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Would The Ussr Have Emerged As The World

How did Soviet Union (USSR) emerge as a superpower after World War 2?

1. The Soviet Russian population was about the same as the USA's even with all the millions killed by the Nazi's & the Russians themselves.
2. Their territory (even without the Soviet Bloc Countries) stretched from the Baltic, the Black Sea, Iran, China, Mongolia & to the Pacific Ocean
3. Vast natural resources including oil
4. A large network of arms & aircraft manufacturing
5. A good plan at hornsnoggling by Stalin over Churchill, Roosevelt & Truman on getting what it wanted after the war.
6. Pouring in a tremendous amount of capital on armaments after the war (even though consumer goods lacked far far distant to that amount .
7. An efficient use of the KGB & recruitment of western leftists spies from the Great Britain & the USA.
8. Infiltration of many western nations with communist rabble rousers
9. Acquiring the atom bomb
10. ICBM's & nuclear proliferation along with an advanced scientific know how that kept pace with the USA.
11. The willingness to keep their Warsaw pact countries in line & a heavy handed approach at quelling dissent.

After WWII, how did the United States and the USSR emerge as the two superpowers of the world?

Thanks for my first A2AThe US and the USSR emerged as the two greatest powers for two reasons. Firstly, they had plenty of recourses and manpower, and the industry to use them. Both the US and the USSR had lots of factories, so they could turn their iron, coal, steel, and oil into goods. They could also use these resources to rebuild their Nations, although in the case of the US this was not necessary. This bring me to my second point, they were the only ones left. The British were bankrupt and London was in ruins, at the same time their colonies were diserting them, France was bankrupt as well, and was also losing its colonies. In addition France never had the industry or population of even Britian. Germany was being occupied, so that gets them out of the picture. China was in the middle of a civil war, and did not have very much industry. Japan was in ruins, and was occupied. I would add that despite its problems Japan was able to become a powerhouse. There are other reasons, but it would take to long to write.

How did the Soviet Union emerge from World War 2 as a superpower when it suffered immensely in the wars on the Eastern Front?

Because it now had the worlds best and well trained army. It’s army had moved from Moscow to Berlin. While it suffered enormous loses of life and property which would perhaps lead to it’s collapse. Countries on it’s border Poland, Germany, Romania suffered as badly if not more.There was no western country that had an Army that could beat the Soviets. It probably would have not been impossible for the Soviets to drive to Paris if they had so desired. Fortunately they didn’t and were actually somewhat accommodating allowing the allies to occupy Berlin.The loses of life and material would I think eventually lead to the Soviet Unions decline and collapse. Though many others don’t necessarily share that view.

How did the United States emerge as a superpower after World War II?

In comparison to other countries, the United States suffered little damage during World War II. The U.S. had a nuclear monopoly. The country was intact and the economy was thriving. All the other world power countries suffered severe damages and were deeply in debt.

How did the United States and the Soviet Union emerge from World War II?

Simply put, the United States got all the money.  The Soviet Union got all the land. The United States spent a ton of money during the war, but they also had money coming in for oil and munitions.  In addition, much of the money from rich people in Europe rushed to the United States.  In 1945, the United States was about the only nation that had any money at all - Britain and Russia were practically broke, and Germany and Japan had no economy left at all.  This allowed the United States to spend a lot of money on infrastructure that allowed it to become a fully modern state. Meanwhile, Russia not only expanded it's borders, it effectively controlled all of Eastern Europe.  Although it had suffered greatly (about 20,000,000 Russians died as a result of the war), many people, including Americans, thought it got the best of the war due to it's political and territorial gains.  Eastern Europe, although reeling from the war, had lots of things Russia needed.  Czechoslovakia was untouched by the war and it's industries were fully intact.  Romania had oil.  Poland and East Germany had plenty of good agricultural land.  All of this helped the Soviet Union become a superpower.

The two nations that emerged as major world powers following World War II were?

a) the United States and Britain
b) the United States and the Soviet Union
c) the Soviet Union and Germany
d) the Soviet Union and China

I know it isnt c or d I just can't remember if Russia (Soviet Union) or Britain became world powers.

Could a democratic USSR have emerged from Perestroika?

Yes, of course. Especially considering that in reality US is even less democratic than former USSR. Do all these US dynasties of millionaires and billionaires represent a real democracy? And even they are in fact controlled by almighty mass-media that nobody ever elected. These mass-media currently change the very fabric of Western society, destroying all traditions and families, and who can stop them? Well, Trump tried but he is too weak to change anything really important.As for Perestroika, sorry, but I still want to jail my former president Gorbachev. I personally strongly would prefer prosperity under the rule of communist party over “democracy” which made our pensioners look for food leftovers in garbage containers. Several millions of Soviet people died because of mafia shootings, malnutrition, lack of electricity/heating/hot water/cheap medicines, and later from civil wars like in Chechnya and Ukraine. Yes, I almost like the democracy that Putin eventually managed to build despite all destructive efforts of the West and especially US. But the price of this pretty imperfect democracy is too high, we could live happier now without Perestroika and Gorbachev, Chinese-style reforms could be much better.