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Why/how Do I Look Weird Without Makeup

Why do i look so weird without makeup?

okay im a 13 year old girl and ive been wearing makeup to middle school for as long as i can remember. im in 8th grade now. i uaually wear foundation, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. but every time i take it off at night, i think i look so different and ugly. and idk why. i wont let anyone see me without it eccept for like my parnents. and thats weird too. like i dont seem to care if tehy see me without makeup, but anyone else i wil freak out. and never let it happen. Im so paranoid about it. yet i dont think much of it. i always have makeup so i dont really worry like that. i have pretty good skin if i must say. i mean its pretty soft, im light skined. but the main problem is my eyes! like idk why my eyes seem to look weird without makeup and thats the main reason my face looks weird without makeup. i cant figure it out. i mean i see other people who dont wear eye makeup and they look fine! so why does it seem like its just me? i actually have pretty eyes. they are brown/hazel and i uaally get compilments on how pretty they are. becuz i guess the eye makeup brings them out more somehow. i wash my makeup off every nite. i dont have acne. i use gentle scrub and dove soap. and im just so confused as to why all this is! please help! thanks =]

Why do I look weird without makeup?

My eyes look bulgy and my skin just looks eww and pale.
Before I ever wore makeup I used to get a lot of compliments like shes pretty but now without makeup i feel like **** and I look different and weird.
Does Makeup change your appearance or make you look uglier somehow :/ please help I wanna look natural again especially my skin , I hate my bulgy eyessss why are they like this without makeup ?

Why do I look Ugly without makeup?

When I'm too lazy to do makeup and go out guys give me weird looks if i turn to them, my skin looks like that of a cancer patient, my eyes are tiny, tiny lips with no color, I'm scared to look at myself cause im so ugly.
When I Do wear makeup my eyes look big and defined, lips fuller, even skintone, pretty lashes, guys smile at me. Why is that??
I'm 19 so i'm not old.

Why do i look so ill without makeup?

i look so unwell without makeup, people always comment on it, i am very pale naturally and skinny and i look so tired. however, when i wear foundation and masscara they dont say anything and i look like a complete different person. the only thing is i dont like to wear fake tan and makeup constantly everyday...

Why do they say i look dead without makeup? how can i prevent this?

Wow, what a bunch of tools. Caring so much about something that doesnt effect them at all.

Well, you can try one of those natural glow lotions that give you some color, and make sure you get a good night's sleep, and keep your body hydrated. Both the latter you should do anyway for your health.

If you wear makeup on the regular, it's common for anyone to look tired or washed out without it because people arent used to what you really look like. So if you stop wearing it all the time, you probably wont look so different. Do you notice how most celebrities have that same problem when the papparazzi catches them without makeup?

But really, tell those jerks to eat a fat one.

Why do I look so ugly without makeup? (Pic included)?

I really don't wear much makeup, some eyeliner (people say it's heavy, but I don't think it really is) I draw on pitch black eyebrows (I shaved off my natural eyebrows a while ago) and trace my lips in black. Not that much I don't wear foundation or powder much (only for shows) I do have wet hair in the first picture but Im not wearing makeup and the second I tucked all my hair into my hat...
I hate how I look without makeup it makes me uncomfortable to be without it even if I'm alone. I just feel like I look like a guy without it.
And yes both pics are me. I know I look very different... And one is night the other is morning just in case you were wondering. Why do I look so different without makeup. Thanks in advance.

My girlfriend looks ugly without makeup?

So we were hanging out at my house and it was thunderstorming really bad and she didn't want to drive in it because it was pretty late. Surprisingly enough, my mom said it was okay if she slept over, as long as she stayed in my sisters room. Of course, she didn't, and came to stay with me. So she excused herself to brush her teeth...and well, let me explain.

My girlfriend is mixed, with dark eyes, dark, arched eyebrows like Megan Fox, and long dark hair. She's pretty tan, with some freckles here and there, but they aren't usually very visible. I guess I realized why.

So she emerged from the bathroom, and I felt my face drop. She looked the same...but different.

Gone were the super arched, dark eyebrows. Now they were just...normal, I guess. Less dramatic. Her eyelashes were short and hardly visible, and her eyes seemed like holes in her face, just kinda chillin there. I could've dealt with that...but the skin. She had major acne-scars going on there, mostly on her cheeks, and some on her chin. Her forehead and nose was clear, and the freckles were more obvious, which was cute. But....god. I knew she had slight acne problems, but nothing like that. You would've thought I'd of noticed that much makeup.

What am I supposed to do? I'm not trying to sound shallow, but god, if you could SEE the difference you'd be shocked. She looks the same, but younger, less exotic and feminine. I told her she looked beautiful, but part of me wanted to offer her a new skin care routine.

What do I do? How do I stop being such a jerk and accept her for who she truly is, underneath all the fake stuff? HELP ME. I love her, and I want to see past her flaws.

Why does my girlfriend look different without her makeup?

Never underestimate the POWER OF MAKEUP—it’s WITCHCRAFT! Be wary.A makeup is what you get after Ursula combines all of those little weird creatures inside her pot. Instructions include that the user apply it all over her face to cover her face.I’m not going to include in here the psychology behind makeup because that would be quite lengthy. Instead, I’d like you to imagine wearing a plain white mask. Then paint a face on it. Wear it and look at yourself in the mirror. Do you still look the same? I bet not.Makeup works in the same way. It is just like painting a different face over your own face. It results to skin homogeneity by concealing imperfections. Moreover, it can also enhance or accentuate a specific area by contouring it. The eyes become bigger or smaller and fiercer or sweeter. Cheek bones become prominent and square jaws become less masculine. Lips become more plump. Highlights and shadows create 3D effects. All of these deceive the eyes.So why? Because she took off the mask.[I do not own the video. Credit goes to The Power Of Makeup]Free “Anshirts” by Ami A. Dalek:[I do not own the unedited image. Credit goes to Katso Men’s in]\(*v*\)