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Would Obama Say That Police Officer That Shot The Suspect Acted Stupidly After The Suspect Took

Obama: Cambridge police acted 'stupidly'?

He never said it had an impact on health care reform. He was answering a question asked by a reporter.

I think what we have here is a classic clash of cultural understanding. White people and black people are bound to see this situation from different perspectives. If you are white, you are willing to assume police are doing the right thing and are on your side. If you are black, that has not been your experience in life.

Since none of us, including Obama, were there in the house, we have no way to know whose story is accurate (police or Gates) or if "the truth" lies somewhere in the middle, as it often does.

But I think it's fair to say the police acted stupidly simply based on the fact that a distinguished professor and homeowner ended up getting arrested. Policemen need to have skills in calming down situations and getting to the facts without becoming overly defensive and outraged, even if they think they are right. And if you think this would've gone down the same way if the professor had been white, you and I need to talk.

Would Obama say that police officer that shot the suspect acted stupidly after the suspect took three shots at him?

The liberal media response as well as some yahoo posters to this incident is mindboggling, the suspect who had a pervious gun charge, fired 3 shots at the officer, and then the gun jammed, the officer at that point is going to shoot you dead, that’s reality

Then the liberal media refuses to condemned the protester‘s rioting burring an American flag over a thug who open fired at the officer in uniform, shows the mentality

Obama - "Cambridge police acted stupidly" Any thoughts on that statement, prior to which he even admitted ...?

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Obama & the Police officer incident?

Black people are so happy to play the victim. Too bad this just wasn't a case where they could. It was a classism issue, and the black community (including the prez) fell for Gates and his lies. He was pissed because he couldnt believe this simpleton cop was arresting him, the big bad Harvard Professor. Lolz hilarious that he immediatly played the race card, he should have just said he was an elitist ***. But who says that? So he played up the black man vs. Police officers to get sympathy from blacks.

And he got it.

Was Pres. Obama's statement that the Cambridge Police acted stupidly a prejudiced statement?

Yes, but what I really want to know is what Obama thinks about what's happening in Paris, TX. There are two white men who spent 8 months in jail awaiting trial for a murder they didn't commit. They were out drinking with a black man who was later found dead on the side of the road from an apparent hit and run. They were arrested and held without bail until the truck in question had been run through the crime lab in Dallas three times with no evidence of blood or any other organic matter found on it nor damage conducive to hitting someone and dragging them 70 feet. A month after they were released a gravel truck driver came forward and said he may have accidentally hit him and didn't report it because he thought he hit an animal (deer are prevalent around there). Yet the naacp, black panthers and other hate groups have been holding that town hostage with their race baiting and calls for prosecuting two innocent men. They are basically screaming for white blood. I wonder what Obama has to say about this blatant case of black racism...

Well here's another story.Right after I graduated from the police academy I was assigned to the West Valley Division of the LAPD. I was also very large and muscular ( I was also an offensive lineman in the CFL) and athletic.So my first day I was assigned to a FTO named Kelly ( yes THAT Kelly). He was of average build and I towered over him ( I'm 6'4" tall about 270 at the time). I guess he felt safe with me.So about 3 days in we are working morning watch ( to 8 am. There is absolutely nothing going on, we are just burning gas. So Kelly tells me to call in and request a 7 ( lunch). Dispatch “rodgered" our 7 and Kelly pulls into a small park. He gets out of our patrol vehicle, opens the trunk and removed a blanket. He then gets back into the car, looks me up and down and says “ you look big enough to handle yourself, if there are any problems, handle it, but don't wake me up, unless we get a call, got it rookie, wake me up in an hour.” He covers himself with the blanket a goes to sleep. I studied penal code sections for the next hour, woke him up and we went back to work.About a month later we get a call about a 5150 ( crazy person). We roll up and observe a naked woman running up and down the street yelling “ thank you Jesus.”I approached her, tried to calm her down and looked around for her clothing. Kelly asked me what I was doing. I told him I was looking for her clothes. He said don't worry about that just get the blanket out of the trunk. I got the blanket, cuffed her up, covered her with the blanket and we transported her to the hospital.As we're getting back into the patrol car I said thanks for letting me use your “blankie.” He didn't find that funny.Oh and after that first night with Kelly, I started bringing my lunch to work.

Was Obama correct in calling the Cambridge police stupid last night?

Well, here is what I can say, as a police officer.

You can be arrested in your own house, however I am in Massachusetts, and had access to the report. The suspect was not arrested in his own house, he was arrested OUTSIDE causing a disturbance while the police were walking away, after verifying he was the key holder to the residence.

Everything about this case reads that it was handled properly and in the manner which is consistent with how other departments, including my own, would handle it.

The suspect was belligerent from the initial contact with the officer, who did not just randomly happen upon him but was called to the scene by a concerned citizen who report "two black men with backpacks" attempting to break into the residence. The officer arrived, spoke to the complainant, and then proceeded over to the suspects residence. When the officer asked if he lived there, the suspect refused to identify himself, immediately called the officer a "racist cop" and continued to act in a tumultuous and disorderly manner. The officers verified who he was, and were leaving, the suspect wished to have the officers name, which the officer attempted to give, several times, however each time the officer tried to give the name, the suspect would yell and continue to berate the officer. The officer advised him that he would speak to him outside, so as to be able to hear him better. The suspect followed the officers outside, but not before saying "I will see your mama outside."

Those are the facts, the man was arrested for disorderly conduct. The charge was correct, the elements of that crime where met, however due to political pressure the charges were dropped.

It should be noted, that along with the white officer, was a hispanic, and a black officer. The white officer, who was the arresting officer, is also a instructor in racial and ethnic diversity at the police academy.

So know all the facts before making unprofessional comments.

I retired in 2003 [early retirement] with 16 years served and bought back 2 years military service so my years of service on retirement was 18 yrs. I would have loved to stay the next two years, but we had a new ‘metro government’ with a mayor we LEOs were aware of before the change in government. I call him ‘KING JERRY’ and the king found a ‘YES’ man in the first Metro Chief.If it was officer involved, the mayor instructs the Chief [remember his YES man] To TERMINATE-CHARGE with crime- and IF he is acquitted, [innocent the charge] REINSTATE HIM W/O BACK PAY- A good friend and a narcotics detective was fired-charged with murder on a drug deal that went south. he was acquitted eventually [three years later] of any wrong doing legal or any violations of departmental policies and was reinstated in traffic control [Where he started 10 years before]... He sued the metro department, the metro chief, and metro government. He settled out of court on a nice settlement piece of change…Then left Kentucky.We always [officers that knew him, which was almost the entire department] had his case in the back of our minds when our duty called for us to pull a weapon… ‘If I have to shoot this bastard [bitch] am I going to be fired for doing my job?’ …So many that was close to retirement, retired as I, others put in lateral transfers to other departments or quit with less than a year service.The mayor [4 -4 year terms for 16 years of crewing up local government] became the Lt.Governor of Ky…The first Metro Police Chief…well,after the mayor left for the state capital, the Metro Chief,not long after he came in office, he left and IS or WAS the ‘YES’ Chief for the Denver Mayor.I quit by the way of early retirement

When obama took off on the Stupid Cop last night at his press conference, what did you think?

Unless something has been left out of the published account, there was nothing wrong (racially or otherwise) with the policeman's actions. He did his duty - as he should have done it regardless of the citizen's race or sex.

A case in point. I am white and male. Years ago (when I was fitter than I am now) I locked myself out of my flat and got in by scaling the wall to the balcony where the door had been left open. A neighbour reported seeing a burglar.

Shortly after I had entered, I answered the door to a pair of policemen who promptly arrested me. I had the sense (perhaps Harvard professors do not have common sense, which would explain a lot) not to resist. I simply explained who I was, and offered (if the officers would remove the handcuffs) to find my passport, driving licence etc. This was done, and the incident broke up with laughter and apologies all round.

If Gates had kept his cool, perhaps he would have had a less bruising experience. He should reflect on just one point: if the person entering his house had actually been a thief, how would he have wanted the police to react? The policeman did not, to begin with, know that Gates was who he claimed to be. A cop who is naive enough to accept a suspect's bare word and stand there saying "Yes sir, way to go sir, anything to oblige, sir" is not fit to be in the force.

With the arrogance, the lack of sense and the conceit he displayed, it is possible that Gates is not fit to be in his job either. I would not want such a person in a position of power or influence anywhere near my children.

In America.Dead people cannot be “found innocent.”On December 4, 1969, Chicago police raided Fred Hampton’s apartment and shot and killed him in his bed. He was just 21 years old. Black Panther leader Mark Clark was also killed in the raid. While authorities claimed the Panthers had opened fire on the police who were there to serve a search warrant for weapons, evidence later emerged that told a very different story: that the FBI, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office and the Chicago police conspired to assassinate Fred Hampton. WATCH: "The Assassination of Fred Hampton: How the FBI and Chicago Police Murdered a Black Panther"Clark’s gun fired a single round which was later determined to be caused by a reflexive death convulsion after the raiding team shot him; this was the only shot the Panthers fired. The Chicago police fired between ninety and ninety-nine shots.Automatic gunfire then converged at the head of the south bedroom where Hampton slept, unable to awaken as a result of the barbiturates the FBI infiltrator had slipped into his drink. Two officers found him wounded in the shoulder. Hampton was then shot twice in the head at point blank range by members of the Chicago Police Department.Body of Fred Hampton.Hampton's death was ruled a justifiable homicide by a jury inquest the following month. A civil lawsuit filed by the survivors and their families in 1970 resulted in a 1982 settlement of $1.85 million, believed to be the largest ever in a civil rights case.