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Will Someone Custom Design My First Tattoo

Where is the best place online to have a custom tattoo design created (for a fair fee, of course)?

You might want to consider checking out TattooTailors. We create custom tattoo designs.Tell us what you think, your inner most thoughts, then we will evolve those ideas efficiently to make a unique and bespoke design for you. The design will be yours and you will get to keep it forever. You will feel relieved and excited as you get your tattoo design exactly how you want it.First, you just need to choose a package that suits you. Second, describe your ideas. Third, one of our best matched tattoo artist will be in contact. Lastly, the perfected design will be sent to you.It’s all your imagination, we just tailor it to fit you perfectly.

Where can I get my tattoo design done online?

Best to have the artist doing the tattoo, draw the tattoo. Start with knowing the style of tattoo you prefer, and research the artists that are best in that style. Those are the people you want drawing your tattoo. Give them direction on what you like, but leave the imagery open to interpretation. This will give your artist the freedom to make the design their own, while giving you the result you wanted. Then, pay that artist to tattoo it on you. Absolutely, without a doubt, best way to get a great tattoo you will be happy with.

How long does it take for a tattoo artist to sketch out a custom tattoo?

it depends on the artist. i have seen my artist draw a tattoo from scratch in about ten minutes. completely detailed. probably about seven inches by four inches. but as far as scheduling a time to get a consult and to talk about the tattoo and get a sketch at a later date? i'd say a week or two. but i always give my artist plenty of advance notice like "i want to get a tattoo of X on this date in a month" but i never look at the tattoo sketch beforehand. i just go and he puts it on me the first time i see it. he amazes me every time!

I need help designing my first tattoo. I'd like to have the letters KJT in Kanji or in Vietnamese and a symbol for family strength on my shoulder, can anyone please help?

You need a Custom Tattoo artist. Not every tattoo artist can create good custom art. Many will tell you they can just to make the money on the job; but be smart and look at an artists portfolio thoroughly before hiring him.Ive been tattooing for 20 years now and ive seen an unbelievable amount of guys working as tattoo artists who dont belong tattooing at all.And you don't have to hire the same artist to both design your piece and to apply it as well. This gives you an entire planet of artists you can turn to.I happen to be very good at lettering concepts. If you want to see my work just go on Instagram @olderealmtattoo or @jakecoffee_olderealmtattooHope this helps…Jake Coffee ♤ Olde Realm Tattoo

Do tattoo artists charge to draw up your design?

I have a basic design & just want a few small details changed. This will be my first tattoo, so just wondering if this cost is added onto the final price? If not, how much is an appropriate amount to tip for having customized the design?

What do you think of my custom tattoo and what would have been a reasonable price for it?

Your tattoo is phenomenal. A reasonable price would have been 650 (100 dollars/hr) at least, 900 would have been fair (150/hr). Most tattoo shops charge betw 100-200hr. 10% is more than enough for a tip, however because you were honestly under-charged, it was your first, and the work is superb I would have given at least 75 dollars tip. The shading is fantastic and I can see no blowouts despite being around some pretty bony areas and I blew it up huge on my computer to look for blowouts.

artists have told me that approximately 10% of people tip. I'm on the East Coast. Top guys around here like Shane Oneil or Myke Chambers charge @ least 150/hr

I want to get my first tattoo soon. Which is the best place to get inked in Ernakulam?

Few tips.1) Get a concept of what exactly you want to get inked. If you don’t have a clear cut idea, your artist should be able to get you something. Getting custom designs done is not that IN here, but there are a few good places which might do it for you.2) Get an appointment and stick to it. If they are open for walk ins, very good. But most reputed artists are booked well in advance for days, if not weeks, and time is valuable for everyone.3) Don’t believe someone who shows you a folder of designs for you to choose from. Chances are there, they’d screw it up if you want something unconventional.Getting tattooed is a permanent process and you have to do some preparation, especially when you’re getting inked for the first time. My first tattoo was from RMC Tattoos @ Panampilli Nagar. It’s a small place which makes you feel like you just entered your grandma’s house. But the artist Anoop is a really friendly, helpful and talented person and I’d recommend the place without a second thought. I’m not proud of the questions I asked, but he patiently answered every question and made me comfortable. He has some kickass works done too, considering Cochin is not that big with tattooing yet. His Insta is DESI TATTOO ARTIST (@desi_tattooartist) • Instagram photos and videos and check their website too. They have one more studio at Thrissur, and it’s the top ranked one there also.

First Time Getting Tattoo?

I want to get a tattoo and I'm completely clueless on the subject, so I just have a couple of questions.

First of all, most tattoo artists charge by the hour, right? Is there a "base fee" as well? Does it cost more to get it done in color? Is there extra for getting a custom tattoo done?

I'm bringing in a custom design done on paper, and I'm wondering how artists go about inking you. Do they just refer to the drawing and copy it onto your skin? (I'm terrified it might turn out like **** if that's the case).

And finally, I'm getting it done on my back, below the nape of my neck and spread out from shoulder to shoulder (think of wings), and I'm wondering if this is a particularly painful spot.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with my questions!

What happen when a tattoo artist make a mistake on your design?Like wrong colour or design?

Well you could get a cover up job that would cost a lot of money, but it is pretty much impossible for that to happen. The tattoo design is drawn out on paper and you can see how it will look on you before the artist starts drawing it. The colours make not be the exact colours you had in mind, (like certain shades may be different that what you imagined) but you watch the artist dip the needle into the ink, so you know what colour is being used before it is permanent.