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Why Is Obama Advertising Food Stamp Programs In Mexico

Should the practice of lobbyists donating billions to our House and Senate members and employing their?

Buford Pharmco has it made we pay through the nose for drugs they sell at ten percent around the world. No wonder they stopped poor people from going to mexico and canada to get drugs. What a rip off and you know have heard they sell and sell and put up millions to fight lawsuits as they know the stuff will kill a certain amount of people that take it and our Congress does nothing. Sorta like Morgan Stanley and Goldman driving the price of il up using their media connections. Five bucks a gallon really hurt our economy and they got clean away with it and due to congress deregulating it they did'[t even have to keep records.

Will President Trump actually build a wall with Mexico, ban Muslims from entering the United States, or enact any of his outrageous policy proposals?

No, he won’t.While he might “beef up” border security in some areas and even repair or replace existing barriers, he is unlikely to construct a border barrier running the length of the US/Mexico frontier for a host of reasons, including:It’s a really stupid idea - They build ladders in Mexico, they have access to array of construction tools and the people of that country are very inventive and industrious. A wall would be built and then just as quickly surmounted or breached. Building one would be the height of idiocy and the press would be more than happy to make both Trump and the American public aware of it.It would be prohibitively expensive - A trip to the US-Mexico frontier will quickly demonstrate how expensive it would be build even a short wall along it. There are areas in New Mexico and Texas where such a structure would have to be built along mountainsides and that would required expensive demolition and engineering work to be successful. Even the upkeep and repair of a such a structure would be enormous and the funding would have to come from somewhere. GOP control of the Congress or not, it’s unlikely that ten or hundreds of billions would be diverted to build such an edifice.There isn’t enough time - It’s likely that for a host of reasons (changing demographics, Democratic party restructuring, incompetent decisionmaking, etc.) that Donald Trump will be a single term president. It would take at least 2 years for all of the environmental studies and permitting to be done for a border and that’s before any bids could be let and any materials purchased. Any potential wall would only be started in the middle or near the end of Donald Trump’s term meaning that his successor would have to finish the job. If that successor isn’t Mike Pence, his VPOTUS, then it’s a certainty that the construction will end when a Trump term does,The “wall” on the border is like the majority of Donald Trump’s “ideas”: Poorly formed, ill-conceived and directed at people who mistake the virtual for the literal. He won’t try it as even his advisors will tell him it can’t be done.

How to trademark a brand name?

I want to trademark a name and want to learn how to also search if the name has already been trademarked and where I can go if I need a lawyer. I need the full on detail, Please and Thank you,