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Would This Be Weird Got Bf A Tablet For Birthday .

What is a good birthday gift for a 16-year old girl?

Hi,Parents might give her free reign to redecorate her room or perhaps even a car.An indulgent aunt might take her on a trip or to a spa day.Grandparents might pay for music lessons or buy her the instrument of her choice.A friend might know just the purse she has been pining over for weeks.A boyfriend might take her to a concert.The point is that a 'good' gift for a 16 year old girl is something that speaks to who she is and what her dreams are.And being able to provide such a gift depends on how well you know her.good fun...  and   good choice.... can look here;Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more : Meily® Small Box Women Chain Ankle Bracelet Barefoot Sandal Beach Foot Jewelry : Sports & Outdoors ,thanks. [1] good fun , and good luck....Footnotes[1] http://Online Shopping for Elect...

What is the best birthday present you have ever received?

When I was 6 years old all I wanted was to have a birthday party at McDonald's. Everyone was having their parties there. I was over the moon happy when my mom agreed to let me have a party there.The night before my party I took a bath. While I was in the bath I noticed these small red dots on my stomach. I was petrified! I finally was getting the birthday party I wanted and then this happens. I had no idea what the red bumbs were so I hid them when my mom came in to check on me. I thought it wasn't a big deal as they would go away and I'd be fine in the morning.The next morning I woke up so itchy all over. I jumped out of bed and ran to the mirror. The worst catastrophe stared back at me. I had chicken pox! My mom immediately cancelled my party. I was devastated. To make it worse, now I had to spend my birthday alone as no one wanted to be around me.I was wallowing in my sadness and disappointment in my room. I heard a knock on my door and there stood my grandma. She handed me a happy meal and gave me a huge hug. She said if I couldn't have my party at McDonald's, we'd bring McDonald's to my party.She made my birthday so special. I don't even remember the gift she gave me. They didn't matter as she gave me the best gift ever which was her love. We had such a wonderful time together and it still makes me smile to this day.

Feel weird after taking melatonin? Help?

So, Thursday, my friends and I took molly and then weed to take off the edge of it. We didn't sleep that night, or the night after because we took more of it on friday, since it was my boyfriend's birthday. We didn't do anything during the day yesterday, only a couple hits of weed. My friend gave me a small tablet called melatonin to help us sleep. I took it last night a half hour before I went to bed, and this morning I felt great, since it was the best sleep I've had in a long time. I was a little bit groggy, but good but later on I felt like I was a bit gassy. Is this a side effect? I had a bit of dirrahhea too. How long will this last? And please don't comment about how I shouldn't do molly and weed because my friends and I agreed never to do that much two days in a row again XP

What are the gifts a girl can give a guy on his birthday?

I will be perfect to answer this as I am a bit choosy when it comes to Birthday Gifts, I think a gift should be one which is liked by the person whom you are gifting and not by you.Firstly try to gift what is really needed by the guy or what he wants to buy, Don’t gift Pens (rather than he is into writing or literature), Cufflinks (rather if he is into corporate and uses them very frequently), Photo frames (Put some pictures and give them so the value increases).You can surely gift something out of these.1. Watch2. Wallet3. Perfume (Edit 1: It is believed that gifting perfumes make relations sour sometimes, so avoid gifting by Ishika Srivastava )4. Bagpack5. Hand Made Card (I Really love the efforts taken)6. Shirt (Can be worn by him on that day)(Pic Courtesy - Google)Thanks for reading.Hope it helps,CHEERS!

Would guys buy sanitary pads for their girlfriend if she asked?

I have very painful periods. Almost all my body parts right from legs and back to my head and belly, pain like hell. I cry and cry a lot because of that unbearable pain.It had been 10 months since we were dating, his parents were out of town for 3 days so we decided that I will stay at his place. We were watching a movie in the evening and suddenly I felt something. Yes, I started bleeding. I got up and went to the washroom. He was standing outside and asking again and again if I'm okay. I came out and told him that I got my periods and that I need sanitary pads now. “Give me 5 minutes, I will go and buy them for you. Just tell me which one do you use.” he said while changing clothes in hurry.“Whisper”, I replied.“Okay you take rest, I will be back in 5 minutes”,he said kissing my forehead.I was sitting in the floor waiting for him. Pain was growing and I couldn't handle it anymore. I laid on the floor holding my tummy with tears in my eyes.He came with the pads and picked me up ,wiped my tears and took me to the washroom . “Don't lock the door" he said.I nodded.I came out after 5 minutes and I saw him standing there with a hot water bag in his hand. He came to me held my hand and said, “I know it's hurting you badly. Just lay down and let me comfort you.”I was lying on the bed and he was sitting beside me. He gave that hot water bag to me and told me to keep it under my back and was rubbing his hand over my stomach so that I don't feel much pain. The pain started decreasing after sometime.“How do you know about all this?”I asked.“About what?” he replied.“This hot water bag and all", I replied.“Oh that! I read about it. Remember once you told me that have really painful menses . That day I searched on the net about home remedies to cure the pain. This was one of them.”I hugged him saying I love you.Would guys buy sanitary pads for their girlfriends if she asked?Not only they buy pads for their girl, they make sure about her comfort as well.My boyfriend not only buys pads for me but also he remembers my date better than me and he make sure that he stay around me when I am on my periods.

My mom thinks I'm a pervert!?

Hello! I know this is a lot to read but I need serious help! I swear this isn't a troll! So I'm 15 and I get boners a lot. Like, I know guys are only supposed to get boners when they wake up in the morning but I get boners like every 2-5 hours. I thought it was normal but then one day, I was wearing sweatpants and my mom noticed my big ***** and she started scolding me and telling me to stop thinking about sex and naked girls and I'm like WTF??!! That happened like two months ago. It all actually started three weeks ago when I was sitting in my computer googling ****. Then all the sudden my balls started itching like hell. I tried to hold it but it was too hard to take so I had to reach under my pants and start scratching that area. At that same moment my mom came in and caught me and thought I was masturbating! So then she comes in and pushes me away and starts checking the computer screen to see what the hell I was watching. I was watching the music video to Meg & Dia's "Black Wedding" so my mom thought I was jerking off to Dia. Then she started blaming me and I was grounded for a whole week. I tried to explain what was really going on but she didn't trust me! After that whole week, my mom has been acting very strict lately. When I try to talk to her she just retorts! My dad has been acting weird also. Even my sister. We've always been close but now she's like staying away from me...last week I had to go to grandma's house and stay over at her house (continued)

If a woman is on birth control, and taking it correctly, what are the chances of getting her pregnant if I ejaculate in her?

I'm just a student at pharmacy school and so I can only give you perspective on the medication as far as I know within reasonable limits of knowledge:The answer is always "yes" conditionally.  However, if you look in your package insert you will see data that says various things about "effectiveness."To make my answer less cumbersome, we rate it on a scale from least effective to most effective in this general order (I'm not using any references here):  Low effectiveness to high effectiveness-withdrawal method (no birth control and merely no ejaculation within the vagina)-spermicide, cervical cap and other physical barriers-condom-new hormonal delivery such as nuva-ring or patch-birth control pill (hormonal tablet)-Intra-uterine device-surgical intervention (tubes tying, etc)***This is not a comprehensive or exacting but if you want to know, an implanted device that release hormone (norplant) or injections fall somewhere in the IUD to surgical intervention sideThe reason I went through the hassle to give you this scale is because it depends on what type of birth control your girlfriend is on.  Generally, the yes becomes more likely at the beginning of the list.But as a warning or caveat, there is always a chance if an egg is ever in any vicinity of a sperm (even with surgical intervention!)Generally, it is said that when you combine methods, it's a much better way to decrease your "yes" to this question. So, if you combine withdrawal with condom, or condom with pill, or pill with withdrawal (and so on), then you lessen your likelihood of "yes."NOTE: I am not a medical doctor nor is this medical advice. I just hope that I can frame your mind to think of these "birth controls" as mere "pharmaceutical" interventions and understand the scale by which they are rated in effectively preventing pregnancy.  ALWAYS consult your doctors FIRST and in the mean time, the package insert of any of these interventions if applicable.I hope this helps you a little.

Answer these questions for me?

1. What time did you go to bed last night?
2. If you could be given ANY gift what would it be?
3. What was the last film that really moved/disturbed/thrilled you?
4. What is your favorite TV show of all time ?
5. Whats your favorite way to wake up?
6. What would you call yourself if you could choose your own name?
7. If you had to do a bushtucker challenge (you have to eat insects/grubs etc) what would be the worst thing you had to eat?
8. Whats the worst/most embarrassing CD/Album you've ever owned? Do you still have it?
9. What would be your dream vehicle?
10. Whats your favorite fantasy people sandwich?
11. What characteristics do you dislike in yourself?
12. Your favorite item of clothing and why?
13. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would it be?
14. What would be your ultimate pet be?
15. What did you want to be when you were little? Did you become that?
16. Whats the next planned event you're looking to in your life?
17. What were you doing before you started this?
18. What was the last thing you ate that you really shouldn't have?
19. If you were an ice cream what would you be?
20. Who was the last person you spoke to that you didn't want to talk to?
21. What was your favorite toy as a child? And now?
22. When was the last time you laughed?
23. What is stashed under your bed/mattress?
24. Do you like trains?
25. What are you really afraid of?