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Why Is My Dad So Hard On Me

Why is my dad so hard on me?

I'm a teenage girl of 16 years old and my parents are driving me insane. My dad was blunt and told me harshly that I better stop with the attitude and start getting my life straighten because he's not going to raise a stripper. I was just wearing a tank top with a jacket, jeans and converse. Plus I'm hanging with peers who smoke and all that and my parents told me that my boyfriend is no good for me and I need to dump him.
My good looking boyfriend as manipulated me and treated me bad for the past few weeks and I stopped talking to him for two weeks. We've been together for three months. I forgave him and we're happy again. My dad and I were having a conversation about applying myself and I told him that my boyfriend and I have made amends and we're happy again and my dad was like, "IT'S NOT ABOUT BOYS!!! You're behavior is getting out of control and I don't like you wearing revealing clothing. You need to get your act straight and work on school! You need to dump that no good boyfriend of yours! You're being a loser for how you're acting." I can't believe my dad isn't supportive of my boyfriend and I. My mom told me the same thing. Even my grandfather and uncles told me that guys like him just want to het into my pants and it's best if I walk away NOW.

Why was my dad so harsh to me? He didn't do that with me when I was 7. I cried when he said that and he don't treat me like a 7 year old anymore. :(

Why is my dad being so hard on me?

He does love you, that's why he doesn't want you to go. He probably went to parties when he was in high school and saw a lot of awful things. Chaperones can't be everywhere all the time, and in many cases the "chaperones" are not really paying any attention at all. There are a lot of things that can go wrong at parties - sexual assault, alcohol poisoning, accidents, harassment, drugs being put in your drink when you're not looking, etc. And he's probably also having a hard time accepting the fact that his little girl is growing up. He knows how much the world sucks and wants to protect you from it. It may be rough for the next few years, until you can move out on your own. If he really hated you, he wouldn't care where you went or what you did or whether or not you were being harassed, drugged or raped by horny teenagers.

Why is my dad so hard on me and my life?

Hard on you… from a positive point of view:As a daddy, we are not hard on you. We are preparing you for a world that wants to destroy you.As a daddy, we have lived and learned a few things about life. Though we daddy's love and protect our family, we must teach our family standards. Society has made sooo many things “easy”. We know that is deception. Sex, it is now a days no different that going to the store. We have learned it is more than what tv says. Friendship, we have learned it is more than hanging out or playing video game. Relationships, all levels, we have learned it is priceless. Making money, we have learned it is a tool to survive vs something to be careless with. Love, we have learned it is more than a feeling.So each task we instruct you to do… take the trash out, wash the dishes, get off the video games or phone, wash the car, cut the grass, and so on, we know the value. We are preparing you to walk in our shoes when it is your turn. People will take advantage of you and help you lower your standards and you will not even know it until it is too late.That will cost you. We are preparing you to be strong and wise and smart.What you consider hard, the rest of the world don't care about you and will make you suffer.Hug you daddy. Tell him thank you for loving you.A daddy

Why is it so hard to talk with dads?

In the Indian context, generally it is the father, who works and meets the financial needs of the family. Mothers use to work some times, basically responsible for the upbringing of the children. Due to the work pressures most of the fathers do not have time to spend with the children. ( Today's life of the youngsters in IT and other industries is totally different - as compared to few decades age - this important difference  must be kept in mind.)When the children are grown up, they may differ with the opinion of the father on many issues - bikes, partying, dresses, education, home work and hanging out etc., and in the face of the arguments, the chasm will further grows. It is another fact that they are right from their own points of view. I find a child's attitude is self centric and that of a parent is family centric. This gives raise to lot of issues in the current day family fabric.With all these, the children may develop an attitude that their parents always differ with them, no matter what - over a period of time this makes communication very difficult. If all the children remember that they to become dads at some point of time - things may not come to such a head.Good luck

Why is my dad so HARD HEADED?

Your dad keeps doing this because he's immature--only immature people treat animals like disposable objects. When the dogs do things that are inconvient for or annoying to him (like acting like the dogs that they are), he gets rid of them.

That said, make it clear to your father that you have no choice to report him to the authorities if he keeps it up. He's being grossly unfair to those animals.

Why is my dad so tough and hard on me?

I'm a 16 year old girl and my dad is very strict with me, Well my mom is stricter but when it comes to my appearance, what I wear and BOYS my dad is so tough and strict with me. Dont get me wrong I love my dad so much but he can be an asshole at times but he's a good father to us. So last week, I auditioned for "Anne Frank" and the director told me that I'm too tall to play Ann Frank and I wouldn't be suitable for it and some people gave me rude comments and pushed me around. I busted out crying and huged my mom and my mom told me I have to expect rude people in the world. My dad stepped in and pulled me from mom and said, "Look, people are going to be rude to you through your whole like and there's ALWAYS going to be rude people. Get used to it! Not everyone is going to like you. Do you think every person is going to care about you? Not every person in the world is going to care about you! Truth hurts but that's how the world is." That really hurt me. Like when I don't listen and get stubborn, my dad says, "I tried to tell you but you fail to listen! You keep failing to do so and you need to listen." He thinks I'm a failure. Plus my dad is very strict about our Education and never let's us stay home unless we're very sick and prove tbat we're sick. Why is my dad a f*cking asshole?

Is my dad too hard on me?

I feel like my dad can be way too hard on me. (he's a single parent.) I am 17 and a junior in high school, my brother is 15 and a freshman.
On school days, I am not allowed to go anywhere after school, and if I do I get yelled at, while my younger brother can go out as long as he's home in time for dinner. My curfew on the weekend in 10:30, sometimes 11. My brothers is the same as mine, but when I was his age it was earlier. If I am a minute later, I either get yelled at or grounded .
I'm not the brightest in school, but I do try. When I do well it goes unrecognized, and I just get yelled at for having bad grades. I told him I wanted to get help because I thought I had ADD, but he doesn't believe it's real. Turns out I do..but he still doesn't believe it.
I have to tell him where I am and whenever I go somewhere new, and he calls the place or drives by to make sure I'm not lying.
He hates my best friends, but loves my 'friends' that can be really mean to me.
Also, I got a ticket because a cop saw me in the middle of putting my seatbelt back on, for 60$, no court appearance. My dad is making me go to court so I can pay more (140-160$) .