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Why Should I A Rich White Man Vote For The Democrats

Why should I, as a white male, vote Democrat?

So you can sleep at night knowing you’ve not voted against the poor, unhealthy, aged, disadvantaged, or any other group or segment of society that the Republicans are going out of their way to make life as difficulty as possible.Maybe you’d like to leave your children, grandchildren, and so on a world not polluted with as much carbon and other poisonous chemical elements to be able to breathe without a mask.Maybe you’d like to see diverse species of wild animals not be slaughtered to extinction.Perhaps you’d imagine your wife or significant other can actually make decisions about their body without a bunch of old white men telling them what to do.I could go on, as I’m sure others have. Just know your soul or heart or conscience will eventually be called to account, whether by a spiritual being of some sort or by a lot of pissed off, angry, and downtrodden folks who are being destroyed by your decision to go with the white male supremacist theory of survival of the fittest. Do you think “fittest” means best? You’re sadly mistaken if you do. Fittest only means you’ve clawed and killed your way to the pinnacle. Have fun with that.

Why do do some people feel that Democrats are against white males?

It is a symptom of white male privilege.Here's a borrowed example I read elsewhere.  Let's imagine that you are in a classroom full of students.   The teacher walks in and says, "We aren't going to have any exams in this class.   Instead, tomorrow I'm going to put the wastebasket in the front of the class, and you each will crumple up one sheet of paper and try to make a basket from the seat you are in today.  If you make it, you pass.  If you don't, you fail."Each person has some ability to make the basket, but there can be little doubt that those who are seated at the back of the room have a much harder time making baskets, even if they were perhaps better overall making them if they were on the same footing. These kids go home and tell their parents about the scheme.  The next day, a bunch of irate parents show up.   The parents of the kids in the back say that the test isn't fair, and that everyone should be taking the shot from the back (or the front) of the class, so their score is a fair representation of their skill.   But the parents of the kids in the front see no advantage to doing that.  Let's imagine that this test allows them access to better schools or better jobs.   Leveling the playing field means that for the kids in the front, they have a less chance of getting their reward, either by increasing the chance they fail, or increasing competition for the goodies if more people pass.   Thus, the parents of the kids in the front might balk at the changes.   They might say "well, it was just the luck of the draw, your children COULD have been seated in the front, why should MY child be punished for it?"The Democratic ideal is that people should be judged on merit, and not through a lens which varies depending upon factors which are arbitrary and beyond their control.   Arguments to the contrary are really just arguments to preserve special privilege over merit.

What makes people vote Democrat?

People vote "democrat" because they believe very alluring lies. The road to democrat party politics is paved with good intentions. It leads to poverty, misery, disease, hopelessness, and helplessness.

democrats cannot recognize or admit these simple truths. To do so, would destroy their world view.

No matter how much you raise taxes on the rich. The poor and middle classes pay them.
It's not a lump of tissue
Taxing the rich hurts the poor
The rich pay more than their fair share
Only 1% of white people are racists. That 1% gets 99% of the press.
The earth is not warming because of mankind
Rich people get rich by creating new wealth. Not by taking it from the poor
Yes, God exists.
The Alt-right is a myth and a straw man to justify hatred of republicans
Supply side, free market economics effectively creates new wealth.
Nothing trickles up.
There is nothing democratic, about the democrat party.
America is not a democracy. It's a constitutionally limited republic

Belief in lies causes democrats (liberals) to harbor intense hatred toward Republicans (conservatives) Lately democrats have been quite successful in creating mass hysteria due to cognitive dissonance over the perceived impossibility of Trump's electoral landslide victory. They are hallucinating collusion with Russia and collaboration with Nazis and KKK. Even before the election; they were hallucinating sexual assaults. ~ Go Figure ~

Why did poor white people vote for Trump if he benefits the rich?

Trump has a talent for identifying with his base. He tells them exactly what they want to hear even though he does exactly the opposite of what he promises to do for them.I had an interesting “conversation” today at Thanksgiving dinner with my cousin. We were talking about immigration and I told him after we were done talking that I would provide him with PROOF on paper to back up what I was saying. This man straight up told me that he would “ball up those papers and throw them away.”These people who are Trumps base do not care about FACTS. They want to fight just for the sake of fighting and they want you to agree with their point of view in the face of having ZERO facts to back up their argument.

Why do people who aren't rich, white, straight males vote Republican?

The question could not, could not, be a more perfect example of the hatefulness, divisiveness and total lack of knowledge of your typical American Liberal.The Answer:They don’t support Identity Politics?They don’t support the suppression of Free Speech.The support freedom.They support equal opportunity for all and not equality of results.They judge people based upon their character, their ethics, their abilities, and their morals and not the color of their skin, their financial standing or their gender.They advocate the sovereignty of the individual.They advocate the sanctity of human life.The believe in enforcing immigration laws that already exist.They believe in the rule of law and the Constitution.They believe that they know how to spend their hard earned money better than some un-elected bureaucrat.They believe in peace through strength.They believe in honoring Americans that risk their lives for the betterment of all of us. Military, veterans, police, fire fighter and EMTs.They have studied and understand history and human nature.They are aware of the hundreds of millions of Socialist citizens that were tortured, starved and murdered by their Governments if the 20th century in the name of equality.They are aware that Socialist Governments took naked, pregnant Russian, Chinese and Cambodian young women out into fields, in the dark of night, and shot them in the back of the head in the name of equality and the Collective.They are aware that Russia starved to death 6 million Ukrainian citizens in the 1930s in the name of the Collective.They hate Collectivism.They hate victim-hood.They hate dependency.They hate dividing Americans into warring tribes based upon gender, race, income, sexual preference and the rest, which will likely end in violence.The hate punishing success and rewarding failure.They don’t play the envy-hate game.They understand that hierarchies are most often based upon competence.They don’t hate 50% of their fellow Americans because they have different beliefs.They understand what is going on in America and don’t live in an alternate, parallel universe that is dominated by cognitive dissonance and hallucinations.They love a fallible, imperfect America.

Among white Americans, are the richest more likely to vote Democratic and the poorest more likely to vote Republican?

The short answer: no. The rich vote Republican and the not-as-rich vote Democratic. On average. Many exceptions. The poor have low turnout (voting is a middle-class habit).However, Andrew Gelman, statistician and political scientist at Columbia University, answers the question authoritatively, so I'll just quote from his superb blog. You can read the entire post at Richer people continue to vote Republican - Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science“Arguably, both the Democrats and the Republicans are “the party of the rich.” But Republicans more so than Democrats (see above graph, also consider the debates over the estate tax and upper-income tax rates). Cost writes:Sure, the GOP favors tax rate reductions to generate economic growth, but the Democratic party has proven itself ready, willing, and able to dole out benefits to the well-heeled rent-seekers who swarm Washington, D.C. looking for favors from Uncle Sam.But he’s missing the point. The paradigmatic Democratic rent-seekers are public employee unions. But they’re not generally rich, they’re middle class. Maybe teachers and bus drivers don’t deserve $80K salaries, maybe their pensions are bankrupting America, whatever. But they’re not rich people. Yes, Obama has supporters on Wall Street, as does Romney. Obama won the rich suburbs of New York. Meanwhile, Romney won the rich suburbs of Dallas. Put it all together, and upper-income Americans mostly vote Republican. Not uniformly so, and it varies a lot by region of the country (as we discuss here and in endless detail in our Red State Blue State book), but on average, yes.”