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Will Someone Give Me There Iphone

If someone’s number is blocked on an iPhone, will his messages reappear once his number is unblocked?

I don’t know, but I don’t think it matters. If they blocked you, they don’t want to talk to you. Seeing what you messaged them will not change that. There is nothing you can write/say that is so loving, so brilliant that they are going to say, “Hmm. Maybe I misjudged.” People don’t block people on whim, they do it with forethought.

Why would someone have a 256 gb iPhone, 1 tb iPad and then a 2 tb MacBook Pro?

maybe you don't do as much as they do.
some of us like to take video, and i don't know if you ever looked at the size of an hour of video on an iPhone, but let me tell you, it fills up a 32GB one pretty quick with just a few hours...
besides, better to have too much space than not enough. i have 2 - 8TB drives and 2 - 4TB drives on my PC, and all but one is mostly full...

If someone blocks your number on iPhone do you still show up in their missed calls?

I have blocked someone on my iPhone little did I realize, they actually could leave a voicemail. I noticed it one day when I was scrolling through to the bottom of my voicemails, I had a bunch. Low and behold there was 1 message from “BLOCKED” that I could tap on right before the “DELETED” messages . I was totally surprised. I had made the assumption that when I blocked someone, they could not get through to my phone at all. It didn't show up as a missed call, just sent it straight to voicemail. I have no idea if the person ever tried texting. Either way I wouldn't answer . I thought maybe this feature happened this was as to not make people who get crazy obsessive not to go ballistic with full cut off, yet you don't even know they are calling or have to deal with them and if they are harassing you. You have proof of it with any left messages.

How can you tell when someone is hacking your iPhone camera, what are the signs?

When You have a Stock iOSNo one can access your camera without your explicit permission.The applications which have access to your camera however can access it and if someone have hacked your credentials for that app can see your already taken pictures and in some cases access your camera too. I’m not blaming the well known apps but it is possible.When your iPhone is JailbrokenIn this case anything is possible and if you are suspecting something make sure you uninstall any Cydia apps from not so popular or trustworthy repos. Bigboss and those which install by default are the most trustworthy still be careful.How can you tell?Battery: Excessive Drain of Battery is the most obvious signScreen turns on without you touching the phone or any notificationsCheck your recently Deleted folder in the Photos you may find an image or video you didn’t captureGo to location services and see if camera has used your location services most recently than you rememberHow to Restore Balance?Remove any suspicious appTurn off access to camera for all apps and start adding one at a time and see if you still suspect something or only enable access to apps that you use and trustChange Passcode and see if someone have added their fingerprint to Touch ID. Remove any Touch ID you do not remember addingRestore your iOS completely using iTunesHope this help. I will be happy to answer if you’ve any other questions. Upvote if you liked my work it really helps and keeps the contributors going

Can i sue someone who sold me an icloud locked iphone with out informing me about it?

so today i bought a second hand iphone from this guy in craigslist and i ask him through in person if everything on it was clean like the esn and if its blacklisted and if it had a icloud lock and he said everything was good. that nothing was wrong with it and that it was ready to be activated after i bought it and noticed that it was icloud locked .. i saw on his craiglist post he said nothing about it being icloud locked can i sue him ? i only have his number if i can sue him can you guys please tell me how i do it thanks itll mean alot i spent 130 dollars on the 4s and it really wasnt worth it since it has no worth other than it being parts thanks

Iphone question, ways to tell if someone has an iphone?

This question may apply to all iphones, but I wouldn't know cause I just made the switch from android. But if I disable iMessage and Facetime, is there any way one of my contacts with an iPhone will be able to tell I have one too? Like I know if I leave them both on, he/she will be able to tell I have a iphone also because the text will turn into an iMessage and the facetime option will be available. So if I turn them both off, will they be able to tell that I have an iphone now and not android anymore?
I know this is a weird question because why would I not want someone to know I have an iphone? But thats not really relevant I just want to know. Like is there anything else I should turn off so it isn't obvious I'm an iphone user too when they contact me and vice versa?

How do I download a ringtone to my Iphone 4?

If you have the song on your phone, then get an app (Search something like, "Ring Tone" and something should come up. There are apps where you can send the song to your email or something and then you can like down load it from iTunes and hook ur phone up to it and it should be on u phone.
Ok... over all... get a ring tone app and just go from there. It will give you directions.