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Will Mexico Run Out Of Mexicans Before Left Wingers Agree To Enforce Immigration Iaws

Does anyone know how can I find information about Mexico?

Click on the link below for any information that you need, also you can use the search window on that page to find more information. This way you don't have to look though all the information above to find what you want.,2643,en_33873108_33873610_1_1_1_1_1,00.html

Illegal Immigration - What's the problem?

I don't get why it's wrong for someone to come here besides the, "It's against the law!" excuse. Americans come all the time to Mexico and stay thinking that they aren't illegals but similarly to your government, our government isn't too strict about it because if it were, there would be no illegals on both sides. Americans never learn the language. That, or they're just terrible at it and no one can understand them.

Sure, influx of crime. That can be dealt with. Why not have a system where one can be identified using finger prints? Anyone can go into the country and out, they just need to "register" themselves with this new machine. If a crime pops up from either side, they can not proceed. It will cost millions, but it will make many families happy and will reduce crime on both sides. Besides, Ameri-naco's spend billions on war heads anyway, a couple million if spare change.

What, welfare? You're afraid of that? Well, quit taxing big and small businesses - get rid of Welfare and make it easier to get a job. Handicapped people? Their benefits can stay. The elderly? They have S.S and SSI.

Terrorism? It's not like obtaining a six month visa is hard or anything, terrorists can come here whenever they want so it's not like that will change.

What's the problem?

Mexican Immigration to America?

1) lack of work in mexico led to immigration. No jobs at all are available. This is why when the undocumented mexicans arrive in the U.S. they take horrible jobs where they are paid next to nothing because that is better than what they were getting in Mexico.

2) It is very wide spread. There are millions of undocumented mexicans living on American soil... although America took Mexican soil back in the 1800s, so really they are just reclaiming what was rightfully theirs.

3) Not a ton of people are actually that affected by the immigration. Yes, they take jobs that could be going to documented americans, but most of the time the jobs they take sound incredibly unappealing to Americans, so they don't apply. The other way it is affecting America is with over-population... but America is far overpopulated without the Mexicans anyway, so they are just contributing to an already horrible problem.

4) The government hates immigration simply because they are ridiculous... I don't know why we don't just make them documented citizens and make them pay taxes because these people already help our economy with the labor they provide.

Now we cannot execute illegal immigrants?

And this has to do with illegals because ?