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Would Shopping In Nyc Be Better

What is the best place for shopping in NYC?

I would be deeply grateful if you can tell a first-time in NY brazilian tourist the best places to buy:

1) Laptops and cameras
2) Unexpensive Clothes
3) NIKE Sneakers
4) Unexpensive small products for my friends in Brazil.

AH! Is there any place I should avoid? Or because they're expensive or cheap quality?

Thank you very much!

What are the best places to go shopping for outdoor gear in NYC? In particular Arc'teryx?

All of the stores already mentioned in this thread are great stores, but don't forget REI...REI is a great company based in Seattle and opened a soho store a few years ago. They are trying to get a grip on the east coast market; competing with LL Bean and the like. The Soho store is nice, but none can compete with the Seattle store, which has a climbing wall and mountain bike test track on site.Awesome!It's a co-op so as a member I feel obligated to mention it.They used to have a lifetime warranty which they recently changed to I think yearly, but Arcteryx's warranty is lifetime so you're covered.Oh, also... Don't forget EMS either.

I moved to Milan from NYC; where are the BARBER SHOPS?

I just moved to Milan 10 days ago. I am a black american male and I am in DESPERATE need of a Barber Shop. In NYC there are different barber shops for people of color and people of non-color (Not becasue of discrimination but just because of the difference in cutting hair) I have been told by some people that in MIlan...EVERYONE (black/italian/white) has their hair cut at the same places. Does anyone know where I can go to get my hair cut??? PLEASE!!

Also, I speak no Italian so it has not been working well to go up to people on the streets and ask

Help Please!


Whats the best places to shop in NY, and how much should i bring?

Um, I don't think taking your home town prices and multiplying them by 5 is the way to go, as one answerer suggested - if you live in California, actually, that would be a horrible idea.

You can shop at discount stores like Century 21 and Daffy's - they both have designer clothes at discounted prices (sort of like a TJMaxx or Marshall's, but a lot nicer and organized). Rather than wasting money on Fashion Ave., you could visit the malls in Brooklyn or Queens, as well. Honestly, I find MUCH better deals at the Macy's in Kings Plaza (biggest mall in Brooklyn) than at the one on 34th in Manhattan. Queens Center, in Queens, is also pretty big with fewer crowds and lots of stores. BUT, if you are content on staying in Manhattan, I would suggest visiting the stores in Herald Sq. (34th and Broadway) - there's a Macy's, H&M, Forever 21, Victoria's Secret, etc. - they're all very large stores, they offer a lot of choices that you might not find at the smaller, townie stores in the rest of the state/country, and though it's a little pricier, it's still affordable. I'd bring between $200 and $500, depending on what your preferences are and what you'd like to purchase.

Have fun!

What are the best watch repair shops in NYC?

Better is to DIY your self by using watch repair kit with BOOK : available in amazon to adjust link & comes with a book :

New york or Las Vegas for a girls shopping holiday?

I would choose NYC. Las Vegas has alot of malls, but they do not have too many unique stores. NYC has a lot more to offer. And, not all of it is very expensive. Even a high end department store, like Bloomingdales has affordable sales. Macy's (one of the largest stores in the world) has weekly sales. Century 21 is nicer version of a Marshalls. There is also Uniqlo, a Japanese store that has recently opened in NYC. There are tons of dress boutique in SoHo. There is great deals on shoes around 34th street. There is a store called Pearl River Mart, which is an inexpensive fun Home Decor store...

Also, a big difference is the TAX BREAK. Clothing and Footwear under $110 are exempt NYC and NYS taxes.. If you buy any single item over $110., you will pay a 4.5% city and 4% state. In Las Vegas, you will be charged tax on every piece of clothing and shoes you buy..