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Why Wont Women Ask Me Out

Why don't women ever step up and ask the man out?

I think alot of women have shame surrounding asking men out because they don’t want to appear desperate.My whole life, my family members would accuse me of being “boy crazy” and they would tease me anytime I would mention guys. It got to a point where I would start shutting down and controlling my attraction to guys, simply so people wouldn’t think I was desperate or a slut. It’s a difficult habit to break; shame.On top of that, every example of dating and romance, that I was influenced by growing up, involved a man asking a woman out. It certainly is an older mindset and definitely not an excuse for women to be passive, but asking a man out is not a natural thing for me to think of, and again a difficult habit to break.Now that I am older, and have seen some women I admire ask men out, I always get so excited to see them be “BOLD.”But right now, I think women asking men out is still considered a bold thing to do and not a normal thing to do. If I like man enough, I would feel confidant and comfortable enough to ask him out, but still in the back of my mind I would be thinking: “Is he a passive guy? Is he a real man? Do I wear the pants in this relationship now?” I”m trying to break out of these mindsets, but to be honest, they are still there. Change takes time.I’m sure my daughters will laugh at me for thinking these things.But that’s just my story.

Why don't more women ask men out on dates?

I wonder if you have good information about how often women actually do ask men out on dates. But here are a couple of thoughts that occur to me. Hopefully women will give their own personal experiences if they want to as well. But some possibilities:Most women I know are asked out by men quite often, whether they're setting out to attract attention or not. So they don't necessarily need to do any asking.I have never been on what I would call a date, but I’ve had a number of short and long relationships. So asking someone out on a date isn't the only route to moving forward with a relationship. If there is a gender difference in how much people like the dating format as a way of building relationships, that could have the effect you're implying is observed.A real factor is that women are on the whole more wary of men than we are of them. That could mean that women are more likely to wait longer and try to find out more about a man before asking him out. That would lead to a difference in overall numbers anyway, and also has the effect that if a man and a woman are both interested in each other, it's quite likely that the man will be the one to feel ready first to suggest a date.

Why is it that in this day and age most women still don't ask guys out?

Have you ever checked out the most popular genre in books and movies? Especially books. Not for nothing, are romance books big business - think Harlequin Mills & Boon, Intrigue all those love stories! Women still want romance and believe me, many mothers still teach their daughters not to make the first move. This is frequently reinforced by brothers of all ages who may helpfully squawk, "Why would he want to date you, dog-face?" So, just as around 99% of young women expect the man to ask her to marry him, girls will usually wait for the bloke to make the first move to start the relationship. So if you spot a gorgeous girl you want to ask out, get your skates on and DO IT!!

Why don't women ask men out ?

If they want equal rights, then why not have equal responsibilities ?

Do they want the power in the dating?

I'm talking about the vast majority of women don't ask men out.

Why don't women generally ask men out?

I don’t know why women dont generally ask men out but I could tell you why I seldom do. I had a bad experience regarding this whole fiasco.Flash back. 2010.He was a homie, senior and average looking guy. Single all his life, shy and soft spoken. Maybe thats what intrigued me about him. The fact that he doesn’ t flirt with girls openly when his mates are brats (on the contrary). He always respected everyone regardless of how they treat him.I asked him out, he said okay and soon we started going out together (unofficially). It was a well kept secret.Now, it was pre whatsapp era. Text messaging was common during those times compared to social media like Facebook. So i had his number and we would exchange heart symbols ♡ or sometimes kissing emoticon… :-* Silly, I know. But we were both immature, young kids trying to woo each other.So there was this one time, someone texted me heart symbol ♡ from an unknown number. I ignored it.‘What? Not going to kiss me?’ a text came..‘Who is this?’, I texted back.No reply.Few days later, another similar incident took place. But this time it was two other different numbers. No message, just heart symbols and kissing emoticon.I ignored it. Soon, I started getting more heart symbols at late nights. Since it was recurring event,I asked the dude i was going out with if he knows anything about this. (He has my number and the text matches what we were exchanging between us).‘Uh’,..he hesitated.‘Well, my mates they were just joking around with you. I told them not to do it. But,.. listen, I’m sorry. Okay?’I gaped at him.‘Joking what?’, I pestered him.‘Well,..’His mates though that i was an easy lay and texted me to test the waters. To see if they could score a date with me. I was furious, yes. But most importantly, I learnt not to ask out people who have douchebag friends.I still ask men out, because not all men are the same. But, I have exerted caution when approaching someone for a potential date. Its very unlikely for me to ask someone out when they brandish women who ask men out first as slut or whore.

Should women ask men out on dates?

So, let me tell you the mentality of boys when girls ask them out.Few years back, my friend and I liked this guy who we saw regularly during our break. He worked in the same building as ours. I wasn’t as attracted as my friend was. I just liked ‘bird watching’. But her attraction grew towards him.It was over two weeks now and we were trying to figure out in which office or on what floor he worked and what is his name and whatever demographics we could. But, unfortunately, we only found very little information about him while he was talking over phone with some female and his accent sounded non-Indian. We assumed he must have lived in some foreign country and came back to India. We also assumed the female to be his sister. You know, just not to disappoint my friend. By the time, over a month, I grew over him and became uninterested. But my friend was persistent.Another friend of ours took a step for her and went to his friend to talk. She told him pointing towards us that‘One of my friends likes your friend.’To which he replied: ‘He is my brother and not my friend. And he is not in a relationship but he is dating someone.That was it. A few days later, we coincidentally met this friend of him in the lift and exchanged a formal ‘hello!’Guy’s friend: Hi. I am Sahil.Us: Hi.My friend: So, what you guys do?Me: We’re in a research firm. What about you?Sahil: We are into sales. Me and my brother. We just came back from UK like six months back.My friend: Oh. That’s good.Sahil: I heard one of you likes my brother. Your other friend pointed me out at you but I wasn’t sure which of you it was. Was it you? (He pointed out to my friend)My friend: Maybe.Sahil: That’s good but isn’t it bizarre? I mean what impression would guys have on you. Whoever it might be out of you two. It would leave an impression of you being ‘easy to get’ .Me: That’s your mentality. But thanks anyway.And we stormed out. This was the end. My friend was disheartened. She never pursued him anymore.Is this what guys think when a girl approaches them or was it only with him?

Why do women keep asking me why I'm single?

We generally ask why a single man is single because we're basically wondering what's wrong with him. If you're good looking, hard working etc, it must be something deeper so I guess they're interested in finding that out. If it bothers you, tell them. 'I'm really picky', simple. Mystery solved, they'll move on to the next vaguely interesting thing to talk about.
Nobody is asking you to lower your standards, you seem a little hostile about that. It's an office, people talk about other people. It happens, I doubt you should take it so seriously.
Also, men don't have a limited supply of eggs and can technically have children into later years but you may want to read into the correlation between birth defects in children and the rise in miscarriage due to sperm degradation. Even sperm banks don't want sperm from men over 40. You may want to re-think the body clock idea if you want to have healthy children, even with a younger mother.
Actually I did mention women and their limited supply of eggs. But you're not a woman and I thought you were talking about you. Right? You yourself stated that you were picky!!
'League' if you subscribe to the concept, is determined by the people that are attracted to you, not by some sort of grandiose ideas you have of yourself. If those are the people that are attracted to you, that's your 'league'. If you wish to reject the women that are attracted to you because of some deluded entitlement complex, that is your prerogative.

Why don't woman, at most, ask man out?

They do, especially when they feel comfortable where they are and aren’t (or fear to be) shamed, insulted or assaulted for asking a man out.By shamed and insulted, I mean that they get slut shamed for a perfectly normal behavior. And the assault part comes from the fact that some men take that as a green light for violating their bodies, when all it is is an expression of interest - not a consent to be grabbed, kissed, or worse.

Why don't women ask interesting questions on dates?

Why don't women ask interesting questions on dates?HmmmmmmYou do know dating is a two way process, yes?Good. To ask interesting questions, the girl has to be interested in you. If you are not presenting as someone worth her attention, she's going to get bored very quickly. Nearly all the girls I dated, I knew beforehand, either through work, or as part of social groups. There was always something in common. We would already know a good bit about each other.Now, if you meet someone on a date for the first time, it's a bit like a sales call. Any salesman will tell you that the first few seconds of a meeting are crucial. If you don't give off a fantastic first impression, you've got a real uphill struggle on your hands.Because we men (in general) think through our genitals, a girl only needs one or two attractive features and we are already sold. But women's minds are more complex. They are instantly looking for traits in us they can nurture. They don't want us too perfect, but they do want something they can work with. They know that by the time they have trained us in one area, they will have found something else to work on. But you have to give them something to make the training worthwhile. And you only have a few seconds to do it. If you don't manage it in those vital first few seconds, the interest is gone and interesting questions along with it. From this point your likelihood of a second date relies on how empty her social calendar is and how empty her head is. But there is another issue here. By wanting someone else to ask interesting questions, I can only assume you feel like you have a lot of interesting stuff to say about yourself. That's bordering on vanity - a big turn off. I got a reputation for being vain. As a 45 year old with a beer belly, I still can't accept George Clooney is superior to me in the looks department, but I have turned it into a self-mocking bit of fun. This is strange psychology, but if she is doing all the talking about herself, she is actually finding you more interesting. Look out for that. Maybe you are an Adonis and she doesn't want to spoil the fantasy by having you open your mouth to reveal you are vain about it. But seriously, if you are finding every girl is behaving in the same way, then the problem is with you.

GUYS: Does it work when women ask men out?

I am a woman and it's actually been the opposite for me. The guys I asked out have actually turned out to be better relationships than vice versa. As a matter of fact I approached this guy I thought was handsome and funny and he ended up marrying me :) I like bragging that I picked him myself.

I am not old-fashioned because times are different these days. Women make just as much money and most guys are perfectly comfortable with that. Times have changed.