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Would You Like To Be As Strong As An Ox

What's stronger a tiger or an ox?

If you mean sheer brute strength, as in a tug-of-war, my money would certainly be on the ox. Oxen are famous for pulling heavy loads like plows across fields and wagons across nations. Even if an ox were as small as a tiger (instead of being more than twice as heavy), I would still vote for the ox for pound-for-pound strength, since they've been evolved and selectively bred for strength. Oxen have far more endurance, too.

However, in a fight, one tiger would likely defeat one ox, since tigers are predators and have greater agility. Ten tigers against ten oxen would be more even, since oxen can act as a team but tigers don't.

Which is stronger: a bull or an ox?

I'm thinking that a castrated bovine would be a strong as one that has all of his "parts". It would depend more on the breed and the age of the bovine than anything else.

Are you strong like ox?

I am vVvery physically tough

don't know wat animal I wood say I am lyk right now......but definitely a strong boned one


Why do people say "strong a ox"?Probably because they mis-heard the idiom.  The idiom is "Strong as an ox".An ox is a large beast of burden that was preferred over horses for the wagon-based settlement of the American West before the railroad.  The settlers needed heft to pull the wagons and oxen retain their strength with a diet of ordinary grasses, without supplements of oats or other grains.  A team of oxen would be used to plow a field and uproot tree stumps.  Horses, while faster, were not as effective in sustained heavy exertion required for busting sod, removing boulders and stumps, and other heavy tasks requiring strong animal labor.

(similes help) As Strong As A... ?

If you want a unique simile (which most people would be glad to read, since those similes that were once unique are no longer powerful, but rather cliched through over use) I would choose something unexpected but simple.

As strong as a teak tree.
As fast as a synaptic signal (or bolt of electricity) - or a peregrine in a dive.
As powerful as a hydrogen bomb.

(depends on what kind of power you are talking about, and what subject you've decided to pull out a simile to describe.)

If you ask how strong is Eddie Hall, or how strong is Hafpor, Julius Bjornsson, people would answer and not give pretext. If you ask how strong is Superman, how strong is Goku, how strong is the Incredible Hulk, people will give answers no problem. So I hope people answer this question without pretext, or avoiding or criticizing the question no matter what is your point of view on the story of Sampson in the Bible, or the Bible, or Christianity, or etc. .If you wanted to estimate the minimal possible strength of Sampson, you would have to seek his greatest feat. Sampson did multiple feats of strength, but the biggest one was when he collapsed the temple on himself and his enemies. A temple that could hold over a thousand and thirty people for sure, the Bible says the people who died in that moment were more than Sampson had killed in his life. The best way to estimate Sampson's strength would be to know the size of the temple, the size of the pillars holding up the temple, how hard would've he needed to push them apart to successfully collapse the temple, and how strong Sampson would've had needed to be in order to be able to do that..Unfortunately I do not know any of those. And I hope someone does and leaves the answer here because it will help me visualize and compare to have a better understanding and better idea of the impressiveness of the feat of Sampson. .But I do have an answer. It is a bit lame, and a simple answer, but its just the one that is true and fits perfectly. Yes, its true. Sampson had the strength of God, he was as strong as he needed to be. Whether strong enough to fight a thousand men at the same time and beat them to death with a donkey jaw, or strong enough to rip a city gate off its foundation and carry it up a hill. Or collapse a building with over a thousand people inside. .Fun fact, Sampson had another Philistine girlfriend before Delilah, one that did love him and only persuaded him because they threatened to kill her family. But the Bible doesn't give us her name as far as I know.

Good question. Do both mentioned belowA) Callisthenics:Front plankSide plankDragon flagsOblique Pull upsB) Yoga:Vajrasana - can be done on a full stomach tooSarvangasanaVrikshasanaPaschimottanasanaUshtrasanaTrikonasanaDiet:Eat a high protein diet. Drink plenty of water. Start ur morning by drinking 4 glasses of water on an empty stonach (nothing to eat & drink) Drink water without stopping and donot takein air either thru the mouth or nose. Eat plenty of fruits & vegetables. Get proper sleep. Eat slowly & stop eating as soon as ur stomach tells u to.Do A on alternate days & B everyday. After ur exercise session B) do Shavasana till ur heart beat returns to normal. Eat or drink only after ½ hour. Eat fermented foods as much as possible as they are more nutritious eg idli,curds etc. Cut down on sugar they make u fat. Too much sugar brings in other ailments too.

Not knowing the exact circumstances for which the statement was made I can only venture a good guess.For me I’ve mostly known the comment to mean Fortitude!Definition of fortitude1: strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with courage.This is usually something you’d hear about a boss or a co-worker that a person admires. But you’re just as likely to hear this about someone that seems to have some amazing resilience when life tosses them a lot of curve balls.While it’s hard to technically measure emotional / mental strength, trust me. You know it when you see it.

SilenceWhen words fail, action speaks;When actions fail, eyes speak;When eyes fail, tears speak;When tears fail, Silence speaks.They say that no news is also a news, because everything indicates something. Similarly silence isn’t empty, its full of answers, answers to the questions that were never asked.Being silent is being tolerant .So yes , Silence is strong as rock and one word can destroy it .