration camps and the atrocious death camps had not yet been built; the "Final Solution" was not formalized until January of 1942. The horrors of the Holocaust would not be known to the world until the camps were liberated in 1945.

There were American companies that did business in Germany before the war. This included IBM, Ford, and maybe even Prescott Bush. Despite the revisionist histories, however, these companies did not actively assist Hitler in the Holocaust: all German assests in the United States were frozen in 1941 and all American commercial trade with Germany ceased when war broke out in Europe.

Several prominent American did show overt praise for Nazi Germany: aviation hero Charles Lindbergh (who was villified for it) and Joseph Kennedy (father of JFK), who the revisionists neglect to mention.

Who would be in the “All time top 10 Liberal Heroes” list? Any suggestions?

@Bella Quixote - It is because of Liberals like you that I had put Che as #1 on this list. What ever any other Liberal would want to claim they can't deny that THERE ARE LIBERALS THAT IDOLIZE CHE GUEVARA AND SCUM LIKE HIM! To them a man who treats the poor on alittle sickness has all the right in the world to murder anyone he feels like murdering. Liberals can try to act inocent but you can't deny the good percentage of you who love murders like this one and make a Martyr of him. He treated a few poor people but destroyed an island nation with murder and mismanagement. But that is OK, we can just blame the US for his F'ups and say we forced him to kill many Cubans, we put the gun in his hand and pulled the trigger for him. What do I know, I mean those thousands of Cuban immigrants I see and speak to on many occassions are all liars right? Che was a hero and these liars left the island paradise he created to come to this filthy Empire called the USA! They are traitors to CUBA and should

Why do the British think they are better than Americans?

Britons think this way because they are SO much more advanced than everyone else in the world in every way...thats why they still have a monarchy in the year 2011...

The only two British people in the history of humanity even worth mentioning are General Montgomery and Winston Churchill. This is pretty sad, seeing as how if Monty was THAT good, he wouldnt have needed us Americans to do all of the advancing for him and let him have credit for it because we felt bad for them because they had no other 'heroes'. Winston Churchill is barely worth mentioning...I just liked his political style, even though at the end of the day, he was more useless than FDR's legs.

Time and time again we find ourselves protecting and/or saving the British from certain doom, even though for some reason they are ingrateful and believe that they didnt need us.

If you dont need us so bad, then stop cowering behind us. Stop doing everything we tell you to do, even though you feel it isnt right, but youre too scared to piss us off, because without our protection, any country could take you over. Seriously, can you imagine not having us as an ally? Within a year, you would all be citizens of France or the Czech Republic, or literally ANYONE that would feel like occupying such a waste of Earth...

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