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Will I Regret Getting A Tattoo Saying

Do you regret getting a tattoo?

For people that actually have tattoos. Lol.
But do you regret getting it at all? If you got it somewhere blatantly visible, do you wish you would've gotten it somewhere you can hide it?
I want to get a tattoo reallllly bad, but a lot of people I know who have them say don't because they regret getting it later in life. Others don't say that though. I'm just curious.
Also, what kind of tattoo did you get for your first? I hear if you get a really big one for the first it can be super painful, but my friend got one and she said it was just like an adrenaline rush.

Do you regret getting tattoos? If so why?

I don't regret getting my two tattoos. I DO regret letting an artist I knew nothing about do the work on my first one. I DO regret letting him talk me out of red and orange and into blue and purple (because he was an artist and he felt the colors would look better that way) It now looks like a bruise until you get a foot away. Next month I'm getting it covered.
I learned my lesson on that one and waited until I found the right artist to do what I wanted on the second one.

PS I find the phase tramp stamp to be repugnant and derogatory to women. I prefer the term *ss antlers..... (running and ducking for cover)

PSS I hear this on one of the boards last week "Now we call em tramp stamps, In 50 years they'll call em gramp stamps"

Would I regret getting a tattoo on my wrist?

I'm 19 years old, so I can't give you the mature, adult answer, but I can tell you my experience and thinking with tattoos. I have one of my wrist, and I got it at a point when I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I thought I was going to sit in my room all day and write, and produce these best selling novels. When I went to college, I went as a drama major, and eventually ended up in nursing. Everyone I know tells me I'm going to regret getting a tattoo, because I'm going to be embarassed to show it or explain myself to someone. Well, I don't mind telling anyone about my tattoos. They are a part of me and represent parts of my life that are important to me. I have one in memory of my father, I got a comedy/tragedy mask on my wrist after my first leading role in a highschool play, I got a treble clef on my foot after going to Carnegie Hall to sing with my highschool. All these things were something that I absolutely loved at the time. I am not ashamed of my tattoos, because I'm not ashamed of the story that's behind them. I know I'm a nursing major, but I'm still going to have some more tattoos done. All of mine can be covered easily, and shown off easily.

I say if it means something to you, then get it. Don't listen to all these people who tell you that you'll regret it when you get older... because they aren't you, only YOU know if you're going to regret anything. Tattoos are pretty popular and common place, so very few people are going to look at you different because you have one little peace sign on your wrist. Do what you feel like. You only live once.

Do old people regret getting tattoos?

If I had to guess, I’d say about 98% of people that got a tattoo(s) in their teens, twenties and thirties, do not and will not regret their tattoos when they “get old”.One of my biggest pet peeves is hearing these non-tattooed people that state something to the effect of, “you shouldn’t get a tattoo because when you’re 70 it’s going to be wrinkly and unintelligible and you’ll regret it”. Comments like that sound so stupid to me. These judgmental little weenies are worried about what a little ink is going to look like 50 years from now! It sounds retarded to me, and these people that think like that probably lead very boring lives. They might not live to see next week or next year and they’re worried about 50 years from now! I’ll never understand those mental midgets.Most people get tattoos to mark special/important events or moments in their lives, like surviving cancer, for example. Those tattoos are going to be there to tell great stories to grandchildren and great grandchildren, if the person is lucky enough to live that long. Tattoos, to me, are symbols of an interesting life lived to the fullest and one that future generations of kids would want to hear about.People that say you’ll regret your tattoo in 40 or 50 years because your skin is going to wrinkle obviously don’t have tattoos and wouldn’t dare even consider getting one.Either get tattooed or don’t, but ignore those morons that are worried about what it’ll look like 40, 50, or 60 years from now.

Do people regret getting tattoos?

I will never regret my tattoo. My tattoo is a memorial for my dad that passed away not to long ago. I think judging someone for having a tattoo is rather stupid now a days. I believe they say your body is the temple. So why not decorate it? My tattoo is on my calf. I had it placed there because your legs hardly change over time. when I go out I show it off. i sat through 5 1/2 hours for something i will always cherish I'm proud to have that ink on my skin it's a way to always keep my dad close to me. When I need do something work related ill put pants on simple as that. As long as a tattoo has meaning I see no problem in them.

Do you ever regret getting a sleeve tattoo?

I don't personally have a sleeve tattoo, but I have four tats and lots of friends with sleeve tats.

1. All my buddies designed their own sleeves. Most seems to come up with it in a month or two.

2. They do get a lot of stares, but mostly of admiration. We're in the military and tats are generally accepted (well, at least they used to be before the big guys in charge are starting to crack down on them)

3. My tats, and their sleeves haven't been a problem yet, but I have always avoided a sleeve tat (even though I want one bad) because I plan to have a professional job when I get out, and having a large tat that visible can't be a good thing. It's just not professional.

4. No regrets on my tats, but one of my friends did have his sleeve removed. It was going to take like a year of 6-10 treatments and cost him over 2 grand. His sleeve was preventing him from becoming a Marine officer, so it had to go.

5. Not really. Most of my friends really don't care about tats either way. Some have them, some don't.

How do you cope with regretting your tattoo(s)? Why do you regret that decision in getting them?

I got a tattoo on my lower left arm when I was 18 (I'm 48 now and no longer worry about it) It's an abstract picture of a phantom skull. I saw a picture of Greg Allman, from The Allman Brothers, in a tattoo magazine, with this tattoo that I thought was cool looking. Now the guy that did my ink was recently released from a 15 year prison sentence for manslaughter. He was a HUGE man, ranked 1%er with the Outlaws( all due respect to you Rabbit, hope your doing well brother) and he was covered with ink, most he ran himself. And he was very talented. So anyway he does this tattoo for me and, at the time I thought it was bad ass.Fast forward ten years. No matter how hot it may have been, if I was doing ANYTHING that would be considered “Professional”, I had to wear long sleeves. And even though I look at the tat and clearly see what it is, I have spent YEARS of people asking me “what is it supposed to be?”, I explain, they say(all of them, all of the time, say the same thing) “It looks like a pineapple”. I've heard that so many time over the years, I actually reached a point when I would just say “It's a pineapple” when asked and just deal with the odd looks of why the Hell would you tattoo a pineapple on your lower arm!?!Now please keep in mind that times have changed a great deal and tattoos are more “main stream” or accepted then they used to be. My advice to someone considering getting some ink would be to make sure your artist is top notch, the tat you pick is something you will want on your body for the rest of your life, and above all else, pick were you put it very carefully. Though they are more accepted, they can still pose a problem for some and may be even cost you a great job or unwanted judgment.And just my opinion, if you could care less about the ramifications of it and never want to have a White collar type job with a reputable company, then ignore this advice. NEVER, EVER, EVER, put a tattoo on your face. I was a hiring manager for many years with reputable company and I can say from personal experience that anybody that had a tattoo on their face would never climb the ladder. I'm not here to debate whether that's right or wrong, it's just a simple fact of the way things are in the world we live in.I'll be honest, if it the world wasn't like that, I would be covered head-to-toe with tattoos, but never my face. I'm too much of a pussy to do that. That shit hurts! Props to those who can take that pain lol.