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Why Is My Cat So Angry All The Time

Why is my Cat Mad and Angry all the time?? ?

I've had cats all my life and multiple cats since I've been on my own. I had this problem with a male cat of mine that was a fixed, indoor, well taken care of spoiled cat. All of a sudden he just got mean.

I took my cat to the vet and he was checked out thoroughly and the vet gave him a clean bill. It was suggested at that time, that due to my new relationship w/ my now husband, my kitty was really affected by all the "new" things in my life. I wasn't home as much, wasn't able to give the kitty the constant source of attention anymore and the cat was upset. The vet suggested that we put kitty on Prozac (I passed, couldn't afford it) and kitty might calm down.

Is anything new in your life? If you were especially close to kitty and some thing's taking your time away, the cat could really be reacting to that. Talk to your vet about idea's and products that may be available to help your kitty calm down. Also talk to the vet about pheromones. It's a spray that you can buy at the vet to spray around the house to give your pet a feeling of well being. HTH!!! Good luck w/ kitty.

Why is my dad so angry all the time?

It's really hard to live with someone who has this level of anger- you must feel like you are walking on eggshells all the time, and find it hard to relax at home. When people are this tense, then you can't do anything right, because basically it's not you they are mad about- it's something else that has nothing to do with you.

So how to handle it? If you are a child, then I suggest 2 main things- stay out of the way, and get help. Stay out of the way so you don't end up being the person he takes his anger out on.But you can't do this forever, and why should you? This is your home too. Secondly, talk to another adult about this- your mom, an aunt or uncle, family friend, school counselor etc.If you are a child, you can't be expected to handle this on your own.

And of course you're worried about why he's so pissed all the time, and want to know why. Has he always been like this, or is this something that has changed recently? If he always been this way, then you have more of a problem and it's even more important to get help. If he has recently changed, you could try waiting for a quiet moment, when he seems less stressed, and just ask him what's wrong, you've noticed he is very upset at the moment and that you're worried about him. But be careful- it's good to have loving concerns for your Dad, but no child should have to be their dad's counselor.

Why do cats get angry?

In my home, my pets are never angry or aggressive, however there has been a few rare occasions over the years. My pets are ALLOWED to scratch kick and bite me all they like because it’s the ONLY method they have for communicating with me. My cat only needed to get angry at me once, I deserved it. I was super sick and she normally cuddles me when I’m sick. I got a little needy. My dog bit me when I removed his bone for growling, he’s not allowed to do that! Using only positive feedback I showed him how to behave with his bone. The other day he had a bone at a coffee shop, I turned to see a frail old lady with a walking frame, reach straight down and pat him around his chin, as if she was going for his bone. I’m so glad I put the effort in, Marvin behaved himself. Never again will I give him a bone in public. It’s not worth the risk.Keep everything positive, never get angry at them or hit at all! Allow them to express their feeling, learn what they don’t like, and your pets will never be angry.If your pet has been abused in the past; locked in all the time, rarely feed, yelled at etc, that will also cause a mood that will improve overtime. If the cat is currently being treated badly, that will cause anger too.

Why is my cat always so angry?

Please take this post seriously. If you don't have any input or even remote experience or thoughts on the issue, don't answer.

I have a female calico cat that has been spayed since a few months after birth. She is now 5 and is a completely indoor animal.

Anyway, she can get very angry sometimes. I know for a fact that she is not playing. For example, she will rub on me, (like when she wants food) then start latching on to my ankles and start biting and scratching them. If I try to interrupt her with my hands, she will just bite and aggressively scratch them and actually leave me with permanent scarring.

No, I'm not kidding. She is very, very cute and I love her like a child. I would not ever consider giving her away, not for any reason.

I do have another, older, bigger male cat that I would also never consider getting rid of for any reason. They don't fight and he doesn't seem to be around when she gets angry.

But why does she do this? And how can I get her to be less angry?

Why doesn't my cat get angry?

She's really active. She plays with our other cat, and she chases flies all the time. We try our hardest to annoy her, but it never works.
The only human food we give her is sometimes a piece of tuna.

Do cats get angry?

Tough to judge!  They do get agitated and aggressive, they get defensive, and they can lash out.Cats are finely-honed predators, designed to feel changes of the wind in their whiskers, feels the footsteps of mice under their paws, and smell food over long distances.  So you can imagine that a human with their loud noises and heavy hands could easily lead a cat to overstimulation.I hesitate to say they feel "anger", because I hate to attribute human emotion to animals.  They feel emotion, but the scope and perception of emotion may be entirely different from ours.  They key to communication is through watching body language.  A cat that is not content will lash their tail, flatten their ears, and hunch their bodies down.  They often puff up their fur to make them look bigger and more threatening.  They widen their eyes so as to be able to visualize more of their surroundings, and their pupils will dilate nearly to the size of their irises.If you see a cat doing this, move your hand.Cats also display a behavior called redirection aggression.  This means that when something annoys them, they will attack the nearest thing to them, whether or not the nearest thing is the source of annoyance or not.  This is why a cat who is placidly sitting in your lap may turn around and attack your hand for no apparent reason.  Usually it's because they heard or smelled something that agitated them (or you were petting too much).Keep in mind that it's not their fault.  This is just how they were built to hunt and to survive in the middle of the food chain.  While they are hunters, there are larger predators who hunt them.  Even the most trusting of cats can be agitated enough to lash out under the right circumstances, so keep an eye on the tail and ears. Not only does scratching hurt our hands, but pushing a cat past its boundaries causes them to lose trust in us.There are lots of measures to take that can help to reduce stress in a household to keep cats feeling comfortable and calm, but that's a totally different topic!

What are some cats that look so angry, you don’t want to mess with them?

First of all you have to learn to “read” a cat if you want to hang out with one.Why would you want to “mess with” a cat? I would want to pet a cat, love a cat, play with a cat.If you “mess with” a cat, you might just make it angry.I do not understand your question. “What are some cats look so angry” Does not even make sense.If a cat looks angry, leave it be. Unless it just has a resting bitch face, like many human’s do. then it is meaningless.Learn to make a proper sentence so people can know exactly what you are asking, please.

Why does my cat always look so angry? I know it is probably close to grumpy cat... ... An angry face on the cat..maybe she was born like that... Genetic trait? Like a person with Down syndrome ....and they are born like that... She is friendly.. Grumpy cat is like your cat ...... Nice.... And friendly... She ... Is just like that... You don't have to be that worried.. :)