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Would My Old College Accept Me Again Full Time Job Or Go Back To College

My dad wants me to work while going to college full time?

It's a difficult situation. Try to speak with him. If you are studying a lot you barely have any time to work. And we need 8 hour sleep a night. you have to decide what is more important for you to have job now or study and get a better job in the future.

Is age 25 too old too old to start college all over again?

When I was 19, I dropped out of college with a 1.7 GPA. I was majoring in biology because my parents wanted me to be a doctor. Since then, I have been working full-time in retail. I just turned 25 and would like to start college from scratch. I want to major in anthropology. I am always interested in learning about other cultures. This time, I'm sure that I will do very well. I'll try to get all A's. I am scared that I'm too old now to apply to colleges as a freshman. Would I even get accepted?

Should college teens work full time during summer vacation?

When college teens go away to college and come back home for the summer, should they take up a full time job? My mom is arguing with me and telling me that all of the college teens come home and work a full time job. I already have a part-time job in which I work at all year-round, along with other small jobs on the side. It makes me angry when she says I should go out and work all day on the one break I actually get. I work my but off during the school year and really look forward to summer break. Don't you think college students should have a nice relaxing break in between years? I still live at home and don't need to pay for any bills whatsoever. So tell me what you think.

Is it selfish to want to go back to college?

No no no no no no and NO! I am 28, a mother of 3, and happily married to the same man for (almost) 8 years now! When we got married we had so much going on that I "took a break" from school and worked at Wal-mart. We started having children right away and everytime I went "back" to school, I would end up pregnant again and have to take another semester off. I am now enrolled at our local community college and will be transferring to a private four year college near me to finish my degree in ElEd this fall. While it is extremely hard to be a full time parent and a student, it CAN be done(last semester I had a 4.0). School gives me a few hours out of the house everyday and a great sense of accomplishment that has greatly benefited my parenting and my relationship with my husband. I have nothing against having a part time job or being a SAHM, but there is something about personal goals and personal accomplishments that has made me a much better person. Not to mention, by the time my youngest(3.5) is in Kindergarten, I will have a degree and the skills necessary to get a job while they are in school all day! PLUS the bonuses you holidays and SUMMER VACATION! YEAH! Just because you are a Mom and wife, does not mean you have to give up your dreams of having an education! Best of luck to you!

ps Don't forget to submit your FAFSA. You may qualify for grants that will pay for your schooling. Then just because you don't have a job to MAKE money, doesn't mean you can't be SAVING money!